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  1. buy graphic card and cpu last, for they always change in price and update the most! And get a good motherboard damnit! The better the motherboard the more upgradable it will be in the future MSI is a good name brand like Mreku suggested also Asus and Gigabyte are too.
  2. I tend to get my news from BBC.com. NPRadio. and Truthdigg... I use to like huffingtonpost but it turned into a propaganda machine just about. They have celebrity news on it now too... Meh! I generally have no clue whats going on locally though... Im guilty!!!
  3. you mean, as quoted by democratic congressmen? of course... so far the "deal" looks like the american taxpayer gets to bail out yet another government failure. yes, this is a government failure. they try, try and try again to force some regularity into the economic system and it just.doesn'.t.work. companies have zero incentive to behave as they should since they know uncle sam will come running to the rescue. maybe mccain did screw up the deal. maybe that was a good thing. taks Makes since... Or maybe since there weren't enough regulations. So wallstreet workers were able to fill their pockets and run, as in who even needs a job, im outta this B***CH! you saw how much the CEOs made. its ridiculous. These short term loans helped them out tremendously in the short term. These loan companies made a killing! They knew it was only a limited time till the jog was up so they wanted to get as much as possible. So if we gave a child no rules he would be ok? Or are we still responsible for that child so we should watch him? If these companies effect everyone then they should be watched over. I dunno, whats your opinion on that, you always have a different perspective.
  4. oh yea its out isn't it!? And clear sky!!! soon GTA4... I have no time on my hands.
  5. Ditto. Maybe Ill get a 360 when they come out with a keyboard and mouse type configuration that works great. Until then, i can do without their games.
  6. Zork Nemsis Not revolutionary, but i enjoyed it.
  7. 6 games. Haven't played any of them for months though... Unreal Tournament 2K4, VtM:Bloodlines, Stalker, Oblivion, GTA: San Andreas, Mass Effect.
  8. I think im going to wait until he next windows to upgrade my system. Hopefully then everythign will be standard 64bit. and ill get another couple gigs of ram, and bumpr up my graphic card along with a new CPU. The E8400 probably. Who knows whats going to be the best graphic card for the money in the future, all i know right now is that the 8800GT i have niow is great except the cheaop onboard ram it has occasionally over heats which is super lame.
  9. I would only water cool if your planning on overclocking personally. I overclock a bit on my system yet my parts are all quite cool... then again i have 10 collective fans throughout my system... most of which are 120mm Edit: I wonder how many watts my fans take up alone....
  10. From what I've seen theres a major improvement, but its like going from 1994-2001 technolgy wise. But its an adventure game, so who cares about the graphics!
  11. HP: Motherboard Specifications, M2N68-LA (Narra) My professional opinion on this is that this * Up to 256MB (with 512MB or more system memory) is for the integrating graphic chipset. Adding your own Graphic card(your expansion) will null invoid the mere 256 cheap onboard ram with high end ram (probably 512 depending on the car, its the typical amount tho0ugh) And the 512MB that it mentions as system memory is the ram installed on your motherboard. Your good to get the best graphic card you want man! 8800GT can be gotten for around $135, its what i have and i love it. I wouldnt go any lower then then 9600GT, its a great card too, mnearly as fast as the 8800GT!
  12. Get a 9600GT 512MB PCI 16 graphic card Their fast, i see you cna get one for 119 on newegg. Oblivion will play like butter too. I never heard of a motherboard that only takes so much GPU memory, maybe your reading something incorrectly?
  13. :lol: damnit! ill need to fix that link to an english version. (couldnt find a english version on youtube WTF!) I did find the sequel trailer for Culpa Innata though!!! Culpa Innata II: Chaos Rising
  14. Gabriel Knight 3 did have a really good intro, nice pick Steve! Ummm heres a couple horrible intros to spice it up! :D Culpa Innata Intro
  15. Crazy stuff. I've met one woman like that for sure she had kids and everything, just looked for a reason to hate her good husband. poor guy... How many pairs of shoes does a girl need! I think its like over eating, filling an empty hole in ones life with shoes.
  16. Theres a saying i really like, may not be wholly true: A single man will be happy spending his whole life trying to achieve his goals. A married man will spend his entire life trying to achieve his wife
  17. Id wait to make whenever you see her next casual at a social place again and strike hard. Ask if she would like to get lunch... then make it lead to something else... and so on. But sooner or later you'll have to deal with the 3 hr drive deal... that sucks.
  18. That midget looks pretty shifty. I'd move him right along, if I were you. :lol: :lol:
  19. It's really beautiful, isn't it - I've just been playing the Quest for Glory games from the same generation and had the same thought. Go on to KQVI, it's even better. Agreed. and KQ VI is my favorite one!
  20. I think of love as a sort of contract, give and take if you will. But the substance of trade could be anything from dominance to romance. Either way it should be about equal give and take to be a successful relationship with the actions as genuine not fake. A big problem is is that like the world, people and their relationship are always in flux, and so many things can throw it out of balance so we have to try very hard to work together and solve the problems. I was in a relationship for 8 years recently, ended a few months ago. I noticed something after we broke up. That cheesy line "You complete me"? well i believe in a relationship thats lasted awhile the couples definition of themselves are co-dependent on each other, without one the other may be lost and need redefining. After breaking up I trully discovered what optimism was though. Its not fake like the glass is half full, but its finding meaning out of a bad situation. I needed redefining/terribly. Changed my priorities, changed my major and I'm a lot healthier, mentally and physically because of the breakup. Love can drive one far, but suffering can drive one even farther. When one is in a dark place alone they begin to question... they are driven to question it because something has to change or else. I've been there before so this time I was accepting of the place. Nietzsche said something about the Greeks that went along these lines i cant remember exactly. some thing like The Greeks are so beautiful they must have suffered so much to become so. So even the bad has something to learn from... Especially from the bad. Through suffering comes wisdom. It was all worth it though.
  21. Next thing women will want to vote!
  22. McPain just after disgruntled Hilary Voters. This ladies experience as Governor of 9000 people and Mayor is pathetic. Why put her next in line to be president if McCain wins? Yea lets do wildlife alasakan drilling and build bridges to nowhere, salmon ya, hunting for sport ya, lets kill bears and put them on our couches! Any prochoice woman that sees this girl wont even allow abortion for rape or incest will be turned off. Any person that sees education as important wont allow palin in because she wants Craetionism in the classroom. Mccain talks experience, well why did he pick her then, it goes against his own rationale. Mccains move to put Palin as VP is political pandering. Desperate to get those ex hillary voters. Any rationale woman who was going to vote hillary will not vote for McCain if they look at this womans stance, and experience. On a side note, i give palin credit for standing up to her follow republicans, and looking at what the democrats have to offer. And i would do her if she was 20 years younger.
  23. i remember that in kings quest 5! Open Sesame!
  24. I love that game! Theres so many ways to kill. The engine is solid. gameplay is great. Ending is one of the best I've seen. And the missions are all entertaning and each very different. Plus the Weapns are cool.
  25. Fans fans fans. The bigger the fans the slower they need to spend thus the quieter they will end up being. I have 120mm Fans but the standard is 80mm. Adding copper to the case itself wont do much i think. But a good copper heatsink on a spu or VGA can bring down the temp atleast 3C's sometimes down to 25C if you work magic! But most likely im thinking about 9C's is average for me. BTW show a picture of your uber rig already! Good luck wals!
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