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  1. BBC section of Youtube. Download firefox internet browser. then go to the Tools option on the top tool bar. Then find new extensions. Fast Video Downloader and VideoDownloader work great! Youll need a program to play the FLV file formst I recommend VLC Media Player It plays everything.
  2. Whats your FPS on average? Or lowest FPS in Assassin? I really want that game but it might be one of those games where I wait to get an even better graphic card to experience it the way it was meant to be experienced.
  3. Id like to play the witcher, but im waiting till its finished. I have not played fallout yet... Is that bad? I need to play Planescape torment and fallout i hear.
  4. Not in any paticular order No One Lives forever The Longest Journey Gabriel Knight Vampires The Masquerade Blood Lines Hitman Blood money Unreal Tournament 2004 GTA 4 Kotor Oblivion (with mods) Max Payne 2
  5. I beat Max Payne, now playing Max Payne 2. Its Easy, i wish i could bump up the difficulty w/o beating it first. I probably could if i found some cheat though. Also playing oblivion still with a bunch of mods/plugins.
  6. Letters To A Christian Nation by Sam Harris
  7. Wow, I just watched planet of the apes last night.
  8. Hahah! Tel Aviv came back to check your profile still! ;-)

  9. Wouldn't be a heating problem i would think atlest for the gpu. Typically a game freeze with artifacts is the GPU RAM overheating. A freezing screen would be the GPU Core overheating. This sounds like the powersupply isn't pumping enough power to it for some reason. If you can't get any help here i would check either the coolermaster for help. HARDocp has a great forum too for this kind of stuff. Maybe Bok knows? It looks like you should be fine though really, with your power supply wattage. And its rated as excellent quality.
  10. Im supposing you have your monitor jack screwed all the way into your Video card, maybe double check? Does it only happen when you play graphic intensive games? What brand name do you have for a power supply?
  11. Bioshock mouse control when in menu and hacking. Its horrible for PC. I can't seem to find a real fix anywhere.
  12. thanks i was wondering that too!
  13. Whats wrong with steam? updates automatically and you don't have to find a CD nor lose it.
  14. I just saw hitman also. The girl scenes did seem awkward, and him looking at that mag was odd too. Then stabbing her neck with the needle. It would have been better if she was just a professional killer. I wish they focused more on his past too, ohwell. I can always go back to the games. Hitman Bloodmoney was a sweet game, I highly recommend it! I was also forced to watch Enchanted. I actually thought it was entertaining. It was so akward it made me cringe and laugh at the same time. Over all I thought it was funny how they contrasted the cartoons and reality. Pretty good date movie.
  15. For all the things to go wrong too its the hardest peice of hardware to return after installing everything! That blows, sorry to hear that man.
  16. Theres a sale for Prey on Steam for $5 bucks if anybody want to but it. I did. This is a doom3 clone. Anyway, if your curious, the sale ends today.
  17. Its all set up, i decided to just use the Oblivion optimizer and the Oblivion Script extender instead of Streamline. It all works great though, high recommend it!
  18. But whats the advantage of going 64bit besides future proofing for the far future? By then Ill have a different computer. Al software I own right now plus games would just run on emulation mode on 64bit right? What are the advantages?
  19. I heard rumors of certain outcomes but will sustain. It was word of mouth and I also would like to know.
  20. Oblivion Shivering Isles All Downloadable Content Mods DarkUI Bag of Holding KeyRing LoadingScreenQuotes StreamLine Unofficial Patch Fransecos Leveled Creatures And Items w/ Optional Items list Well atleast im setting it all up. The OBSE is interesting, Required for Streamline.
  21. Sweet a mobo tyhat comes w/ good quality performance sound!
  22. How about taking the unreal out of unreal tournament 3. I hated that they took out the jump dodge, lighting gun in favor of the sniper rifle (like every other game has) And the shield gun for something that is less evolved. Last but not least, the settings menu was dumbified. Not to mention it was not even finished. They totally flopped UT3.
  23. Doom 3 is the only game that I have quit in under thirty minutes, I still can't believe how much iD screwed that one up. I thought D3 was entertaining, especially w/ the flashlight mod of course I liked finding all the random PDA messages laying around. What i hated about the game were the spawns. They came out from the stupidest places and only knew one method of attack. The Expansion was horrible. I played that for 10 minutes then left it until i uninstalled the game.
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