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  1. It's not the first time in gaming history xP You should be attentive, read everythig carefully and at the beginning loiter around - revealing the map and gathering information first and only after that doing the quests xP
  2. The Dozen: Quest 1) Rogue Knight - you can do this quest without worrying that it will somehow destroy your chances for allying with other factions Quest 2) The Bronze Beneath the Lake - Accepting this quest means allying with The Dozen - so if you want to ally with other faction you cant have this quest in your journal at all Knights of the Crucible: Quest 1) Build to Last - you can do this quest without worrying that it will somehow destroy your chances for allying with other factions Quest 2) ? - dont know which quest is the deal breaker (though if you read everything it should be quite obvious) House of Doemenel: Quest 1) A Two Story Job - you can do this quest without worrying that it will somehow destroy your chances for allying with other factions Quest 2) ? - dont know which quest is the deal breaker (though if you read everything it should be quite obvious) I advise firstly to ask questions about each factions and decide with which you want to go. Then choose your faction (do couple quests for them) and only after that go to other factions to do eventual side quests.
  3. Chanter have skeleton summons - though only as the 1st tier invocation - later on its better to create drakes, ogres etc so beware. Maybe you can rp as some classes - eg wizard with corrode damage weapon and spells + weakening spells + items that can summon undeads (i heard that through out a game we will be able to find some items that allows us to summon some creatures x times per rest)
  4. I'm so excited - don't know if i'll be able to sleep tonight xP Though i hope i will - better to take all nighter tomorrow ;]
  5. If you are tank (warrior) - you should max con, if you are pure dmger you should dump con (wizard, rogue), if you are intermediate (paladin, barbarian, druid) you should put some points in con - though not necesserily max. I would not alter priests con (10). Oh and chanters con shoud be high (if not maxed) too. !!! IMHO !!! Obviously all that depends on your build, prefferences and such xP
  6. No such luck xP Developers will now either work on patches or on expansion - no rest for the wicked xP But seriously - THANK YOU
  7. There was already identical topic: use search in the future ...
  8. If you'll read everything carefully it should be quite obvious - game is starting with and we'll have to follow the leads. For example first step will be " X NPC can have some answeres - investigate" then he will point us to another diresction and so on. Besides - i'm quite sure that journal will have it separated from other quests.
  9. yeah I've made that connection too. He does have a point though. What would you call it instead? We could call it BGE (Best Game Ever) xD Though it could be confusing with Baldurs Gate Enhanced xP
  10. I'm going with Path of the Damned on my first playthrough (and all others) - but i wont be using the additional challange options though (expert mode and trial of iron).
  11. There will be specific dialogues for all classes. I imagine that [rational/[clever]/[stoic]/[etc] will have different effect depending who are we talking to. Some people may be irritated by specific options - may be [clever], but it can be as well [benevolent] or [rational]. When you will be talking with some Bleak Walker Paladin - even choosing [cruel] or [aggresive] may be perceived well.
  12. I've made perfect portrait for you! Female Dwarven Rogue. Pardon, my sense of humor. First is actually better - dwarven rogue in disguise - fitting class perfectly xP
  13. http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Item - General about items http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Weapon - Weapons http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Armor - Armor http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Crafting - Crafting
  14. OK guys, so i've actually seen the ending of the game ... Eora was destroyed by Reapers Heh - any web browsers will be banned in my house for some time xD
  15. Heh - doubtfull xP Though it would be cool if she actually could - for example during scripted interaction, instead of climbing on the mountain, Pellagina would fly
  16. Do you think that you'll have time for reading forum? When i start playing PoE i plan to push exit button only after i finish one playthrough
  17. im talking about spells known to you, not prepared for combat in you grimoire. That is true - you have 4 slots per spell tier in your grimoire, but the ammount of spells you are able to choose from to put into the grimoire is different. For each tier there are about 14 spells (at higher tiers about 8 ) each level you get to choose 2 spells you can learn during advancement (except level 1 when you get to choose 4) - so there is no way to learn all spells during advancement ... BUT - wizard can learn all spells and that is from other grimoires. And thanks to variety of spells you can customise your grimoires for any situation.
  18. Depends how do you like to play - if you enjoy crushing mans face with the hammer (warrior), putting knife between his ribs (rogue), throw him into oblivion with your spells (wizard), surrounds yourself and your allies with magical farts that will help you defeat your opponent (paladin) or else. Its not one-man-team game, youll have various companions so no matter what class you'll choose for your main character, you wont be screwd and you will be able to command several other classes anyway. So choose class which suits your role-playing preferences or which you usually play (like fighting style).
  19. There are 2 cases of casting spells of other wizard: 1) Using this spell - Minor Grimoire Imprint - though you wont be actually learning any additional spells. 2) When you obtain a grimoire (from merchant, from killed mage or just found) - there will be some spells - you can learn any spell you want from there (as many as you want) - for some gold (as far as i know the low level spells in backer beta 480 cost 200-300 gold each). Well, it depends what do you mean by "weak" - mages can die very fast (with traditional mage build - low con/high int), but if played correctly they are indeed powerfull. In most crpg mages are advised to experianced players - as in many games they suck at low levels (but further in game they begin to shine), and warriors are advised for beginers since they pretty much are balanced for entire game.
  20. Well traps are certain xP About puzzles and riddles - we know that there will be some (there was some video with Josh where he was showing one for us). I dont know how many of them will be there - hopefully many I also dont know if solving them by simply thinking will be the only way do pass them, or we will be always able to complete them by passing some attribute/skill check.
  21. Also - "kind of" (read the description) http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Aumaua
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