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  1. This question was asked by me many months ago, and answered by the devs on several occassions: "[KOTOR II] will be no more nor less modable than KOTOR I". KOTOR I actually only has mods because some clever people, or people with nothing better to do, figured out some of the file structures. Given the legnth of time that it has been out, it really has very few mods compared to games which provided for modding. Most of the mods consist of reskins, which aren't dificult once you know the format, dimensions and file size, and have some semblance of skill with photoshop. True mods are few and far between, and I haven't had any luck with any of them, as the code mods cause my game to crash.
  2. But, with few exceptions, LA isn't exactly known for pumping out quality products, video game-wise.
  3. And don't forget that DVD drives can read CDs faster than a CD reader.
  4. I would actually be kind of upset if you didn't...
  5. Well, that's very nice random evil guy....evil, but not necessarily random though.
  6. Most Americans could give a rats behind about whether anyone promotes anything in Cuba. If they do, more power to them as far as I'm concerned. The differences of opinion, if you want to call it that, exist solely between the aging politicians, who can't remember why we're mad at Cuba in the first place, and Castro. Dom Rep is in a far worse state of affairs, human rights-wise, as is Haiti, but we're miffed at Cuba because the communists commandeered some hotels.(?) Most Americans I know are waiting for the day that we can finally (legally) go back to Cuba. Yes, there are plenty of ways to get there illegally, you just can't take a direct flight. And you can't tell Customs/Border Protection agents "Hey, Mr Special Agent, I'm planning to fly to the Bahamas and then onto Cuba..." There are ways to get good Cuban cigars, too, for example. Several duty-free shops on the Canadian side of the border I know of carry very fine brands, and the border patrol never actually looks at anything unless you look like you're smuggling 75 Chinese migrants in the back of a 1986 Ford Escort. "Are you bringing anything, blah-blah-blah inadmisable, or fruit, into the country?" "No." "Thank you, have a nice day."
  7. I made one of those for KOTOR I (except for the mohawk). Piecings became more pronounced as character slid further towards the dark side. It was rather cool-looking, if I must say so myself. As for character creation in general, I think we badgered the devs quite sufficiently about wanting greater creature control, and were told to go sit in the corner and stop asking because it wasn't going to happen.
  8. I have formulated a new conspiracy theory. The Xbox version was intentionally released early with bugs. So many bugs that many people would get fed up and throw the game in the corner. But, it IS the holiday season in the USA, and that means people will pay hundreds of dollars for flippin' Chia pets, why not an alledgedly buggy Xbox game? So, along comes February and the PC version is released. For a month, industry rags give it rave reviews. Talk about how none of the Xbox bugs are present in the PC version, and in fact, they did add special PC-only content. Miffed Xboxers, albeit not all of them, but a fair number, decide that they want to give KOTOR II another go...this time on PC. PC version sales skyrocket from the influx of previous Xbox buyers and the game far outsells any estimation made at LA. So, did OE intentionally make KOTOR II buggy on Xbox at LA behest in order to make more money? Grassy knoll.....buggy Xbox......CIA....... 'Well, why the delay for the EU release?' you ask? Easy....we've pissed of the Europeans enough recently...no need to add any fuel to that fire. These are the ramblings of a 12 year old girl who actually has no interest in video games....but what a line of reasoning, don't you think?
  9. I didn't think KOTOR II was set up with Live anyway. Well, they could have put in a simple piece of code to check for factory hdd or something.
  10. What if....conspiracy theory....the bugs are related to anti-piracy protection? Read my post in Hades topic on the Tech issue board.
  11. If it's a train wreck..... ...maybe I should just go and have a look-see....
  12. I HOPE they kep manual update files. I'm on dial-up while I'm away from home, so I usually burn update files to a CD at home and install when I get back to my apartment.
  13. Since I have exactly the same number of Xboxes as I have pink ponies living in my left shirt pocket, I have had zero reason to peruse the tech forum at this point. If there are issues, other than the frame rate during battles issue I stumbled across, I wouldn't have a clue. As for the frame rate issue...ahhh...never mind, wrong thread for that...
  14. Money. If product A1 is complete and ready for shipping, you don't pass up a marketing period like the Christmas holidays just because product A2 isn't done yet. You put the completed producted on the market, rake in the dough, and worry about getting the other product out as quickly as possible. The Xbox version was the easiest to complete, therefor it was pushed for the holiday season. The PC version requires testing on different video cards and such. The international version requires translation into several different languages.
  15. Probably not as much as you think. Spike TV awards? Heck, if Snoop Dogg isn't in it and/or it isn't a sports related game, they think it sucks.
  16. Read this (satire): Meaningless Figurehead Abdicates Meaningless Role
  17. Vader had to be a petulant brat at one point...he wasn't born a Dark Lord. I admit the pod racing bit was waaaaaaaay over done. GL went to the extreme with that, and could have answered the "Where did Vader learn to fly" question in about an eighth of the time. The romance scenes were necessary to show where Skywalker and Leia came from. The gungans were necessary to market Star Wars toys....too bad for GL THAT back-fired! After all, GL made all the money on the first movie from marketing toys and other Star Wars products...not from ticket sales. With that money he was able to buy the rights to the story back from the original studio and make the next two movies. I guess in his mind if it worked once, create a gimmicky character and it'll work again. My bet is that the Vader scene in the teaser comes at or very near the end of the movie. So all of you hoping to hear JEJ as the voice of Darth Vader again will be very disappointed. By the way...thats me, too.
  18. ??? Your source is an opinion piece? A summation from any source other than author can only be an opinion. As far as moving somewhere else...don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. And certainly don't come back crying when you realize that, despite whatever provisions are really in this paper, they are no more nor less invasive or intrusive than you'll find in many of our European friends' bag of tricks. And certainly don't bother coming back when the Supreme Court completely negates every line of this document as being unconstitutional when it is pressed. And when you go, take that moron Alec Baldwin with you. He can't act, and he never calls. (the Baldwins are my wife's first cousins) Somehow the US has survived far worse pieces of legislation than this rag, and it should survive this one as well. Go back and read your history books again and mull over some of the facism implemented prior to, during and after WWI and WWII. When you've had enough of that, check out the other major conflicts dating back to 1789. This act is nothing compared to some of them, and no worse than the others.
  19. I think we all bugged the devs months ago when the delayed release announcement was made, that we expected extra content, etc, for being forced to wait again. I also believe our collective wrists were slapped and we were told to go to our collective rooms and wait for our collective fathers to get home to get our collective whoopins for being collectively whiney. But I still wouldn't mind seeing extra stuff in the PC version.
  20. 1Up is a hack-job anyway. Here is the Xbox collection of the guy who wrote the review: Barbie Horse Adventures Otogi: Myth of Demons Grabbed by the Ghoulies Jet Set Radio Future And his "Faves" all consist of PS1 and 2 and SNES titles. Don't think he's a tad biased, do you? He also did the big write up for the addition of Parappa the Rapper for the 1Up top 50 list. What a knob.
  21. You can get a manual transmission on most SUVs and trucks. Most car dealerships don't keep them on the lot, and their relatively clueless sales personnel don't know about them. They're more geared towards selling suburban assault vehicles to moms with more money than sense. If you want a Tahoe with a manual you have to go to a truck dealership, specifically one that specilializes in selling work vehicles to contractors and plumbers and such. I've seen 5 speed manual transmissions in mini-vans, you just have to know who to ask for it.
  22. No less than 27 magazines would be forced out of business if the faux monachy was dismantled.
  23. And that is the same reason store like EB would not put a game on the shelf prior to the release date, but a chain like Wally World would. The wage slaves at Walmart just grab a box and whatever is in it, so long as it is the right type of item, goes on the shelf. HL2 was on the shelf 2 days prior to the release date at the Walmart in my town, and with one of those goofy "Just Reduced" labels on it.
  24. I'm not downing it, mind you. People like what they like, and if it sells advertizing, then it's worth the effort on MTV's part.
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