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  1. I thought the Space combat in KOTOR was to simple, has anyone heard any news about space combat in KOTOR2? will there be any? i prefered the millenium falcon combat in rebel strikes two player level "Death Star escape" that was brillient, with the falcon flying and turning while you shot.
  2. And 100 feet thinner i might add. and im pretty sure there are islands along the mid atlantic ridge (the Azores?), but moving the topic along, does anyone in America worry about if the Yellowstone park hot spot errupts and causes a toxic cloud that would possibly wipe all life from the middle of the American continent? it would scare the hell out of me, for a country that would suffer most from nature id think America would worry more about banning plastic bags, capping their powerstations and signing the Kyoto agreement. Oh well im sure when things get worse then the richest country in the world will get the idea.
  3. what? whaen has there been a RPG made set after Rotj? and are you saying you didnt like Darkforces or Jedi Knight games? anyway, how many times can the same idea be rearanged? KOTOR 1 & 2 have similar stories and i cant see how KOTOR3 could be anything more then, you start as a padawan and progress to Jedi master, You start as a Jedi Master who has lost their memory and so progress quickly from padawan to Master. I dont mind Jedi, but id like to play a starwars RPG that doesnt focus on Jedi, maybe the ability to add one to your party, but the PC shouldnt have to be a Jedi.
  4. PS2 is ok, just cause it doesnt have a hard drive it still needs RAM, the hard drives mainly just to save stuff! I want the next KOTOR to be a KOTNR (new) set after epidode VI maybe 100 years later? or even a Starwars trilogys RPG. sure i know the story but it could be expanded so much. What ever KOTOR3 is i want more space battles, more space travel, more planets. (and maybe slightly less Jedi Knights )
  5. Any idea who owns the mid atlantic ridge? as the atlantic grows pushing the west coast of America into the Earths mantle, and new land is formed in the middle of the atlantic, who will get first dibs on the islands that form? Addition: I realise this is looking a wee bit into the future, (well a lot) but America wont be there forever (its a matter or geology), so have they (the USA) made steps to claim ownership of the entire techtonic plate or could another country claime all the land being created, and thus oneday own the whole of the North American plate?
  6. I guess what is needed is a less story based KOTOR? in the style of IWD, the problem with this though is that RPGs that loose story and strong dialogue become Hack n Slashers, and may as well play Dark forces style games. I like this board the suggestions could be used towards future games be the Starwars NWNs or other obsidian titles, though im sure only a few ideas would change the ideas of Devs. will KOTOR2 be better on the X-Box? my pcs 3D card isnt very good, and many 3D games on it, look pants.
  7. Unless it has online play (oh no not this again i remember it from KOTOR 1) then you can be unique, but for a single player game, why waste time making the sims? I do like the idea of allowing editing though, as fans could make Darth maul, luke skywalker etc mods.
  8. Ive been thinking about it, and i think that only the sith shoul;d be able to name or upgrade there lightsabre. My reason for this, is that Jedi dont have attachments, and Jedi only use their lightsabre for defence. Naming your lightsabre adds attachment, upgrading it not only adds attachment but also changes it from a symbol into a weapon. The lighsabre should just be a symbol, (like a paladin holy symbol in AD&D) a jedi should be able to make one, and not care if it is destroyed or lost as long as they always have a lighsabre then it doesnt matter. I think this is a good reason why only Sith have double bladed lightsabres and Count dooku custom sabres, as a Jedi doesnt want or need a fancy blade, for this things only lead to the dark side. While its not very practicle and AD&D style RPG fans wont like it, i think non upgraderbul non nameable lightsabres are more relalistic.
  9. In that case maybe, make the crystalls in the lightsabre id the name? So a red lightsabre with no crystalls would be LR Green Light sabre with Solaris crystal LGS etc heck the colour is obvious maybe just a tag for the optional crystals that effect the stats. Although if i remember rightly, the stats for each lightsabre are shown when selecting then X2, 20% chance of Stun etc on the left hand side of the screen, so i never had any problem finding the correct lightsabre, that and i had green for fighting meatbags, blue for droids, yellow did most damage, purple i reall6y cant remember i dont think i bothered with purple, and i deffinatly didnt need to go as far as using red, infact i made all the rubish not upgraded lightsabres red, that way the bad lightsabres didnt take up as much room, what with stacking. So if there are going to be lightsabres with names, do it like the Sith Lightsabre where the blade has a history, dont do it as an excuse that you cant organise your blades as easily cause thats just not true. if you have to many lighsabers go to the caves and destroy all the eggs and collect the red crystals, then recolour your blades.
  10. How about instead of naming lightsabers, sticking with the starwars trilogy. I know it doesnt fit the story of KOTOR2 but its just to show what i mean. You start as a Padawan with a simple lightsabre either made by yourself but probably given to you by your master, if you were luke in epidode IV it would be called Anakins Lightsabre. Then when you progress into Jedi Knight, you can make your own lightsabre with a selection of handles, the light sabre would be PCs name lightsabre, or if you create the lightsabre with a different Jedi it would have their name. When you become a Jedi master, you get a larger selection of handles, so you can create more complex ones like count dookus. What i am getting at, is that Jedi do not have possessions (not even hampsters) a Lightsabre +5 "StarKiller" would lead to the Dark side. You would love the lightsabre, then be scared of loosing the lightsabre, then if you loose it you would get angery, and then seek revenge for loosing it. (this also applys to space hampsters ) I would love to see a KOTOR game that successfully blends KOTOR and Dark Forces : Jedi Academy etc. where you can choose your weapons, and force pull weapons, and throw barrels and objects at the enemy units. But i do not belive KOTOR2 has achived this yet. What i would also like to see is more Starwars style, such as the ability to loose your Lightsabre in battle, and have to force pull it back into your hand, this ability could also work on enemys weapons, but only if your charecter is unarmed. for example on keshek when unarmed and the mandalorians attack, jedi should be able to steal there weapon and attack like luke does in Jabbas palace in Ep VI.
  11. Would you be able to increse the number of letters your PCs name has in KOTOR2? as it allways irritated me in KOTOR that you could only write Guybrush Threepwoo as a name! sure this is a miner fault with KOTOR and im sure that not alot of people wanted their jedi to be Guybrush Threepwood, but i would like to .
  12. I will be holding onto my original starwars a new hope a lot tighter now, i just wish i had the original rotj i bet it will be worth a fortune in a few years.
  13. If the Starwars license was to broadan, what new Movies would you like to see? Ewoks etc were not brilliant, but a starwars tv series at the moment may bring new life to the sci fi genre on the TV, compared to Star trek enterprise and the few other new programms (DR WHO may be good though but billy piper erk especially now shes all upset from splitting with cris evans). After the films are finished and the animated series has run its course where next for Starwars? a set of films set before or after Starwars (I-VI), or a TV series? Starwars merchandise is to important for the fountain to dry up, lego, action figures, airfix, t shirts, hats, plastic masks, blasters, light sabres water guns, the list is endless, and without constantly releasing new formats the merchndising may end. So it is important to the world economy that more Starwars is made. Well maybe not, but i personally wouldnt mind seeing a set of 1hr tv films, about the young Han Solo in the style of Young Indiana Jones, which was while not wonderful a good way of readvirtising the original films and merchandise.
  14. It depends what you want to do? if you want to do a masters or doctorate, then i would start with a physics degree then speciallise when you are more sure where it is going, then to speciallise now and then find you want to do something else. Just an idea.
  15. I know its a bit sad, but hey im a starwars fanatic we all are but i found this on the starwars site "During the Clone Wars, Organa befriended General Obi-Wan Kenobi, and the revered Jedi Knight served him well in that terrible conflict. When Kenobi's apprentice, Anakin Skywalker, succumbed to the dark side, Kenobi sent Skywalker's lover, Padm
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