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  1. Some quests in Oblivion required that a character like you enough to give some sort of information to continue. That said you could always just bribe them 'till they liked you enough.
  2. One of the many reasons I'm glad to be able to carry a firearm. The police show up late to clean up a mess, not to prevent it. You can scream bloody murder and they take their sweet time.
  3. She threw her life away with drugs and alcohol. Its hard to find sympathy for someone who just tosses life away like that. That said I find it more depressing than funny.
  4. A that proves the writers had planned where the show was going from the beginning.
  5. Exact same thing happened in Tucson back in January. It WAS a tea-partier who shot Giffords to death. Until it wasn't a tea-partier and she wasn't dead.
  6. The Undefeated, the Sarah Palin film. Me and a buddy were the only ones in the theatre. The movie deserves all the criticism it gets... for the editing. Whoever directed/edited the film should stick to music videos. People would jump all over the screen as they talked and it would rapidly flash to random images. The actual information was interesting, but I'd actually feel the need to close my eyes just so I could focus on the dialogue.
  7. I believe the term for them is wet. The problem with those for me is they don't become lucid until the very... ending. At which point I realize clean up on aisle 3 which spoils the fun.
  8. I think loss of teeth is almost a primal fear. No teeth = death in the wild. I've had a nightmare similar to that. Maybe it is the brains way of saying: Hey! Brush your teeth! As far as lucid dreams go, I've never really have them in nightmares because once a nightmare becomes lucid I realize there is nothing to fear. I remember one, and remember is a loose term here, where I was being chased/harassed by something and I realized I was dreaming. So I stopped running and had a conversation with my pursuer where I reminded them they weren't real... because I was dreaming and to bugger off.
  9. I've only had one in my life, but it was amazing. I was in a dark forest and it FELT like I was there. I knew I was dreaming but I could reach out and TOUCH and SMELL things. All I did was walk through the forest touching and smelling the plants. Ahem, yeah it sounds odd... but I could FEEL everything! I'd always thought that shamans and seers was just a bunch of rubbish, but I think many of these people in the past were able to bring about these lucid dreams and believed them to be divine inspiration. I know I certainly felt great after the dream. I've always wished it would happen again. I take it back, I've actually had lucid dreams before. None has ever felt as real as the above. Just moments in dreams where I've realized, 'oh I'm dreaming'.
  10. Heh, on the main page here at Obsidian you can vote on your favorite appliance. Muggy is in the lead and my fav is in second place, the toaster. Apparently nobody likes the kitchen sink. Poor sink... What really confuses me is that Light Switch #2 is ahead of Light Switch #1 by 4 votes. What was the difference!?
  11. I dont get it, is there some new 'default' look for femshep? Who cares... you can still make your own character. RIGHT?
  12. Finished it. Took me 14(!!!) hours and I'm impressed the DLC gave me that much entertainment. Obs has been fantastic with their game endings lately and the DLC is no different. I loved the classic slideshow breakdown of the effects of my choices. I now have a stealth suit that reminds me to turn my pip-boy off when I go into stealth mode. Very handy for me.
  13. Its something the news does all the time. Back in January when Gabrielle Giffords was shot in Tucson the leftwing news was jumping the gun blaming right wing tea partiers and talk radio when the nut turned out to be a deranged non-political wacko who thought voices were talking to him. Maybe you are secretly overjoyed that it isn't a muslim this time but maybe we shouldn't forget that 80+ kids are dead?
  14. Because some psycho might be tempted by an easy target?
  15. From what I read the guy came to island claiming to be a police officer investigating the earlier bombing. He called all the kids to gather around and then openned fire which helps explain the high body count. I take it there were no armed guards on the island?
  16. That actually sounds pretty interesting. It reminds a bit of Mask of the Betrayer.
  17. How did you have Veronica with you? Mod? As for that, it got me the first time too. I looked at it and thought... hmm does the smaller size mean it will be easier... maybe I should pill up... nah! Charge! I made the mistake of not bringing any good armor into OWB, so some of it has been harder than it would have been. I've spent a lot of time just in scrubs.
  18. I HATED that bloatfly! First saw the thing and I was like Pah! A bloatfly! Legendary... sure. I think I lasted two seconds. Then I'd have epic long battles battles where I'd pop enough pills and boosters to stock a pharmacy and still end up dying somewhere around 3/4ths of it's health. I finally beat it when it got stuck on the environment. I'm certainly not arguing that Fallout 1 is not funny. Its just the kind of funny I much prefer over Fallout 2 funny. Fallout 1 is very Dark Humor funny, and not everyone gets dark humor. One person can laugh at it and the other will look at that person laughing and think they are sick. There are dark humor movies I've watched that I didn't get at all and thought the film maker was sick. Others I've watched, loved and recommended to friends and those friends thought 'I' was sick.
  19. we feel the same way.... though we obvious am coming at this from a complete different place. fallout gots funny dialogues and situations, but more than that, the entire setting, and everything in it, is based on the most outrageous 1950's b sci-fi movie cliches and tropes all collected into one post-apoc crpg. you got the seriousness o' the master and his super mutant army, without getting that the entire scenario is absurd? if Gromnir makes a play in which talking vegetables and fruits act out what amounts to Hamlet, and we keeps the fruits and vegetables stony-serious, is anybody gonna view as serious? a 6' tall talking and ambulatory avocado, even if he is reciting act 5, scene 1, is clearly absurd. our melancholy protagonist holds forth a gleaming bowl o' guacamole and speaks thus: "alas, poor yorrick! i knew him." the folks at nma would probable see as some sorta deadly serious commentary on the plight o' migrant farm workers. *snort* congratulations, in spite o' all the abject absurdity o' glowing green radioactive goop, robo brains, and enormous mutated mole rats, you still only see the serious. so, we can try to explain... HA! Good Fun! ANY setting can be absolutely absurd but work as serious pieces because of it's tone. Why does LoTR take itself so seriously? Its got WIZARDS, and ORCS. That is ridiculous! How dare it try to be emotional and serious! To discredit the entire work as for the lolz because of the setting is a bit heavy handed.
  20. Its all how something is handled. If that character was in Fallout 2 it would be a group in bright green doing the men in tights dance. And yet most of such events in Fallout 2 were made separate via special-encounters, most was found by those who actively looked for them. Fallout 1 had no such separation. Are you kidding!? Fallout 2's talking plant and nerd glasses wearing chess playing radscorpion were NOT hidden at all. What few joke characters were in Fallout 1 were not overdone to the extreme. The extreme jokes like godzilla's footprint were hidden extras in Fallout 1. Fallout 2 also had those hidden extras but there was far less seperation between the wacky extras and the actual in game jokes. I once saw a list of the gags and pop-culture references in comparison from Fallout 1 to 2 and the difference was huge. From the vault wiki. "Fallout fans are generally divided in their opinions of Fallout 2. The most common complaints involve the voluminous amount of pop-culture references throughout the game, many of which are thought of as extraneous and forced; the exaggerated "adult" content such as the porn studio in New Reno, or even New Reno as a whole; the perceived lack of a true Fallout atmosphere when compared to the original game; and especially the overall lack of advancement over the original in terms of graphics and gameplay."
  21. Its all how something is handled. If that character was in Fallout 2 it would be a group in bright green doing the men in tights dance. It amazes me that people can't see the difference in homor and how it was handled between Fallout 1 & 2.
  22. Heh, I couldn't agree with Lexx more. Big difference between setting ideas that are outlandish and dark and wacky talking plants and idiotic brain robots that forgot what fingers are but remember what a **** is. **** TOES OMG LOL! Heh, I'm surprised this forum censores that part of the male anatomy even though I was using the high-school proper term for it.
  23. Horrible, pathetic, awful...? I don't know pick your negative word. Either way I'd certainly describe a 4.5 as 'bad'. Completely agree that CoJ should have stayed in the old west.
  24. GoldenEye 007: Reloaded coming to 360 & PS3! Have to admit I was jealous of the Wii ONCE when they got GoldenEye so I'm glad to see it coming to other systems. IGN also drops a 4.5 bomb on Call of Juarez: The Cartel.
  25. Thing is Fallout 1 was DARK humor. The opening movie has an American soldier execute a Canadian, laugh and then wave home to mom. Its ridiculous, but it represented a world gone mad. Its something you could almost see happening. It was that mixture of post apocalyptic seriousness mixed with 50s SCIENCE and dark humor that was just right. Fallout 2 started adding 'Airplane!' style slapstick third-wall breaking comedy which I don't like in Fallout. I don't mind it in small bits, like this DLC, but it absolutely permeated the Fallout 2 campaign from start to finish. edit: I'm going to have to redo my traits. I knew it was offered but I didn't realize there were new ones.
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