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  1. I played it through once, with the intention of playing it 5 or so times like I did KOTOR I But, I don't think I'll play it again at all. I'm watching my husband play it some, and to be honest, this game just doesn't seem to have the same enjoyability 2nd time round. Bums me out, I'd been looking forward to this.
  2. I think the way it was implemented - miserable failure. If you were unlucky in your party member choices the first time you went to a planet - you got no influence chances. I don't see that as a "replayability" thing. Sure, when I'm omnicient, and I know what encounters are coming up, I can pick and choose wisely, but when I'm playing the game the first time I should have a chance. And then, no influence meter, left me in the dark as to how well I was doing. Further, I NEVER had a chance to influence some party members via conversation, and I don't know why? Some, like Bao-Dur had no options for me, even the 'make me a shield' option that I hear existed for some people. Then for others - like that disciple - he seemed to be maxed out influenced the minute I brought him in the party - silly really. I knew him for 5 game playing minutes and he's all ready to tell me all and be a jedi but I can't have a conversation with Bao-Dur - who's been with me for 25 game playing HOURS. Influence was a good idea, but it was broken in this game. Too bad, 'cause I was really looking forward to it.
  3. LS - the way I did it anyway: (I'm not sure if you can both do the merchants tasks AND get him arrested - I'll have to try it next game) spoiler space I found out what he wanted. Then went back to Grenn - a quick cut scene and Grenn gave me the three items. Then back to merchant with the goods, then cut to you and merchant at docking bay and Grenn will come in to arrest him when merchant meets with Czerka people
  4. Same question here. I never noticed it, but my husband who is playing the game now was asking me if I ever got in there. He retraced his steps through the military base pretty carefully but never found a way in.
  5. Ok, the thing is - Bao Dur never had shields as a dialog option and I didn't really have many in my inventory. Argh. So many things like this in the game - options that I read about in posts (like the criminals on Telos who posters (and from what I hear the strategy guide as well) say were in a certain place) but for some reason I didn't get when I played. They seem to be just there for some posters but not there when I tried, and for no reason I can discern.
  6. I read someplace that Bao Dur would make shields for you. But, I played the game once and he never had a make me a sheild as an option. Now my husband's playing it, and he doesn't get a sheild option from him either. Is this a rumor or can any one confirm it? And if you can confirm it, does anyone know if it's a bug that some people don't get the option?
  7. Well is it a bug or what? Two games - mine and my husband's and we never saw these guys in the Czerka office?
  8. Never ever found them. And I went through that station with a fine tooth comb. Now my husband is playing, and he vowed to find them since I couldn't. (to give him bragging rights - he's more of a FPS gamer usually) And even he gave up after a long scouring of the station. So, I was wondering if anyone playing LS ever found them?
  9. Did anyone get anywhere with HK-47? I never got any answer at all to these questions: 1. Voicelocked astrogation charts 2. Who is building HK-50's (it doesn't seem to be Atris, G0-T0 or Kreia) 3. That signal thing HK-47 talked about us having to wait to be activated 4. What T3 did to him in that cutscene where T3 zapped him etc. Answers, or instructions/hints on how to get answers, appreciated.
  10. The game ending - kinda sucks, kinda is perfect. It's the perfect end for the PC. Everything hints at an end like that for him/her. It sucks with regards to the companions. Questions, threads etc. about them come up, and you never find out what happens. One particularly bizarre thing happens between two crewmates during the end run - One of them tries to frustrate the aim of another during a cut scene - and it is left unresolved - I mean why bother with it if we never have a chance to see what happens? You are not even sure if some of your party members are alive or dead at the end of the game. For the number of things that the devs did right storyline-wise - the number that they screwed up storyline-wise is ridiculous.
  11. Once we left Atris (2nd time) - the game just seemed to fall apart. I thought that the strength of this game was going to be the character interaction and I can't even talk to anyone after that point? Even before that, the game developers started picking out who I was supposed to do the missions with - no time to have fun with my new Jedi at all. And - once I got to End game - and learn a thing or two - NO CHANCE to talk to my pals - now I've got some good intel, and can't get to them. Then the end - covered in the other thread 'filling plotholes' thread - what a disapointment. Gameplay was great - until the end - when you are stuck in the proverbial maze of twisty passages - all alike world. H I Loved KOTOR, and I had been so looking forward to TSL, especially since I loved Fallout & the other things on the dev's resume list. But now that I got there - I'm actually quite bummed. My scores: KOTOR: 9.3 KOTOR II: 7.9
  12. Thanks for the quick answers! I wonder if it happens to dark siders?
  13. Well, I can't get him to talk to me at all.
  14. Well, when I entered the tomb in the cave on Korriban, my force points would not regenerate. - at all. The Force points just stayed stuck at the same point until I got out of the tomb. I got through it anyway - used lots of medpacs, but did this happen to anyone else?
  15. LOL - Atton got my pc's sex wrong. I'm a female (which he's often noted) and in one of his conversations with the others he referred to the exile as "he".
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