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  1. It's actually no where near original. Doctor Demento had been doing it since at least the early 70's. The difference is he did it to be funny. I heard that mix you mentioned , too. I didn't like it.
  2. They only stated that the in-house KOTOR 3 team was laid off. They, from my reading, never mentioned a developer. It was assumed by the authors of the articles that the game was scrapped, but L.A. never actually said that. They said that a team involved with KOTOR 3 was let go. For all we know OE has it in their mitts and are making plans to start work on it. "...appointment of Peter Hirschmann as vice president of product development. Hirschmann, a two-year LucasArts vet and former Electronic Arts producer, had been managing the development of Star Wars: Battlefront and Mercenaries. 'the company will be concentrating on fewer titles,' read the statement. While Star Wars: Battlefront and Star Wars Republic Commando remain at LucasArts..." Of course, you keep YOUR titles when you're promoted to head honcho and told to scale back a bit. Now, if it is true that KOTOR 3 is in mothballs, and KOTOR 2 gets as good or better reviews than KOTOR 1 (maybe even GOTY) mMr. Hirschmann may have a bit of 'splaining to do to GL as to why he cancelled the most successful line in LA history. And if Battlefront continues to get the mediocre reviews it's been getting, he may have to do that sooner. My bet is that whatever in-house development may have been cancelled, but they are talking with OE and/or Bioware about KOTOR 3. It just makes good business sense to capitalize on a winner. That's my two cents, and I may be totally incorrect.
  3. I don't think anything is compatible with the Works format. Not that I've found anyway. Maybe someone in the Georgia State government IT dept would know because that is about all the state uses for sending out documents by email that you are supposed to fill out and return to them. I could go on, but suffice it to say it's as frustrating as any other dealing with state gov't morons.
  4. The debate should adjust and all eyes should be glaring at those who pay upwards of $2000.00 more for the magical, mysterious half-breed auto-manual transmissions. Put it in "M" instead of "D" and you can jockey-shift your overpriced sport-coupe as if you actually knew how to drive a clutch...and no one is the wiser...
  5. The US Military recognizes Wicca as no less a religion as those practiced still by many Native Americans, for example. The Chaplain Corps, though predominantly served by Christian Ministers and Catholic Priests does employ many ministers of other faiths. I don't think Wicca is represented, but during my time training recruits, I never met a Wiccan who wanted to stay on past the first week or so. I had around 7 confirmed, legit Wiccans begin training under me, and all 7 asked to leave for a variety of reasons, but one common reason was conflict of duty with religious beliefs. We usually ended up sending them home, no hurt feelings. As for the comments by Bush, it really sounds to me more like he just does not accept the religion as a valid one. He didn't make any statements that he would ban it or anything, he even said he wished the military would "do something about it". As the Commander in Chief of the US Military, he has all the power he needs to outlaw Wicca and other pagan religions if he really wants to. The stroke of a pen and that would be done. So, how I see all this is that he doesn't like the religion(s), but he isn't going to ban it (them) either.
  6. I don't know what they call it or how they do it in other countries, but in the US, in my many, many years of beer drinking experience, "Draught" has been reserved for any European imported stock, to keep that whole "importedy" feel to it, while American beers, including South American and Central American, have been referred to as "Draft". Now, if the photo was taken in an English pub, then by all means, the correct spelling should have been "Draught" as that would be "proper" English, and they are after all standing IN England. Likewise, if it was in a bar in the US, and the lever he is holding is attached to a keg of English beer, or even Belgian or German beer, it still would have been more appropriate to spell it "Draught" since it is a European import. But if he is standing in a bar in the US, groping a lever for a keg of old Milwalkee (the choice beer of alcoholics in the US, and the president IS a "recovering" alcoholic after all) then "Draft" was the correct spelling.
  7. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Or, in proper English, draught. " <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You mean in the dialect spoken predominantly on the British Isles. English, despite its namesake, is a West Germanic language, derived from several sources long ago, the combination of which created the language we speak today. The language is actually derived from the dialect of the old West Germanic languages, combined and spoken on the British Isles. When England became a colonial superpower (so to speak) their language obviously went with it. Mix that language with the influences of the lands England conquered during its hayday, and viola, you get the wide variety of dialects out there today. Pronunciations and spellings are bound to differ around the globe. History of the English Language
  8. I suppose then that you'd be happier in Canada? Where the general feel is a tad more to the left than the US? Where taxes can be anywhere from 3 to 5 times what you are paying in the US when you add them all together? People bitch and whine and say stupid things like "I just won't pay taxes because I didn't vote for this president" Shut the Fuk up already or move to a better goddam country. I assume that there are countries all over the world that are better places to live, where all the people agree and the government is truly of and by the people. I don't think so.
  9. I agree. The Kyoto drivel violates too many aspects of the US Constitution. You Europeans and east Asians may have centuries of experience with totalitarian, monarchial rule where-in you simply just got used to doing whatever the noble class told you to do, but not the US. The reason why we are here in the US is because our ancestors didn't care for you form(s) of government, why should we bow down to them now? If you think Kerry is hoorah for it all, guess again. Should he be elected next month, don't expect the US to suddenly warm up to the agreement as it was last presented. It won't happen. As for "Who owns the new land..." question. Who would want it? It would be centuries before any island created by sudden volcanic activities in the mid-atlantic would be habitable. Do we know what countries will exist at that time? Do we know if WE will exist at that time? Under current international law, no one would be allowed to lay claim to it. Instead, there would be a lot of mumbling over who should get it. I for one think that all of those people in the US who have nothing good to say about it should be shipped there. Especially the recent immigrants.
  10. I once shot Gary Coleman.....no wait, that was in a video game...
  11. Actually, medice is a science. Computer science is not really "science". There are other "real" sciences that go into creating computer components and such, but none of them are called "computer science". Computer science is not much more than a MCSE type degree with some soldering shop classes thrown in. At least that's what it's been at every college I have associations with. I would suggest determining what it is you are primarily concerned with, the size of your paycheck or the size of your ego. This will help you decide which to stay away from. Some pay very well, some don't. Some give you a gargantuan ego (surmizing you do well and publish some well received works). A few give you both.
  12. ???? OH! Baseball.... Sorry, never touch the stuff...
  13. Well, if GL is involved with expanding the franchise, we should expect a Star Wars theme park in the near future. Think of it...Ewoks singing "It's a Small Universe".... Star Wars characters wandering around for photo-ops with geeks in Banth-horn hats.... Rides like "Dizzy Darth" and the "Jar Jar Binks Animatronic Hall of the Senate"....
  14. I managed to survive through each of the tatoo-craze waves that swept through the US over the past 3 decades. I doubt I'll ever get one at this point. Knowing with the wisdom of age that tastes change as you age, I can't see any good reason to get a tattoo. In twenty years I'm bound to hate it.
  15. It depends on what interests you. If a particular branch of science doesn't interest you, you'll never do as well as you might. If you love entomology, for example, a college cource designed around physics probably would be useless to you, despite how well you perform. The most prolific and accomplished scientists are so because they have the passion, similar to what an artist has, for their work.
  16. I have to get it from home. Give me till tomorrow.
  17. I've got a meatloaf recipe, but if you're prone to indegestion you might not want to try it... And I like Chinese Chinese food, so I'm game for that...
  18. Neither was the last Mary sighting.
  19. Oh, don't get me wrong, either, I hate all political cartoonists. Right-wing, left-wing, they all should fired. I can't believe people pay them to come up with that garbage.
  20. Also, the paths of Charley andf Francis were cleverly adjusted to meet with the offending political cartoonists agenda. Charley actually exited FL at Valosia cty, and Francis came in at Palm Beach cty. Both going to Gore, according to the map. Charley never even touched GA, and aside for some gusty winds and a high surf advisory, you'd never have known there was a hurricane in the neighborhood. But what would the average political cartoonist fan know about things like "facts" and such.
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