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  1. the spoiler forum is probably just for quest solutions.
  2. not enough mac gamers for it to be worth porting to mac os x.
  3. there may be blood from vibroblade cuts.
  4. I quit reading after the author mis spelt obsidian. Chris Avellone-"The player does not have amnesia, does not start the game with amnesia, does not get amnesia over the course of the game, and he/she is quite clear who, what, and where he is at all times. Nor does he/she have any problems with memory, lurking pseudo-personalities, multiple personality disorders, submerged personalities, or any personality problems except what you induce through gameplay by being a nice guy, a jerk, or both. "
  5. lucas art should get team ninja to a jedi gaiden game.
  6. "...Nor does he/she have any problems with memory..."-Chris Avellone Your character is just out of practice.
  7. ninja gaiden is ony hard until you learn all ryu's attacks, and learn how to properly string long combos.
  8. you never finished ninja gaiden did you ?
  9. put this in questions to the devs take 2 or look for Akari and send him a pm and you might get an answer.
  10. all I want is to force choke all party members who disobey me or whine to damn much with having to wait till the end of the game.
  11. NO because it takes time from making the actual game. Loook Every fanmade mod released has never competed with the original content (excluding nwn because the original content sucked and half life)
  12. post this in the questions to devs take 2. and most likely no most likely yes probably only for prestige classes.
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