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  1. They are the same in the sense that pulling out NAO would lead to an increase in violence and unacceptable chances of undesirable elements getting back into power by means of said violence...
  2. Yeah, my complaints with the ending are pretty much the same. After finishing the game once, I am left with a feeling that the main quest is just not good enough to pursue, so I'll be content with roaming around. Including, directly and indirectly, a few slaves...
  3. I wasn't aware that GDM and me discussing Tenpenny's prevented you from discussing other things? In fact, for a while we were the only ones who kept this alive. The giant robot was nice, but I expected a quest to find a rare part or a schematic so it could be made operational. It struck me as odd that they were simply able to get it working like that, after years(?) of failures - and avoid any sort of glitch or malfunction at all. Could have been handled better.
  4. No, no. It IS roleplaying, if you are playing that way, shooting people you think is evil and all... in true vigilante fashion. That doesn't make it a GOOD action, which is the point I'm contending. Do you think Jesus (as in, Last, Best Hope of Humanity), would go around shooting people just because they "look like a threat"? GW would do that, not Jesus. However, it is not roleplaying if you allow karma hits one way or the other to define the choices you make. That is just maxing karma. This is relevant how? Those people aren't the bigots I asked about, and they are immaterial to th
  5. Most practical, indeed. And I didn't say insufficient monitoring, I said inefficient... as I would like to think that there was some sort of oversight or negligence, as the alternative implies that somebody knew full well what was really going on, and didn't care. Knowing that there are people sick enough to act that way is depressing enough, but the idea that sane people can be fully aware and be indifferent, that is much worse.
  6. No. Didn't I explain this already? The karma system isn't concerned with results or how the world will react to the player's actions. It's an internal indicator that concerns the player alone. Doing bad things, regardless of who gets word, will net you bad karma. Really, stop throwing around these made up statements. There's no way to prove this. I have serious doubts that you have tried every possible outcome in every possible quest and killed any and all NPCs to test your theories. And also, since in F1/2, you didn't get notices every time your karma changed, it's unlikely you have any
  7. But it's not as clear cut in this case, since Roy also accepts to try and live peacefully with the tower's inhabitants if you can convince them, even if he's a rotten liar, a fact that the player only becomes privy to AFTER trying to have both groups coexist peacefully. True enough. But it wouldn't have come off as a surprise either if he had been content with just being let into the tower, seeing how that's what his pals really want, and the whole reason for the quest. Again, you are making use of poorly built strawmen to get your point across. Most evil characters you come across
  8. Nice. No better way to begin your day than reading about the nth instance of how depraved the human being can become. Yes, that shocked me as well. I mean, fundamentally, she's right. Institutions just can't save every kid. But it's appalling to see the head of one of those institutions making such declarations, in a case that, it stands to reason, could only have occurred due to severely inefficient monitoring.
  9. But you are given the chance to pursue a good option. It just doesn't turn out ok. Why should it? You don't like how the quest is solved, that's a different issue. And if karma is such a big deal, just go crush that bum outside Megaton under a mountain of water bottles... Yes, that's inconsistent alright. But it's not directly, essentially related to how you conduct your dealings with Roy. Why should there be such an option? It's not like Roy's plans are any more realistic than any other wasteland lunatic's, unless he enlists the player's help. You needn't kill him if you are p
  10. Only... it isn't. You are getting bad karma for killing a rather bigoted and hateful person who, at that point, hasn't done anything wrong. No matter how you try to twist it, that's as far as facts go (facts which you have been blatantly avoiding to discuss). Killing him at that point is wrong, and the game reacts as it should. The fact that the karma system isn't perfect in other instances (Tenpenny, Burke) is irrelevant. And we go back again to the root of the problem, the player's inability to talk Roy off his plan. Unless what you are suggesting is that being evil is a crime in itself,
  11. As I said, it's immaterial, even if it were that obvious. If that were the rule to follow in court, prisons would be full of people who "had plans" to kill someone, as in, they stated once they would do it. Another design oversight, that with the player being allowed to shoot Burke in a crowded bar. Should a design fault dictate mechanics throughout the game? And Roy is as "ready for the invasion" as he is ready to take over Raven Rock and the Citadel. He simply cannot do it without the player's help. If he could, he would have already. The case is fundamentally different in that t
  12. It's neither illogical nor broken. Either suck up the karma hit for being a vigilante, or accept that the best intentions need not yield the best results. Or don't get involved at all.
  13. Good thing you are not a judge, then. Material evidence is needed for a conviction... otherwise, threats is the most they can charge anyone with. And Roy isn't a well known criminal with a past record of violent deeds, that the player knows of. Good example, only it doesn't work in your favor. The Sheriff clearly states that Burke's being arrested (not summarily executed, along with acquaintances), until things can be cleared up. Not only that, but Burke has a much better chance of setting off the bomb than Roy has of letting his ugly friends inside Tenpenny's. No, that doesn't wor
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