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  1. Both games have a very different feel and I love them both in their own way. In KoTOR one I never felt that my companions would turn on me and always felt they would stick through with me no matter what. Even when Bastilla fell to the dark side I had a feeling there would be a chance to redeem her at some point. Even the bickering between characters, such as Canderous & Carth, didn't feel very threatening. I actually felt sorry for Malak at the end of the game, realizing that because of what Revan did Malak also fell. KoTOR II had a much more sinister feeling to it though. It felt like the bickering was much more hostile and your characters could betray you or each other at any moment. I liked that feeling of tension, and the feeling that gaining influence over them would effect the ending. Holy cow did obsidian blow it. I could feel from the early sections that the interactions had more weight to them and would lead to something grand, only to get to Malachor V and have it turn into a dungeon crawl. Using the influence system and having your characters stick by your side or fall to the dark side would have been brilliant and tragic.
  2. And why not? There are a few games that take advantage of high levels/let you reach high levels, NWN HotU and BG 2 for example. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Problem is that in the D20 system getting high levels is supposed to be over the course of MANY adventure and epic quests. Many people complain that leveling up is too fast as is and letting the PC gain level 50 at the end of a 35-40 hour game is just... rediculous.
  3. -drop all classes except Jedi Guardian, Soldier, Sith Marauder, Jedi Weaponmaster, Combat Droid, and, err, Tech Specialist down to
  4. I have a question about Aurora's rebalance mod on the downloads page. Does this mod rebalance the game as it SHOULD have been? Or is it something you just came up with to try and balance the game more? I'm kind of anal about the ruleset. I want it to be as close to the original TSR version of the ruleset and if this mod makes it more true to how the system is SUPPOSED to be then I'll deffinitly grab it.
  5. The idea isn't all that out there. Baldur's Gate 2 did something very similer. If you romanced the character Ariel (think it was her name) and you also happened to have another male character with you (the one that was always rhyming and calling you Raven) she would fall in love with both you and this other character. Your actions during this love triangle would result in her either staying with you or leaving you for him. BTW the winged elf Ariel, or whatever her name was, was voiced by the same actress who voiced Bastila. Ironic too as I hated the Ariel character and her annoying voice and whining while I liked the character Bastilla and had no prob with her voice.
  6. Thank you! Although I already have the Deadeye Duncan on Manaan mod I absolutly could not find the alternate ds female ending. Driving me nuts! Thanks again.
  7. I'm looking for a few mods. 1. Can someone PLEASE give me the link to the mod for KoTOR 1 that added the cut darkside ending where the player character dies along with Carth in the last section. I've looked everywhere but can't seem to find it. I know this is a KoTOR 2 board but since I'm looking for mods from both I figured what the heck. I've heard about this mod all over the place but I have yet to see any link to it. 2. Any mods that fix dialogue or scripting issues in either KoTORs. This awesome site, for instance, contains many dialogue and scripting fixes. http://magestrix.com/K2End/team.html Also, does a fix for the security tunnelers in KoTOR 1 exist? For some reason the Security tunnelers were bugged/glitched in KoTOR 1 PC and are useless... other than sellable objects. 3. Are there any mods that add or enhance the rules of the game to be more true to the TSR D20 rules for Star Wars?
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