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  1. After reading some of the E3 write ups, I decided to ask one more question. Hopefully the devs will answer... Quote from the xbox.ign article: "...Xbox owners will be happy to hear that the team at Obsidian promises more Xbox Live content this time around, with downloadable content coming as soon as a few weeks after release." Does this mean the Obsidian, LucasArts, etc, will be providing updates, additions and such for this game? For the pc, specifically, since I don't own an Xbox.
  2. Will there be any new face models for the player, and hopefully a broader choice? Better still, will we be able to customize the character appearance? My last question: Will this game come on four or six CDs, or are you going to take a plunge into the deep end and release on DVD?
  3. Thay have answered this though. I recall a dev saying KotOR2 won't be any more moddable out of the box than KotOR1 was. I read that too, but it fails to answer the question of "why?" Especially when so many pc games are created to be mod-friendly so as to extend their life expectancy. Games, make that good games, that can be modded tend to last for years and maintain a strong presence in the gaming world. Just in the fantasy RPG (ish) genre there is the BG series, now the NWN series, and more. I think that LucasArts, if they are the ones making the decision to not make dev tool available, is beginning to think of pc titles as they would console titles. Developers make a console game, market it to death, and then move on to the next project, never looking back unless it is to use a predecessor for marketing purposes. Avid pc gamers want longevity from the game. I, and many avid pc gamers I know, prefer a game that will last longer than the next few months. PC gaming and console gaming are two different animals with two totally different markets. The reason why console games sold over $5 billion while pc games sold under $2 billion last year is because console gamers tend to be younger and always looking for the latest. The console game community is full of people who will tell you "I played that last month, I'm moving on..." This is the reason sports games are so popular on console, they update every year. People playing Madden 2004 right now are wetting themselves in anticipation of Madden 2005. PC gamers lean towards rts and rpg, partly because they play better on a pc, but mostly because those games offer the long term challenge and enjoyment pc gamers want. This is why I asked, again, this question. "...no more or less..." is a garbage answer. I (and many others) would like to know the why's behind the answer, since this question has been on the top of many people's lists since KoTOR 1 came out on pc.
  4. I played both sides, but not-so-secretly prefer the darkside in this game. However, I hope that Obsidian is planning a deeper, more relevant "gray" side. The only character who fit that mold was Jolee. I'd like to see a little more of the Luke Skywalker cir. Ep IV type of "light" side. You know, wants to be good, but "man, this force thing sure is cool...lookee what I can do!"
  5. The female character in the first screenshot is a carry over from KoTOR 1 as well. I imagine they will use all of the original faces, since I imagine some have favorites they want to continue with....and hopefully add more.
  6. Mods mods mods. You guys seem to be evading the question asked so many times. At least the answers I've seen are far too vague and lack and substance. Are we going to be able to mod this game (like other LucasArts Star Wars titles) with a developer created tool, or are we going to have to resort to hacking into the thing like with KoTOR 1? Bioware made the claim that Lucas would not allow them because of intellectual property concerns relating to the Star Wars Universe already out there in the form of books, comics, etc. Said that Lucas wanted to keep the flow of the game from conflicting with the established history. I again ask...what of all of the other Star Wars titles which shipped with (or created afterwards) developer created utils? The precedence does not exist for me to believe that this is the real reason.
  7. - Will the contols be more mapable this time around? Including mouse buttons and/or support for 4 and 5 button mice?
  8. New to this board. I don't post much on most boards, but I lurk a lot. The questions I have, I don't know if they've been asked, but I stopped reading all of the questions because of the size of this thread vs. the time I have to read them, but I did read all of the developer's answers (I think I got them all). Because I like to "personalize" my gaming experience a little (call it a habit from NWN, et-al): 1. Is Obsidian working out the details of being able to provide an sdk for this game...eventually? (Some have suggested Lucas won't allow for the modding of it's intellectual property, but there are other titles that LucasArts has fully supported modding for, like Jedi Academy.) 2. Will the game allow for more flexibility in chosing the appearance of the pc, beyond simply choosing a head? (ie: mix and match face/hair style/hair color/etc) 3. If the answer to question 2 is "no", will there be a wider variety of player character choices than what we had with KoTOR I? 4. If the answer to question 3 is "yes", will they be as butt-ugly as the ones in KoTOR I? I may have more, but I'll keep my eye out for these for now. Thanks
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