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  1. I like the camping limitation. No spoilers. I "started" in the middle of a dungeon and had to walk out. The dungeon was ober my level, and I had to skirt around mobs just to find my way out. The fights I was forced to fight used up all my camping supplies and my wounded/maimed party finally made it back to the inn hours later. It was one of my most memorable rpg experiences. Mark that under emergent bahvior.
  2. I am playing on Normal. I started on Hard but died too often. I still die in Normal, and there are several battles that I simply cannot win. I wonder if I am in the wrong place (no spoilers). I like the way this game has no level-adjusting the monsters to your level. If I am in the wrong place, it is my job to recognize it, and leave.
  3. Thanks guys. I went ahead and attacked the group. I don't think I got the speech, but I may have. I left the sick Xaurip alone. It is not going anywhere.
  4. There are a bunch of Xaurips around the sacrificial pit. They don't go hostile. Am I supposed to attack them? Is there a reason do (not) so? There is also the Xaurip on the same level that is sick or something, and you have a choice to slit its throat. Any reason to keep it alive?
  5. You can chose them later (at other levels). Some of the times better options open up as you go p levels, which would make choosing the earlier stuff non-optimal.
  6. I have read what I could. So far I have seen references to summoning skeletons, and that priest/wizards can do animancing. So, can I make a necromancer in this game as my player character? Defined: summon/animate minions (ideally permenant).
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