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  1. It reminded me of Halo 2. Only there wasn't any multiplayer to fall back on. (Great replay value for KOTOR 2, however.)
  2. Yes. Only if it was $40, came with 3 new planets as big as Nar Shadda, had more character development, and Nihilus had more story for himself. (He better be understandable.)
  3. No, I don't really care about people doing that, but you're helping people do something illegal (it really isn't that big of a deal) and against the companies products. I meanm this IS the official forum for Obsidian.
  4. So this topic is helping people run games off their HD as well? Going to be closed soon?
  5. Yeah? That doesn't work out here on the Island. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I've returned games in various stores in Long Island before. Mostly Gamestop and EBgames allow you to do so.
  6. I didn't mind the ending, it's the thing with G0T0 and remote that pissed me off. ... and where the hell was the rest of my party members?
  7. I'm not sure what it's like in Canada, but most places in the US don't allow game returns. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I don't know how it's like in your part of the USA, but most places in NYC or anywhere in the Tri-State area allow you to return games.
  8. Masks are ugly, show your face. The robes are a very good improvement, but I found it to be ridiculous that you can't even raise your hood up. Honestly, don't tell me it'll affect the framerate, you must be severely retarded to believe that excuse. The recycled item models really are terrible.
  9. If you have a capture card, this wouldn't be a problem. Taking a picture of my television is... meh.
  10. OMG I LOVE YOU HADES hahaha steam steam olol m i rite?
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