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  1. I kina hoped the San Andreas Enviroment had as much character as Vice City did. I could just drive by Vice City to catch all the hidden humor. San Andreas is vanilla when it comes to scenery. But its solid where it counts. I would pay double the money for it if Rockstar asked. The game was still that good. Give me all the extras! With all of that coding the game runs 100% solid without a single patch!
  2. Is this a completely new engine they are using now? Maybe it wil progressively get better like GTA3 to San Andreas. Its tough to imagine with 100 million dollars they took a step back like that. What did they spend it on, prostitutes? Speaking of the Devil, i hope elliot Spitzer makes a cameo in the next GTA! I play San Andreas still too. I love the latina gf random calls.
  3. nine inch nails have a new album out dubbed slip. Everyone can download it for free on their website. I meant to pay but it doesn't look like theres even the option!
  4. I love Kimchi with noodles or just plain white rice, Its one of the healthiest things to eat I've read. These days im a semi vegetarian. I still eat fish, some turkey and chicken, tonight im eating a veggie brat and mixed greens. I need to get more kimchi, that sounds really good! One thing i have against eating animals are factory farms. One of these days maybe ill kick the meat bucket completely. I don't think i could ever give up my fish though.
  5. Im playing the game where I paint the house im living in now so I can apint one that I actually will own! Im waiting for a spot to dry will take 15mins. Between that STALKER. It took me a few times to install and delete because of all the bugs and my old hardware was slow. Now with the Mod im using and new hardware and patches, this game rocks! Im really looking forward to Stalker ClearSky. The DemoVideo looks very cool. The only thing else i wish I could get out of Stalker is to know what the hell all the russians are saying. I know 30 Russian words, thats it. I don't know exactly what their saying, so ill just presume their chanting "USA All The Way!!"
  6. Stalker Weight Mod: lets you carry 200o instead of 50. And run for just about ever. - Put the gamedata in you your "stalker shadow of chernobyle" folder. - Click in your gamedata folder then into your config. - Open your system.ltx file with notepad. - Then scroll down to line 568 and if its not "current_server_entity_version = 7" change it to it. -Do not add the parenthesis. My setting what at 6 for some reason instead of the 7. If you do not change this then once you save a file from there on, loading it will create a CTD.
  7. Stalker with the Weight Mod. It lets me hold 2000 in weight, which in turns lets me run non-stop! This makes the game so much fun! I dont usually cheat, but Im a perfectionist and leaving all of those weapons around was making me cringe. Even if i was in limits i was usally had too much weight on my back to run anyway. This mod rocks!!! If anyone is going to use it, I can show one how to make it so it doesn't crash. After installing it, theres an extra setting that needs to be changed in your LTX file.
  8. I kind of like it because it gives an incentive to buy a pad. I just wish the pads were more integrated somehow. I do love racing to one too. Generally the missions are always fun, so if i fail i don't mind going back.
  9. Thats a solid setup. Gigabyte has a good record for mobos. I have a evga 8800GT also. I had trouble with mine overheating, but it seems to be fixed with the newer version that you will buy. It was due to the Qimonda memory, now they use samsung. My 8800GT runs everything smoothly now as it should.
  10. This is my wallpaper on my old dell laptop. Grimy (she thinks her name is princess though), Butters The Barbarian, And Sir Knubs Alot (He is a Manx w/o a Tail.)
  11. I've been bouncing back and forth with Stalker and Bioshock. Both great games. I think I may try to find a mod to make it so I can carry as much as I want and Never get tired for Stalker. It would make the game funner to me. Bioshock has such an interesting premise. I just got to the Neptune Area.
  12. Abstinence only education is usually shrouded in erroneous anti condom propaganda. This is dangerous. Im all for our teens knowing all the options and the statistics behind them. I think that will best prepare them for whats ahead. Nice to see so many people with a level head in here.
  13. Yeah. If I may offer an alternative angle: The only surefire way to avoid dying in a climbing accident is not to fall off stuff. BUt people DO fall off. That's why you use belaying ropes, pads, and work in teams. Um... I may have got lost at the end there. But you get the idea. I like that, im stealing your line!
  14. Sweet I can't wait to play this game when (if) it comes out on PC! Higher Textures, keyboard Mouse control, add my own mp3's and higher resolutions ftw! Im surprised everyone is stuck on this grading system too. I'm not going to bother to touch that subject because its its making my head hurt. I just want to see some game play shots, less of this posing animation from the game. Give me the real deal action with the heads up display and map!
  15. I want a continuation damnit! Me too, that was a fun game even though there wasn't a challenge in it, the story was fun enough for me I heard rumors that they might do episodes like Half Life, that would royally suck i think. Episodes have so far annoyed me. The wait just isn't worth it. I just got to the bar keep, and beat a few guys at the arena. I suppose Ill get the other half of the documents at the lab next. The game actually runs extremely smoother now with the patches, its night and day. I get a hiccup every now and then, but wow! Its very impressive. I do get a bit of motion sickness because of how the guy walks, and the crosshair bobbing all over the place... phew!
  16. Moxie indeed. If you haven't read Starship troopers and All Quiet On The Western Front I recommend these books.
  17. The Merc Armor Rocks, thanks for the tip. Now im just trying to find people to trade crap with since I have so much to trade. Pity that I can't trade armor and Guns with regular stalkers.
  18. I at Max Payne 2 and I reinstalled Stalker, Ill give it one more shot. Ill try it on Easy... I'm a noob when it comes to this game. I hope my Unreal Tournament 2004 buddies dont hear about this...
  19. That game kicked my ass too. I remember walking around and my PDA telling me I'm failing missions a couple times too, after that I just quit. Maybe Ill pick it up later. For now im playing Max Payne 2. Its a solid game all around i think. Alan Wake should be a great game too. Wait... I just ... My cat scratched my Max Payne 2 CD!
  20. It would be even nicer if Lucas let go of the reigns and let someone more talented have a go at it. So f'n true! Its surprising the original star wars were as good as they were when contrasting the differences in budgets.
  21. Great book - how do you like it so far? Its like a condensed End of Faith narrowed on Christianity. I liked it but some of the stuff he really glosses over like Morality i thought. His points are solid and the bible verses are gold. Can't disagree with him. Have you read the God Delusion by Dawkins? I totally love his point to openly criticize belief in the supernatural just like one would with alchemy and unicorns. Theres definitely a problem when issues like stem cell research, teaching abstinence in Africa, Pastors giving the president foreign policy aide. I think Harris's method of criticizing, is one of the necessary ways to help our society see true pain and suffering. Overall good stuff
  22. Which part are you stuck at mate? what browser are you using?
  23. Paris 3:07 Yael Naim Pop, Folk Im really digging this song right now.
  24. I generally am happy with games set at 1024X768 with 4XAA and high detailed textures, Bloom lighting, and no shadows. EDIT: But any stuttering and it ruins it for me.
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