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  1. The side quests are pretty generic. Id like to see some variations. Maybe save a stripper from her abusive drunk husband. Or stop a teen pregnancy. lol Kotor had some sweet sides. Pazaak, racing, dancing!
  2. I took a screen cap of the Animatrix while the kid was looking at his computer screen trying to get out of the matrix. I love the stylish art work chapter.
  3. The scence with the killing of the God seemed like a direct parallel with the 300 Spartans, too similar for me. The antagonists voice also sounded just like Xerxes from 300 also. the tiger reminded me of jungle book since that whole plot appeared to just be thrown in there and not followed through very well. Maybe im being too critical but their just wasn't anything cool about the film that seemed original.
  4. The new trailer for Stalker Clear Sky looks AMAZING. The lighting and other features look superb.
  5. Yes its the Airspace museum in Washington. Im standing behind G.W's moms d!ldo!

  6. Your absolutely right. I still believe its child abuse though. My only remedy is that comparative religion or philosophy of religion like become required classes. Unbiased classes that educate in the public school system. Also to talk more publicly about religion, having open ended discussions. Its always good to have someone so keen on politics guard dog.
  7. 10,000BC This movie was great... 10,000 years ago, or rather 12,000. I wasn't entertained a bit. I do not recommend this movie. It vaguely reminded me of Apocalypto. Although Apocalypto was excellent. 10,000BC jsut annoyed me the whole way through. The crazy fortune teller, the flouride white treatment of the main characters teeth, The sabertooth tiger encounter and then the response with the tribe that followed. I would have been pissed to pay $17 bucks at the theater to see that with a lady friend.
  8. when do the parents rights end and the rights of children begin? I personally think thats child abuse, and I also think fundamentalist Christianity is child abuse. Both beliefs will leave children in the dark when it comes to reality. My view is that society turns a blind to pop beliefs.
  9. woah, mmorpg? DO youhave to subscrive, or is it free to play? agh. Never did get in to mmorpg.
  10. Really digging Mass Effect right now. I also like how i dont need the CD in to play the game, Id rather have DRM and not have to put the CD in everytime i play. Call me lazy.
  11. How do you like Age of Conan Bok? Graphics look pretty instense. Will it be alright on a 8800GT?
  12. The only parts that made me jump were the imps that jumped out for the most ridiculous places. They were so ridiculously placed it was annoying, and their attacks were all the same so that also killed the mode. I did like the PDA option to follow the story, i thought that was a good idea. Without the pdas i don't think i would have cared to een finish the game.
  13. If somone gave me 15 bucks to sit down and watch it i would, any less and im not going to see it ever.
  14. Scary thought. Anyone read The road by Cormac McCarthy? Has a bit of cannibilism in it. Beyond frightening though, gets completely under my skin.
  15. Mass Effect takes for----ever to in----stall.
  16. I almost laughed at that... Thomas Jefferson would be astounded that the constitution has lasted this long. "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it
  17. Have you played Hitman Blood Money yet? That game rocks seriously. I wasn't into the others but this one i thought is a solid game through and through. Beggining to ending. Especially the ending. One of the best ending seen.
  18. OCZ just started making 3gb ram sets for those of you interested in maxing out your 32bit ram without waisting the other 1 gig of ram by getting a 4 gig set.
  19. The bible says we should stone heretics, this is the same thing, accept they actually do it. They have good reason if the Koran is true and apparently they do believe the Koran is gods Divine Command. I think the big question is, should the EU step in further? Also how far willl Iran go to execute and punish heretics for apostasy? Should the EU let this moral conundrum slip?
  20. i didnt know a sequel. I do know that they are in the works of a special edition of the game with extra content and stuff tweaked. It looks like it might be rated AO.
  21. I cheated and played a mod where I can carry some obscene amount of wait with automatically meant I could run g as much forever and bring as much equipment to the dealer as i wanted resulting in boatloads of money. The mod was worth it to me because it didn't seem to be much fun without it. I guess it was a little to realistic for me. I'm not cut out for the post apocolyptical world i suppose. I also was not able to get it running smoothly with the CD Version for some odd reason. I thought it was my machine until STALKER was on sale on STEAM, so i experimented and gave them the few bucks and it played flawlessly. Which was nice becaue getting Oblivion to play correctly with all the patches, plugins, addon, and mods was a part time job!
  22. I finally sat down and played Culpa Innata all the way through. The game had a lot of depth to it, i was very surprised by how well thought out the storyline was. The dialog was alright and there were many features that i thought fit right in. I really enjoyed this game and hope they make a sequel.
  23. I've had my ipod mini for 5 years so far. in my pocket and on my bike all over the place 5 days a week 8 hours a day. I've droped it countless times and it still keeps ticking. I personally will stick with this brand till they do me wrong. Im literally waiting for it to break so i can finally get a ipod classic 80 gig for $250 i think they go for.
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