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  1. Heh, I'd have to say Bastila won it for me when she trips Mission while walking around and denies doing anything...sure she talks haughty, but she's got some spark in her I let her romance me and redeemed her at the end...(spoiler upcoming) Nothing was sweeter than having her cameo in k2 to ask if the Exile had heard from or knew where Revan was...that's my girl!
  2. I assume the xbox is much slower in area transitions...
  3. For sure you can in the PC version..just asked a buddy and he's fairly sure you can on the xbox.
  4. well in my head my character sounds alot like me, and I like it that way...although when I play the opposite sex the character will sound either like my wife, Salma Hayek or Milla J. But that's just me...besides inevitably 50% would hate the voice chosen to do dialog for us
  5. DVD, saves storage space. That and CDs are just not cool anymore. Xbox and PS2 games come on DVD why do we have to be lame on the PC...did KotOR take multiple discs for the xbox? ( I don't know..so I ask)
  6. That is what I am so sure about....in Solo mode you could have 3 seperate little battles going on...and the two you aren't controlling are at the mercy of the AI w/o direction from you. This is not a tactical situation I prefer. It's best (in my mind) to have a few clear and consise commands at my disposal. NWN and the BG series had several if you reflect on it...the BG series had formations and AI profiles that made sense...if you set them to ranged they kept back...usually with the melees in the middle. In NWN you had a hold your ground a follow me (where they were fairly good about not
  7. She kills the man who physically slew her mother..the flunky who lopped off her dad's head is to spell it out a different guy. We see her kill her mother's murderer as she takes advantage of his being a pedophile..we don't see her kill the man who killed her father. But I do agree that's most likely NOT Bill, because she would have killed him, but then again it may be Bill...after all I don't think she saw their faces as she was under the bed the entire time.
  8. As to the 5th. Personally I don't care if they meet...it's funny to see my wife get her back up wondering if someone's gonna try and snatch me away If she ever reads this I am sooo dead, hee hee...but I like to live on the edge...heck I'm not completely sitting on my chair even now!
  9. the Darth rule seems off when applied to Maul also... Besides isn't Vader swedish for Father? I'm sure if we got to looking for it Darth is a play on some other title as well...
  10. Well if it's a diary it's probably hidden under their pillow(s)....
  11. Actually I'd like for them to do both. Do a Shadowrun game, mainly b/c the name will much like how D&D and the NWN names did for Bioware get the attention of a fan base that may not already know Obsidian or their previous titles interested. That and it'll give them an established set of rules to work with and learn from...then they can again like Bio go into their own IP. Granted I am already a fan of Obisidan b/c I have played games that this crew has had a hand in and would love to see more along the lines of Fallout come from them
  12. I do agree there is not always a Dark or Light way to do a thing...there are greys in this world that pad the great distance between light and dark. This is the case if you read some of the novels in the newer post Empire Star Wars..I think some of the authors are exploring the abstract between the light and dark side of the force. In some ways I think for force using purposes there is a Light and Dark..in that if you use the force to actively affect something outside of yourself then often it's the province of the Dark side the more destructive side. Where you would use it to aug
  13. Light or Darkside of the force the weilder ultimately will become one with it. The thing is those who follow the Light realize their goal is to submit and become one with it. Those who follow the Dark seem to think that their 'mastery' of it shows it's a part of them and not the other way around. Their physical changes seem to reflect that they are misinformed and that they are becoming a part of the Darkside as it consumes them. Also the admonishing Yoda gives Luke is that the Darkside is 'quicker, easier, but not stronger'. A beautiful way to tempt a player into using the Darkside w/
  14. One thing that drove me nuts was that there was no way to command them to Stand Your Ground..so they wouldn't follow you. An example is if I wanted to make just one of them hang back some while I closed in with the other. I know there's solo mode but to toggle across them only to know with all certainty once you switched off that character they'd queue up whatever action the computer generated was very frustrating. Some other commands that'd rock are: Fall Back, they'd just move back the maximum distance of their equiped range weapon (heading the direction away from the enemy while atte
  15. *sigh* You are correct I do not want to settle for less. I personally think the face/heads issue is negligible. I'd trade all the extra heads in for just another hour or two of playability. After all we spend so little time looking at our character's face in the game I worry so little about it. We see his face during dialogs, yes? But I read quickly and decide almost as quickly so I don't spend much time staring into my toon's eyes I'd rather they focus on the NPCs, story and things of that nature. Not to mention if you notice I raised no objection to the original poster's comments on
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