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  1. dont try to diss me <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ouh this is getting good! (w00t) "munch munch munch"
  2. Ouch, burn fight fight fight!!! "Popcorn please" (w00t)
  3. RPGs tend to be story driven games, and i love a good story. what would star wars be without the force and the prophecy?
  4. The last Gabriel Knight was awesome, not as riviting but still Worthy. it was called someething like blood of the sacred blood of the damned. reminds of the DaVinci Code book. The last Kings Quest game was Mask for eternity. that was the only one i didn't play. i heard it was horrible becasue the original makers were not involved... sounds familiar doesn't it.
  5. I was just appreciateing the old adventure & RPG games, like the Kings Quest series, Gabriel Knight series, The Longest Journey, and the first Myst. Playing KoTOR1 reminded me that PC games aren't just limited to 1st person shooters and war stragey games anymore. What was your Favorite games? BTW Fable is being ported from the XBOX to PC. With a new level and tons of Extra content too, Score!
  6. Haven't played the XBOX version. but w/ PC's you get mods, and upgraded graphics. load times also tend to be shorter i hear. I'm just a PC fan. good pointing it out on being subjective!
  7. (hmm :ph34r: something nice... ... ...) i knew it was going to be hard topping it, when you finding out that YOU are Revan! but, they did a great job on the music!
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