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  1. Well keep in mind guys that regardless of the brand, two 'identical' cards probably contain components from at least 4 different manufacturers, and probably even countries. It makes comparing devices difficult, especially since the same manfuacturers supply the same parts to the different brands.
  2. You might want to start with 2D or you may never get anywhere. I like Pygame because it's simple and intuitive to code and read, especially when you're wanting to focus on game design concepts and physics, not unimportant low-level code details, but you could just as easily use SDL in C++. OpenGL is viable but far more annoying, not least of all because it doesn't handle audio and input. The first game you code will not be your best game, or your most fastest game, or your most well-coded game, but it'll be the one you learnt the most from. Don't expect it to be something you can sell
  3. It will rock your world. Take a look at the aesthetic character customisation available: http://www.champions-online.com/rate_my_champion/296664 And this quote is delicious: "The game will feature a robust character creation like City of Heroes, including the ability to edit a hero's movement; for instance, a wolf-like hero may opt to leap on all fours rather than on two, a robot may select robotic, jerky movement rather than humanoid, and a mentalist may opt to float inches above the ground rather than walk." Edit: Due out before the end of the year.
  4. Cool. Do any of the devs plan on visiting?
  5. Hello. We are watching you.

  6. One more reason for me to buy NWN2. Congrats buddy.
  7. Yay, you're a mod! :D

  8. This all reminds me of some fiction by Scott Aaronson: http://www.scottaaronson.com/writings/selfdelusion.html I also like the Pancake at the Bottom.
  9. That sounds like a well informed decision that was made after many hours of careful consideration. and that sounds like a poor attempt at sarcasm. you failed turn in your moderator status. you cant be a moderator and do poor at sarcasm you must succeed at sarcasm and fr4.0 sound bad as they are doing away with all the deities, they are trying to say that sehanine and selune are one in the same. next up will be sune and hanali boycott fr 4.0 wait for FR 5.0 Hello mister stupid, I am here to inform you that: a) Joe Bulock is a developer working at Ob
  10. When I played ToL I won the last fight very easily. I went straight for the Luremaster and killed him. The end. It was kind of anti-climactic but supposedly most people have a tougher time. I'm guessing I had a fluke.
  11. When you start a thread, you often have an idea of what you want and what you don't want to hear, but you have to post the thread anyway to get the answers. Luckily this is one of those times where you hear what you wanted to hear. :D I love maths, and would like to take as much as possible, but I feared that taking a degree which was comprised of nothing but maths might be a bit insane. Guess not! :D Thanks! Also, thanks for the tips on the computer science side of things, Magena and alanschu!
  12. I'm going to be doing a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) combined with a Bachelor of Art (Mathematics). I'd like to work in the games industry and since I love maths I thought 3D graphics looked interesting. Anyway I was wondering what maths units would be most useful for 3D graphics. The list is below. Also how do 3D graphics programmers score in job security, salary, et cetera (especially in comparison to other jobs in game design)? I'll start with third year (by then I will have covered ODE's, linear algebra, and stuff): MATH3101 - Bifurcation and Chaos Modelling w
  13. Who is that doctor not? But anyway, I have yet to order the series. Mainly because it would cost a lot.
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