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  1. Star Wars Clone wars the cartoon. I dont think it should have been on the big screen. It was like an extended saturday monrning cartoon. Boh.
  2. So when is this coming out? I was going to play this when i was younger but i had enough games already to keep me busy. Kings quest, police quest, Gabriel knight ect.... I hear some people are redoing a lot of kings quest games now too!


    I read Watchmen now im ready to read some more graphic novels! withteeth grabs a pen and starts writing down select readings
  4. Hmm Mass Effect I could beat this one anytime, i just dont want to play games right now. I'm so close to beating it i can taste it. System Shock 2 Ehh maybe i didnt get far enough to get emersed in it yet. Ill give it another shot one fo these days. Gothic 3 Game looked promising. Loved the graphics but the story seemed a bit hollow from the beggining and other game mechanics seemed very odd. Theif Deadly Shoadows: I can see myself liking this game Prey: I spent 5 bucks on this game on Steam while it was on sale. Everything solid, but it lacks that special ummph!!!
  5. It comes out NEXT WEEKEND?!!?!

  6. Playing witcher? Why not wait a few months and play the enhanced version?

  7. Unreal Tournament 3 Developed more for the spammer close range consolites. Unreal2K4 rocked, much faster paced and the lightning gun made that game... well the shock rifle is always cool too!
  8. geeze Bok, you have no room in your case for anything lol. better lube it up for your next graphic card you shove in. Maybe you can mod some external rockets on it.
  9. hmmm for those purposes it might be practical actually. Sometimes i forget people use PCs for other things then gaming lol. I personally have stopped gaming recently. From what i checked out quadcores are very effecient at video editing. So you had the right right idea all along! If you want to graphic cards I would get a 1,000 give or take powersupply from respectable company. I choked and got a antec 650watt powersupply and the cable quality is so poor sometimes i have to open up my case and play withthe main power cable. PC power and cooling is another great brand name. dont have to get the bery best, just make sure it has good wattage and a respectable brandname.
  10. id spendthe extra hundred and get a nice powersupply. corsair or something equally as good. also i would get the core 2 duo since the quad hasn't showed any performance advantages especially for the price. All the quad is is 2 duos slapped together hastily. Everything besides the powersupplu seems righty tighty though! I hope youenjoy your new system to be!
  11. 105 us risky the higher is deadly. Something is up. can you add another fan to your case? do you have dust bunnies? can you flip your powersupply around?
  12. I also read that the kid was being swtched every 3 hours to make it difficult to sleep. So sleep deprivation is another facto in this case.
  13. Ukraine just might do the congress a favor and kick that hated man out for the wolves to get him. Im curious how is this going to play out further.
  14. Your price performance is completely off. Why get a skulltrail paying double the price of everything on the market and only getting a fraction of a benefit. You've just spend well over a grand for 5 extra FPS. If you were pimp then you would just overclock with water and good machine and get the same results. While still taking your girlfriend out on a cruise on the Carnival ship.
  15. I dont care about the mods as much as the fixes. Some of the missiosn were unplayable due to bugs. Like the one of he races i couldnt finish.
  16. Whats the benefit of having enough ram to take over the international space station bok?
  17. :) WTF man! Buggy buggy buggy. It took me forever to load up all my mods, plugins and expansions correctly to get oblvion to work the best it can. Its always going to be buggy i think. Hopefully Fallout 3 wont be so bad. Are you using OOO? I just used leveling didnt add any creatures although i added a ton of equipment and many other mods.
  18. arguing after the matter isn't going to change what happened. It is what it is. Damage done lets move on. A wise man once said while fly fishing with mosquitoes all over him, " I decided one day that i wont let a little bug bother me again".
  19. tried that game, couldn't get into it. Wasn't even story inbetween the action. Im an adventure gamer at heart.
  20. After illegally downloading their work? DW, some of your posts were retarted enough in Codex to generate lulz for coming generations. Please do not continue it here Ain't that the truth.
  21. Brazilian Girls - Goodtime
  22. "A tiger? In Africa?" "Shhhhh" Forget what i said, just focus on this adorable cat.
  23. "A tiger? In Africa?" "Shhhhh"
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