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  1. How do I turn Bao-Dur into a dark Jedi. I have turned Atton and the Handmaiden into a dark Jedi, but as of yet I cannot get anything out of Bao-Dur. I heard he turns after you leave Dxun. I am already on Dantooine and feel hopeless.
  2. I have turned everyone to my side except Kreia. Apprently she stays neutral. Is this true?
  3. I have to keep saving the game before I go into a new area so if the game freezes I will be able to start where I left off.
  4. I have waited a long time for the strategy guide and finally received my answer. I was told by my game store that the strategy guide will not be released until 12/21/04.
  5. I tried everything to change her armor but apprently you cannot.
  6. I have made Kreia nearly fallen but now I am having a tough time turning Atton. Can anyone help me? Kreia will only turn by showing her you are in control of your fate. What about Atton?
  7. I am going to the dark side and I have only influenced her once. I find that if you answer basically what she says you will suceed. On the other hand Atton is hard to fall.
  8. I hope my strategy guide is here today. I really need it to see how I can manipulate my whole team!
  9. Can anyone help me? I am on the mining station and I have been cruel to every party member I have in hopes of turning them to the dark side (I fear that my cruelty will turn them to the light side). When does the choice to turn them actually take place. I am a Jedi Consular so it should be pretty easy.
  10. The pc game might not have different material but I am sure that the bugs will be far less than that of xbox.
  11. Don't worry about it. I know it seems so far away but the PC version will probably be better. I don't plan to put up any info so if anybody would like something just PM me. I don't think it is fair to ruin it for the PCer's.
  12. I have finally got the game. Attention to everyone who wants their game! I got my game because while I was in Game Crazy Fed Ex came. I asked the clerk does he mind seeing if my game has arrived. When he opened the box, there it was! I did not however get the Prima Strategy Guide. Apparently I am supposed to call back around 3 p.m. to see if it has arrived. I suggest everyone call their stores up and ask them if the game is supposed to be delivered today.
  13. I reserved my game at Game Crazy. I was told from a trusted advisor that it would be out today. On the other hand when I went in their yesterday, a young hot shot told me it will be out on the 10. I am starting to get really annoyed!
  14. I have already reserved my copy. I wonder which copy I reserved. I prefer the one with the book and the DVD>
  15. Which side will you choose? I say Dark!
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