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  1. I need to get on with my redecorating. Good luck with yours, and remember to try books on tape. Keeps you amused, but lets you concentrate on the work. I've got TONS of books on tape and even lectures! Kudos, what are some of your fav books on tapes? BTW i finished the room. It looks great.
  2. Never really got into to many realistic Sports games. If racing counts then I played Need For Speed: Porche Unleashed, that was a fun play through!
  3. Im painting the Master bedroom today. There was a leak a year ago so theres some peeling paint. I scraped and put some 20 minute mud on it. The people before me painted over the wood trim with the wrong kind of paint so its peeling too. I scraped and sanded that and put some oil based primer on it. All the 20 minute is primed too. Im about to paint the ceiling extra white flat. Trim is going extra white also. Walls are going a soft grey just enough to contrast the trim and ceiling. ahhh. i hope i finish today. That reminds me primer is probably try enough to paint the ceiling. later!
  4. That would be a bummer. Steam always seems to have a fair deal on games. I bought Prey for $5 bucks awhile ago on STEAM not to shabby, and after playing it i believe it was completely worth the $5 bucks i paid for it Duke Nukem I hope will be better then Prey... Well I'll wait on Mass Effect to see if its buggy and needs to be patched, and if not Ill pick it up. If STEAM is a choice then that will be my first choice. Was jade empire worth playing?
  5. I see your point and its valid. My point was that if nobody bought there games they would cease to exist. But if we buy their games they can continue, therefore Ill support them even though they use DRM. Will they ever go to STEAM? I love steam
  6. Ill get around to buying later on. Looks like a fun enough game, and they made one of my favorite games ever, Ill support one my my favorite devs. I do despise DRM though. Its evil, but Id rather have the DRM and Bioware then no DRM and no BIOWARE. maybe it will die out a bit. The music industry seems like its catching on finally. Maybe the PC game market will find an equilibrium with their customers and drm.
  7. The difference when gaming is like using a LAN phone line while surfing the internet and using a cable modem. 8800GT is the sweet spot. the 9600GT is close behind.
  8. yesterday i got a birdy on the second hole. today im spraying my landlords garage white.
  9. Need help finding mods? No, I need help installing the DLC I paid for but which won't install under Vista because Bethesda can't be bothered to update its stuff. Yes, I am still bitter. And yes, I do realise it's not your fault (sorry). Sorry to here that. That game is buggy all to hell to begin with too... have you played Culpa Innata yet? I think you would like it steve, i know your a big adventure fan if i remember.
  10. I wonder how many of these bugs were created by the new content, not fixing of the old stuff. Any guesses? I hope when i play it wont make the game even buggier. Maybe Ill just wait till a later finished version will be completed...
  11. Im waiting for Stalker Clear Sky to come out now. It looks pretty nifty and the 1st was awesome! Is it suppose to be a sequel or expansion? Do we need Stalker Chernobyl installed to play it? hopefully they add drivable vehicles, takes forever on foot!
  12. I usually only upgrade the CPU once each motherboard because I hate the whole process of changing CPUs. Removing Gigantic fan, thermal paste whatever else might come along with the territory. I would personally get the 9600GT or the 8800GT. Pretty cheap with good performance. The next nvidia graphic cards might be more with the wait then the current beasts. Id wait for the new architecture, current has been around for too long if you ask me.
  13. Culpa Innata has an interesting story plot so far. Im wondering if its going to go in the direction of TLJ. (not that I want anybody to spoil it for me) Too bad the voice acting is horrendous. Its the worste I've ever seen. Its interesting enough to keep going though.
  14. Yes, Ill play Dreamfall again when the next title in the series comes out.
  15. Beat it. Saw the "good ending" Very odd way to end a game. Ive seen worse (dreamfall). hmm
  16. If not then you haven't spent enough time Edit: Totally didn't realize that I'm still in spoiler-land, hence the spoilerizing. I havent even gotten to the ending then! :blush10:
  17. I want a good ending how can i get one?! My character is kickass what should I do differently. When i go to the wishgranter and destroy the missions before the rganter comes out, it gives me a Mission failed and after the ending it sets me outside to fend for myself against all the baddies.
  18. ?!?! I get one where hes on his back going into a machine with silver eyes.
  19. I beat stalker a bit ago. Hmm I didn't care for the ending, i thought it was going to be more, still its a lot better then most endings. The game itself was fun, which counts a lot. Looking forward to the prequel. Im going to try Culpa Innata too now. I love adventure games!
  20. I beat bioshock a moment ago. It was entertaining. Some parts dragged on though.
  21. I see your point with the romances, and i agree with most of it. Bastilla does make try to make it into a high school relationship. Then again this is probably her first piece of manmeat. I still typically play male. Something about seducing another dude doesn't do it for me. It detaches me from the story if my romance is with McDreamy. Now I've played vampires the Masquerade as a Malkavian Female, that was entertaining.
  22. You could always be a surface coating engineer and paint houses. I've got a nice tan going on currently.
  23. No, I would say that was definitely not it. If the motherboard couldn't supply the GPU with what it needs, the computer would just crash and/or artefact your graphics. But I've read about certain Nvidia card manufacturers having heat problems because of using cheap memory modules. You don't happen to have an eVGA GPU by any chance..? I have that evga overheat issue with mine. At least i did until I bought a new GPU heatsink since i couldn't return this used 8800GT. Works fine now. Pity i had to put the extra money into it. It was freezing and artifacting. If its freezing with artifacts, memory problem. If its freezing with no artifacts, GPU problem.
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