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  1. Where's the time to play KotOR? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> If I don't...somebody dies....
  2. 37... ???? yes...37. 2nd wife, 4 kids (anyone want one...16, 15, 13 and 12) 2 dogs, a mortgage and 2 car payments. I wish I were 14 again...
  3. Whatever the story ends up being will probably be fine with me. What I want to see next time is some improved graphics. TSL, so far that I've played (about 8 hours) is everything I expected, except for graphics. I have only one crash, and none of the other bugs reported by others (knocking on wood). Some areas are excellent, others are near 640x480 quality, especially in some of the cut scenes. Given the quality of the graphics of "newer" games, these seem quite dated. I currently have an Athlon 2800+ on an ASUS mobo with 1gig of pc3200 and a geForce 5600. I have most of the settings maxed, and except for some areas with mist, I am getting very good frame rates. I'd like the next game to cause me to have to do some upgrading.
  4. I started playing the other day, and just finished the Telos hidden base. I'm already a Lvl 11 Sentinel, and close to 12. Is this normal? Advancement seems to be going by very quick.
  5. Ugh! Full Spectrum Warrior is the epitome of boring video games. It's the same thing, over and over again. No variety. Every mission is completed in the exact same manner. As an Army educatioinal tool (which is what it was developed for) it is perfect. As an entertainment product, it sucks.
  6. Is that before or after it's been flung?
  7. Just think how differently I might feel about TOEE if those mysteriously invisible children that damn near every character in the game referred to incessantly were actually left in the game. I might have actually given it a 2 out of 5 instead of the 0 out of 5 I currently score it at.
  8. Well, I prefer the AoE and RoN mode of play to that of the Total War games. Those were ok, but I actually like the city micromanagement to a degree. I am really hoping Civ IV hits the shelves sooner than 2006. My favorite strategy game to date has been Civ: CTP.
  9. BLASPHEMY!! Game Cube is the enemy of all that is not sucky and lame! Game cube is that upon which small children tool ethnic blue collar characters and their cartoonish animal companions around linear maze and racing games. You'll need to turn in your geek card.
  10. It's actually called "Kilz". The primer battlecry in the painting community is "Kilz'll Kill it". Kilz is a primer. The best dang primer ever created. If you hire a painter to, say, paint the exterior of your house, and he uses anything but Kilz, and refuses to use Kilz, fire him. Besides using substandard primer, he intends to water down the generic paint he bought instead of the expensive stuff you're paying for as well. I've used Kilz extensively on exterior and interior jobs. Brick, wood, plaster, plastic, concrete, floors, walls, clabberboard, cedar (not my idea), oak, pine, particle board, clay tile....... BUT....Do not use it on something that you may want to strip down later in life. It will be extremely difficult to strip.
  11. On the other hand, Starship Troopers was a cheesy movie that had little to do with the book it was based on....and I think I've seen it a few dozen times. Awesome B-movie fare!
  12. Wipe your chin.... Have any ideas of what you'll make with said toolset?
  13. My wife and her friend made their husbands, of which I am one, watch the lamest movie I have seen in a very, very long time. The Clearing. If you have never seen it, you are not missing a thing. If you have seen it, I am collecting names for inclusion in a class action against the studio, director and actors for compensation for the lost two hours of our lives that we can never get back. Some of you want to talk about how some games lack in the plot department....the worst video game ever produced has nothing on this crap-fest. I can think of hundreds, if not thousands of better ways to spend your time.
  14. The best Mexican food I've ever eaten was in a little restaurant in Pine Springs, Arizona. And they brought out food until you passed out or exploded.
  15. I don't care where they come from, so long as they're good games. Even if 9 year old Vietnamese children are slaving away 22 hours a day crafting new 3D graphics and... Oh. Maybe I DO care...just a little...
  16. They are all on my "Plan to Buy" list. I am in hopes that the new Elder Scrolls has a bit more action than the last. Reading a preview the other day in one of the prints mags, it sounds like it might...but it was not definitive.
  17. ...and bring on the Polish donuts (Paczki)! I haven't had any since my grandmother passed away 8 years ago....be sure to use good whiskey to soak the raisins in...
  18. A jalepeno marmite crisp sandwich!
  19. That would indeed be very punk. Too bad it backfired for Spandau Ballet. After making that lame video for that cheesy ballad they were pigeon-holed as a sappy ballad band. Well, OK, they weren't punk either, but they weren't exactly a ballad band before they released in the US either....
  20. Jalepenos...I like a good hot pepper. Hard to get a genuinely good tasting jalepeno or chile. The best ones I've had since I moved to Georgia are the ones I grow in my garden. Wicked hot, yet sweet.
  21. Did I add my 2 cents here yet? If not: Slipknot Korn Skindred Alter Bridge Dead Kennedys JFA Black Flag Henry Rollins (yes, the spoken word stuff too) White Zombie Led Zeppelin Rush Blue Oyster Cult the Grateful Dead I also like a lot of jazz, but the artists interpretations, not necessarily the songs, are what I like.
  22. And you have yet to discover that when the previous owners had the siding replaced, they merely covered up some spaces which should have been planked or sheeted in plywood. And ditto for the roof....
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