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  1. Sounds great! It took me forever to download games during the summer sale.
  2. I find it interesting that I found the ****-toes/fingers joke to be one of the lamest yet both review sites seem to be tickled over it mentioning it over far better gags. I prefer my Fallout a bit more serious and I'm not enjoying this one as much as Lonely Hearts but I'd be lying if I didn't point out that I lol'd hard at some of the jokes. Even one of the non-voiced player comments had me burst out laughing. One of the reviews mentions it but the voice acting is excellent. Many of the gimmicky characters would fall flat if they weren't delivered perfectly. It also seems to have a decent length. I'm roughly 60-70% through (based on exploration/quest status) and I've put 8 hours into the Big Empty. Its silly, but its generally better silly than Fallout 2's low points especially considering that it is a... contained silly.
  3. I talked to the angriest ****ing toaster I've ever met. The voice sounds really familiar to me... Serious Sam? I also cloned some seeds in the . I feel... dirty now.
  4. Heh, keep your eyes on one side for the vid and they look average to attractive, keep your eyes in the center and they look like hideous trolls. I'm fairly certain it has something to do with how we perceive faces. Our faces are not uniform when we display emotion (ever?). By focusing in the center somehow our brain fills in half of the face with an identical side which makes them looks distorted. Am not explaining very well, but perhaps this article will explain it better. Pretty interesting stuff IMHO.
  5. I was level 26-27 right before the boss battle and it couldn't have taken more than 10-20 minutes of back and forth grinding to reach 30.
  6. Looks like the Riddler has gone all Jigsaw on Batman.
  7. I got the Painkiller pack during the Steam sale and it puts Duke Nukem Forever to shame! The music
  8. Not to be a buzz kill, but considering that a bajillion other folks are on steam with tickets I wouldn't get my hopes up too high. I was going to gift my winnings to folks like you, but now you are off the list! Actually I doubt the odds are that steep. Sure, there are millions of people who use Steam, but you have to figure the people who actively sought out tickets is a good deal smaller. Sure, it is still probably 10,000 to 1, but don't underestimate the power of positive thinking. When I buy lottery tickets I immediately plan out how I am going to structure the next day after I hit the jackpot. 'Tis best to be prepared. Meh, I always set my expectations low in any sort of raffel. I'm not saying don't try... well actually, yeah, don't try... it will increase my odds... Its just I find it better to set expectations low so if I win the victory is that much sweeter.
  9. Sunglasses. If I manage to get 2 more tickets I'll pick them up as I don't have any of the other games add-ons are being offered for.
  10. Spent tickets still count towards the grand prize. Spend them all. https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article...=4577-WUSK-4280 Cool! I assumed using them meant losing their use in the giveaway. I'll get the game then and perhaps the scuba gear for the coop Portal 2 droids. Not to be a buzz kill, but considering that a bajillion other folks are on steam with tickets I wouldn't get my hopes up too high.
  11. Is Alien Breed 2 worth the tickets? Depends, what's the competition? As far as what to spend tickets on... nothing. Apparently the more tickets you have the more likely you are to be a winner. I'm just wondering if Alien Breed 2 is worth the 3 tickets vs. an improved chance to win your wishlist. That said, I seriously doubt I'll win. 7 tickets and how many million people using steam involved in this competition?
  12. Is Alien Breed 2 worth the tickets?
  13. Just have 2. I didn't really know about the ticket thing until yesterday. Can I try and get 'tickets' from previous days' challenges?
  14. Thanks, I think I'll pass and just play Freespace. Everything I've read makes it sound like the ultimate space game. I'd recommend the NwN 2 pack for anyone missing even one of the expansions as they'd cost more alone norrmally than this package deal. A shame Mysteries of Westgate isn't included or I'd pick it up. The only deal today that has me interested now is Dead Space 2.
  15. Whats the X series? Space RTS or is it more space combat missions like Freespace? Is the series any good or should I just play Freespace?
  16. I do not understand all the praise heaped upon BioShock. Sure the themes of the game might have been a bit more 'mature' than your average shooter, but they were explored through fricken audio logs and actual friendly characters are only met once or twice. This BioShock, on the other hand, definitely has me more interested than the last two. It looks like it might have much more interesting mechanics and some actual interaction with friendly npc characters.
  17. Fallout 3 GOTY pack on sale for only 10 bucks. Thats what just one of the DLC used to cost. I'd like to check out the Mass Effect 2 'franchise sale' but steam is being moody.
  18. Lara Croft & The Guardian of Light is on sale for $3.74. This was one of the most fun Tomb Raiders in years and is a thoroughly enjoyable top down coop game which is a bargain at that price. All the recent Tomb Raiders are also on sale for $4 bucks or less.
  19. A year or two ago I purchased the PC version of GTA IV. Today they had a 'compilation' of GTA IV + Episodes from Liberty City which I also purchased. Does this mean I now have 2 copies of GTA IV? Can I gift one to someone? If so how? Edit: Looked up the instructions and damn, it didn't count this GTA IV situation as an extra copy of the game. Shame as I would have liked to have gifted a copy.
  20. I loved Arkham Asylum myself. The game is kind of a evolution/mixture of a classic side scrolling beat-em-up like Streets of Rage/Final Fight meets the exploration style of Metroid meets Splinter Cell sneaking, and all of those three elements are incredibly well done. The hand-to-hand animation is the best I've seen in any game and its hard not to grin watching Bats perform all these insane counters and take downs. You really feel like a bad-ass taking out the goons, but you still need to be careful of the ones carrying guns. During the stealth stealth sections, its awesome seeing the AI start freaking out as you take their buddies out. The last guy remaining, if you have been doing a stealthy good job, is usually panicked, firing in to dark corners.
  21. I didn't realize the first day I found out about the sale, so I purchased a few titles that weren't on the daily deal. I realized the next day and hoped one of the daily deals wouldn't make me feel like a twit... like today. Oh well. Left 4 Dead series is a great deal at $26... just wish I could have made it a steal at $7.50. Killing Floor sounds kind of meh. I'll stick to L4D.
  22. Can anyone comment on The Killing Floor? Is it like Left 4 Dead... better or worse? I feel like an idiot. I got the two Left 4 Dead games a few days ago for $26 and now its on sale for $7.50. I wish they'd ****ing tell what the upcoming sales are.
  23. 4th of July is Hell on Earth day for dogs.
  24. There is almost no noticable difference in how the game runs or looks on 360 or PC. I tested the demo for both platforms and only went for the console version because the PC controls were awkward.
  25. If games like Kane & Lynch and Just Cause can get sequels I don't see why AP couldn't. Especially if Obs pulled a Just Cause 2 releasing a sequel that shames the original in every way.
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