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  1. Hated Blood 2. Its kind of how they screwed things up with the recent Duke Nukem Forever. Instead of the incredible maps they use generic settings.
  2. Purkake convinced me and I got Just Cause 2... and 1. Can't beat 10 bucks for two games. Also picked up Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 (already have for 360 but now that I've got an upgraded PC...) and the Painkiller package. Tried the demos and remembered enjoying them. Now waiting for that download to finish...
  3. This sounds like a series you need to read over every time a new book comes out.
  4. 12 Incredible Minutes of Arkham City. Can't wait for this game.
  5. A good order to do them as you are starting with the least complex game and moving up to the most impressive. Those games were all amazing for their times and I've loved them all, but I don't know how well they will hold up if you've never played any of them before. Wolf 3d in particular has aged really poorly. You might want to look up some source ports for these games. Wolf 3d has a nifty one that turns the sprites 3d and doom has some great source ports as well. I drool every time I see the id Super pack deal and then I remember I own each and every one of them. The only ones I haven't completed are the Commander Keen games.
  6. Its available for preorder, but the actual game isn't out until next month. This new CoJ kind of lost me when they took the 'old' out of 'wild west'.
  7. IGN thinks Call of Juarez: The Cartel looks horrible and shouldn't be released next month.
  8. "Poor behavior controls: Cole is full of expressions of irritability, annoyance, impatience, and aggression, especially during interrogation sequences. He is not capable transitioning from one emotion to another as a normal person might: He inexplicably jumps from civility to anger with the press of a button."
  9. If you judge the gameplay time based on what DS 3 truly is, Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 3, then the game actually takes roughly the same amount of time that those games did. That said I would have liked the game to take a bit longer. My first Anjali playthrough took 14 hours & 20 minutes. I've heard the in game clock doesn't take into account inventory management time, and I'm willing to bet this is true as the game felt longer. That said, I would have liked the game to have been a few hours longer. I like my RPGs, action or otherwise, to be in the 20 hour range.
  10. With a few changes to the wording, This should have been the theme song to Alpha Protocol.
  11. "In general, one of the criticisms of the first Dungeon Siege was that it kind of played itself. We wanted to make a really active experience and put a lot of emphasis on the 'action' in 'action RPG'. We wanted to ensure you never felt like the game was too automated. We really wanted it to feel like you were always directly controlling your character, and how you controlled your character really mattered and affected the outcome of combat." I really think Obsidian did a good job in this regard. Its been a problem of mine with most action RPGs to date.
  12. -Diablo 1 & 2: Like them for their settings, but I like DS 3 more for it's story & combat. -Baldur's Gate: Agree -Neverwinter nights 1 & 2: Agree about 2 but only agree about 1 if you include expansions. -Titan Quest: I like the setting, but I rage quit this damn game. Player respawn system killed it. -Dungeon Siege 1 & 2: Dungeon Siege 1 is crap and doesn't compare well at all to 3. I have yet to play 2. How anyone fondly remembers this tech demo excused as a game is beyond me. -Mass Effect 1 & 2: Agree -Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2: Agree -Elder Scrolls Series: Disagree. Horrible writing and, with few exceptions, dull quests. Games can still be enjoyable, but a lot more searching and work is required to find the fun. If you had said Fallout 3 or New Vegas I'd agree. -Fable: Don't get me wrong... I do like farting and burping at people but Dungeon Siege 3 was more fun. -Never played Sacred, Torchlight, Fate, Kingdom Hearts or Gauntlet. Tried Torchlight demo but it got boring quickly. Music was awesome though. -Pacman, Space Invaders & Pong: Drugs are bad for you. Not sure why I bothered to respond to you reading this last part because you are obviously being a troll.
  13. Maybe it was the accent, face & fall from grace story but Jayne reminded me of Bastila from KotOR.
  14. A shame the PC-Console versions are not compatible in this. I can understand why with shooters and the whole mouse & keyboard vs controller issue, but its a non-issue in this type of game. I tried the demo for both PC & 360 and they are identical, other than the control method of course.
  15. I'd say DS 3 is one of the best hack n' slash RPGs I've ever played. Hell, it is the best single player one I've played. Every one has been extremely tedious and they wear out their welcome. Finally beat the game today and I loved the ending I got. I have my biases of course. Hack and slash RPGs are one of my least favorite sub-genre of RPGs. The only genre that I dislike more are MMORPGs which can burn in the fiery pits of hell. DS 3 fixes many of my biggest dislikes about these types of RPGs. -Player death = death... Imagine that! In this game you have the chance of being revived by your buddy. If not you die, reload. Beats the snot out of 'lose your equipment and respawn at the nearest checkpoint with xp penalty rush back and try to collect your fallen equipment and finish the boss off' of every Diablo 2 clone out there. -More complex gameplay. DS 3 really rewards constant swapping of combat stances and use of special abilities. I'm constantly moving around and trying abilities opposed to clicking and holding a button. -Story driven. RPG story is important to me, and I'd find I was interested in seeing what would happen next. The average hack n' slash's motivation for continuation is what new junk can be picked up. Its not perfect, but as a single player experience I was impressed. Unfortunately after a few hours of giving coop a try today I have to admit its bad. Its bearable with two people but three or more is a cluster**** mess. -Thanks to the camera it was difficult to see what was happening in bigger fights. Spells fly, animal summons happen and you can't tell what the hell is going on until the dust settles. Being able to zoom in on the character would have made it much easier to manage. I could tell many people would get confused in this mode too. As battles wound down and the last of the enemy got mopped up I'd see team mates swinging at other team mates until they realized as the screen cleared that they were trying to kill a buddy. -If someone died in a tough fight and the rest of the group needed to retreat they would be trapped in the area with the body of the fallen comrade. -From time to time one person would want to go down one path, another would want to explore some other corner and we'd be sitting there unable to go anywhere until one person gave in and went with the rest or someone left in frustration. I understand that people need to stick together in coop, but more leeway should have been given. Maybe have some sort of extended radius around the host that coop buddies could go.
  16. Understand but they are different games with different stories and diferent main characters. I know because I used to be nuts about the series before Call of Duty came along and showed how a military shooter should be done. I'm just nitpicking 'I remember when MoH Allied Assault came out for all platforms.
  17. The giant flying mosquitos in DS 1 were called Phrak... and they would always attack.
  18. I tried the demo and could tell this would be a game best played on console. I enjoy it myself, as someone who has enjoyed other console action RPGs like Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance and, to a lesser extent, Fallout Brotherhood of Steel. They are working on a patch to fix some of the camera issues. I'd link the forum thread, but I'm not sure where it is.
  19. Got my game from gamestop. Depending on where you got yours you will get different items. If you also purchased from Gamestop you should find a ring and amulet in the inventory. You will know these are DLC items as they will be worth '0 gold', like other starting equipment. A quick way to make sure your dlc items are working is to start a new game and check under the inventory. At the start of the game you should have one item per inventory section, with the exception of rings and amulets which will have nothing if your code didn't work.
  20. Allied Assault only came out for PC and was the third game in the series. Plain old MoH and Underground were the originals.
  21. One of the funniest moments in the game involves a magical locked door you need to find a password for. While you can find the password in a hidden room, you MUST try guessing the password for some hilarious references to the first game.
  22. I can understand some of the anger but come on folks, there was a demo and multiple previews. It was obvious that this game wasn't going to be like the previous ones, something I think is a good thing.
  23. I'd love it if they did a pure sci-fi RPG. I would have preferred this latest game to be Space Siege 2 instead of Dungeon Siege 3, but I can see why the went with the latter as the formula was wearing thin and the game got lackluster reviews... for identical gameplay mechanics the DS series used.
  24. The only thing Obs should regret is using the Dungeon Siege license. Not for offending fans, but because it was beneath them. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
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