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  1. Wow. They actually updated the 'homosexuality' page. It used to be much more concise and simply stated it as a sin and something else blah blah...
  2. You might want to start looking at women with less baggage or just get a dog.
  3. Well, there is bound to be backstabbing when not all your interests align. That doesn't change the fact that both countries are stuck together in a sinking boat and neither's economy can survive without the other's.
  4. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090313/ap_on_...hina_us_economy The communist party is warning US against radical fiscal policies... K_K/Sand: China and US are already sleeping together. China is already trapped by US debts so they got to keeping buying them to keep the dollar strong. Your 'enemy' is financing Obama's stimulus package in case you didn't notice.
  5. More sex ed or make birth control mandatory till you are 18??
  6. ^It's true... There is an Evangelion movie in the making too. I think these sci-fi films should be easier for Hollywood to make comparing to Dragonball or Naruto... where a lot of Asian humor and culture the producers just can't fully grasp.
  7. http://dragonballthemovie.com/ I am cautiously optimistic since I am a fanboy and would see this in theater no matter what... Though I gotta ask: where is the tail??? In news relating to another classic anime, MTV is making a Cowboy Bebop film and Keanu Reeves is set to play Spike. I am not sure what to make of that yet...
  8. Hey. You just might be right. The only gay people I have ever come to be personally associated with are all from the college crowd. I never met any 'traditionally' gay people.
  9. I haven't looked into any research on the subject but from personal experience, most of the openly gay people I have met are still physically attracted to girls. While I am not knowledgeable enough to make a judgment, but it's believed within the religious community that we hear more about homosexuals failing to live straight lives but those who succeed are less likely to advertise about their stories since they are probably married, have a family and want to leave the past in the past.
  10. I see where you objections to traditional marriage come from now... and I agree for the most part. Though in defense of Asian traditions, remember during the times of Confucius, medicine technology is still quite lacking. People also live a lot shorter with lack of nutrition. Your window to give birth to a health baby all the while being productive enough so you can raise him/her to adulthood is very narrow. I would say in those days, you do have a moral obligation to marry young and give your child the best chance to grow up to full adulthood, and many of the older traditions facilitate that
  11. ^Could you elaborate on that last sentence? I am not quite sure what you meant by that.
  12. It's my understanding that the Bible advises against homosexuality in a few passages. However, there are many more passages there concerning infidelity. All the Christians who are against gay marriages are quite silly; since if gays aren
  13. I think a lack of an open mind is a big reason why people can't stand views in contrast to their deepest beliefs. People just have too much pride sometimes. It's no big wonder when a person is deeply humbled by some unforeseen event, suddenly he/she has some new revelation about life. If God really wants man to achieve greater wisdom, he should employ the strategy of 'shock and awe'. Maybe sending a few avenging angels could help.
  14. I guess I am also playing the odd that's he is a forgiving God...
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