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  1. Name: Was looking for a common name that hadn't been taken. Avatar: # 6 in a series of (?) Just thought it was a cool pic of Obi Wan.
  2. Marmite? I like hamburger with real swiss cheese and thousand island dressing.
  3. Uh-huh.... You can get away with that now....remember what I said about getting married.....all that stops.
  4. I played at least twice as DS a female as the game would permit...pegged to max DS...and he still ran off. Maybe there was a dialogue option mixed in with all of the Mission jabber that I missed?
  5. Just jumping in, though I haven't played K:2 yet. And I can't resist readin the spoilers... No? Yes?
  6. Alright...who hijacked mkreku's account??? Oh....nevermind.
  7. Just be happy they didn't introduce any stuffed anumals or muppets into this episode...assuming they haven't...please don't say they have.....
  8. I think that if anyone should do KOTOR III, if there will be one, it should be Namco.
  9. Don't marry. It all ends when you marry. Never...ever....under any circumstances should you marry. Ever
  10. I didn't read the op in detail because I don't want to read too many spoilers. I just want to compliment Kevar on writing his take on the negative aspects of the game without all the "Obisidian sucks" garbage strewn about the place like we've seen from some others.
  11. I'm just curious how this is the only person to have noticed this alledged trailer. Were the credits so long and so boring that only this one peron has seen this mystery footage? Maybe skippy had a happy dream the night he finished TSL and merely thinks that his dream was a trailer. Maybe he's an overworked US Postal employee....
  12. People actually get so mad while driving they actually snap. It
  13. How can you be familiar with something you've never experienced? Empathize with, maybe, but familiarity requires some first-hand experience. Not that I don't understand what Langky is saying about his experiences, I do. But, each person has a unique perspective, no matter how many people are crowded around him. I just can't sympathize with his point of view because I haven't lived the life. Nor has mrkreku, errantry or ~Di. I can only correlate and compare it to mine. Based on what he wrote, he has led a rougher life than me, but I can't say I know what he is talking about. Being American, I can't assume I know how everyone feels about Americans. Nor should I assume everyone feels the same way. Nor should those people make assumptions that we are all a, b or c. In fact, I find some of his opinions typical of some of those who want nothing but to find fault with America and Americans, and other statements which come clear out of the conspiracy papers. As for living under a totalitarian regime, I have no experience, so I can't comment, neither he should really make such strong assumptions about an environ he has no experience with. If I were to say that he and his countrymen created their own monster by allowing this and that to happen, I would be lambasted and flamed to no end, but that is exactly what he, and others of you on this board do when you make statements about where I live and where I was raised. Assumptions based on biased news reports and interaction with faceless souls on an internet message board. And when the American speaks up to defend himself he is ridiculed for not knowing about himself? Please. Why is it that Americans are not able to know as much bout themselves as Europeans, et-al, know about themselves? Hell, why aren't we allowed to know as much as Europeans know about us, for that matter? I think of it this way. When you are driving down the road, and you see all of the other cars out there with you, did you ever wonder what all of those people are doing? They aren't all running out to the grocery store with me, so where are they going? What are they doing? Assume a funeral procession is coming by. Wonder what those people are feeling? Maybe. Assume you know what the are experiencing? That would be foolish, as you have no clue as to what chain of events brought them there that day.
  14. Never say never. I know someone. And he'd tell you that it may be time consuming, but it is easy. But then again, he's been doing it for years. The approach you took earlier as I saw it was that everyone struggles all of the time. No, that isn't a quote, but it was the tone you were trying to set as I saw it. I'm still not sure why you believe I was trying to down the modders, when the game is what I was talking about, and the fact that it is not a mod-friendly game, no matter how many fan-created tools come out, no matter how many mods come out, for that matter. It simply was not meant to be modded as other games were. As for the people modding, or in any line of work, yes, there is a learning curve, and yes there will be people who, devoted as they may be, have to put a lot of energy into the work they are trying to pull off. But not everyone is like that. And no, I'm not an idiot, I understand the clock-cycle analogy, albeit apples and oranges since computers don't learn how to process data, they just do it within the confines of their architecture. It is neither easy nor difficult, it just is.
  15. having modded myself (mostly early fps) i know that to make a good mod you have to put in more effort than you claim is needed. if you actually made a mod or not, i dont really care anymore but i have never heard someone who calls any work they are proud of "easy to make". even a skin takes quite a bit of effort unless you are just editing an existing one. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Some things, for some people, are easy. Fact of life. example 1: I certainly am no good at welding, and would be hard pressed to do anything useful with it. But some people find welding to be incredibly easy, to the point where building, say, a custom motorcycle frame is child's play. They might be very proud of the piece they just finished, and if you asked them how difficult it was, they'd tell you how easy it was. example 2: I can drive a 44' MLB surf rescue boat in 30 foot breaking surf. How? Training and practice. Scary? Sometimes, especially at night. Easy? Incredibly. Why? Because it just is. You may not think so, but that does not mean to me it isn't easy. And it is incredibly rewarding. Despite the crap they're forcing into kid's brains today, everyone in the world is not created equal. Some are better at things than others. And those others are better at other things than are the some. And because something may be easy to a person, it may be no less rewarding than something that is difficult for the same person.
  16. I think you maybe smoking something that isn't agreeing with you there.... Anyway, when I think of security guards, I immediately think of The MALL Police! "...Stop! Or I'll say 'stop' again!" "Hey you kids, don't go down the up escalator or I'll have to...uhhh...tell you to not do that....again." "...I wish I were a real cop....with a real gun....I'd show those punks...I'm not fat....or greasy....I'd show them...HEY! NO LOITERING IN FRONT OF SBARROS UNLESS YOU"RE EATING..something...fro........I wish I were a real cop..."
  17. Just a side note for the "who should do KOTOR III discussion": If OE can't do it for some reason, and BIOWARE can't do it for some reason, I sure hope they (LA) don't hire Troika. Thanks, and back to the thread.
  18. Not here. I tend to be more agressive on the highway...
  19. He's a President. A dead one, mind you. And he has some explaining to do, apparently.
  20. As I mentionned to Grandpa, if his game crahses, it's simply because he doesn't put the .mod files in the right folder. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No. I put them in the right place. Remember that some people had hideous problems with KOTOR I, bugs and crashing. I never did, until I tried to launch a new planet or area mod. I don't know why, and at the time I had little time to worry about it, and since had moved on to other games. kbned: As for posting the reskins I created, forget it. Since I've since replaced hard drives and didn't care to save any superfluous crap from the old ones, I don't have them. I don't frequent holowan any more, so I couldn't tell you who may have them on their site. Yes, yes, by all means, start with the accusations and claims of lying, I completely expect it. Nothing I can do about that.
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