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  1. Borderlands. Just like Borderlands you have to play it in coop mode or you will probably hate it. Initial impressions of Dead Island were bad for me as the characters are all d-bags and the game isn't all that great in single player. Once I joined someone's game I started having a lot of fun. Still very early in game but I'm glad I got it so far... I went a bit nuts with the steam sales...
  2. I'm glad I took the advice on Divinity II. Not far in it but enjoying it. Great soundtrack too.
  3. Don't think you will regret it. One of the best games I've ever played.
  4. Wow... think I just wasted my money on Fable 3. Game requires windows live to play. No problem... except it says a connection couldn't be made. When I click the link to a webpage to diagnose why it says account is blocked. When I click to send a code to my email address to verify account and unblock it never arrives. This also means no more saving progress in GTA IV for now. ****ing Micro****!!!
  5. Singularity, Fable complete pack & Max Payne games. Excited to give Singularity a try.
  6. GTA IV: The Lost & Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony. Red Dead: Undead Nightmare. Don't think anyone does DLC like Rockstar. Feel like full on expansions.
  7. My first reaction was: wtf? I think I'll pass on this one. Then LoF flipped out and I decided I'd pick it up day 1.
  8. I caved and got DX:HR. Game looks great and has been getting great reviews so don't think I'll regret it. Also picked up the GTA Classics pack & Back to the Future.
  9. Learned this the hard way last time there was a sale. Really stinks buying a game for $20 one day and then having it on sale for $5 a few hours later. So far I've only purchased F:NV & it's dlc.
  10. Max Payne 3 physics/animation video. Max Payne in name only or not I can't wait for this game!
  11. I've honestly preferred the Treyarch CoD games to the IW CoD games. The exception being CoD 3 if for no other reason than unskippable cutscenes. World at War & Black Ops are my favorite in the series so far.
  12. Rockstar seems to have taken this approach with their games recently. San Andreas, GTA IV & Red Dead all have slow starts. The issue seems to be whether you dig the protagonist and his story or not. I didn't really care for San Andreas' protagonist or story until much later in the game while both GTA IV & RDR struck me as immediately being interesting despite the slow build up. Heck, in GTA IV you don't get a gun until a couple of missions in. There is nothing wrong with the silliness of Saint's Row, but I prefer Rockstar's Godfather approach opposed to Voalition's Don't be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood approach. Also don't know why some are saying GTA IV wasn't fun to go nuts in. I'd say it was the absolute best GTA game in the series for going postal in. Just watch any one of hundreds of youtube videos on the crazyness of GTA IV.
  13. I swear, some programmer with a sense of humor is putting these glitches in games on purpose.
  14. Is good!? Is awesome! One of the most over the top ending sequences I've seen in any game or movie... in a great way.
  15. My ego inflated to a planet sized mass tonight after winning 20 matchs of Rage's competitive deathmatch Road Rage in a row without a single loss. Many of my opponents were maxed level 20s while I was a level 11. I've never owned so much at any multiplayer mode in any game before. After a few matches with me people were (pun intended) Rage quitting.
  16. Beat Rage on Hard after 16 hours. I'm a slow explorative player though and I imagine most will finish a few hours faster. Combat is excellent in the game and the story is interesting but it ends with way too many loose ends. Saving for the sequel I'm assuming but it was irritating to have all this talk about a certain villain and never meet them. Spent many hours today in the MP modes. Love Legends of the Wasteland coop, had some ridiculous kills involving RC cars. The Road Rage MP competitive Racing/DM mode is a lot more fun than I expected. I must have picked up on the vehicle combat faster than most or people had skipped SP to jump into MP because I was dominating with vehicles.
  17. Early in Rage myself. The gameplay and artstyle are great but I'm also having the texture/pop-in problems. Not NEARLY as bad as the video posted though. I was not a fan at all of Borderlands, but I did play it in SP.
  18. Meh, I'm installing Rage right now. Hope I don't run into those problems...
  19. If a modern gamer is playing BG1 & DA2 for the first time then they might enjoy DA2 more. If you judge them for their time, however, BG1 was a far superior game. Along with Fallout 1 it helped save the western RPG genre and it got me into RPGs in the first place. Part of the reason I'm so disappointed with DA2 is that the game dev that produced masterpieces like BG1 would produce such an obviously rushed game.
  20. More evidence of Activision being evil... they are trying to make gamers fat(ter).
  21. I don't really mind Gunrunner's aresenal being just a weapons pack. I've always said you can never have too many guns. I would have liked Courier's Stash to come with a new 'trait' system at the start of the game with a list of 5 backgrounds for your Courier. None for default equipment, then Caravan Guard for that group of equipment, Tribal, Merc etc. so you could pick a bonus pack. It seems a bit much to just be handed ALL four groups of equipment at once. I had the same problem with the Golden Guns pre-order bonus for Red Dead Redemption. It looked out of place and I would have preferred to have to earn and/or pay to have my guns 'goldenized' in game. Kind of like how you have to complete a number of challenges to earn the Deadly Assassin outfit for RDR.
  22. Picked up both Gun Runner's Arsenal & Courier's Stash. GRA wont be much use for me now that I'm pretty much right near the end of the game but it will be fun to check out some of the equipment and plan on what to buy in upcoming replays. Speaking of replays, I'm going to try a hardcore playthrough and the Courier's Stash will be a huge help early on.
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