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  1. I'm going to have to replay New Vegas soon, because I know I missed a ton of stuff, especially in the DLC.
  2. Downloading now. Wont get a chance to try it out until tomorrow though.
  3. The Lie of Star Wars as Entertainment. Blog post... but it would explain a lot of things, especially with the prequel trilogy.
  4. I watched some of the recent genre spoof movies and thought I was growing out of that type of comedy. Then I rewatched Naked Gun & Airplane and laughed my head off and realized my taste wasn't so much changing as the recent spoof movies are garbage. Wow... just checked IMDB.com to check the ratings of the recent spoofs... how do they keep making them? Date Movie (2006) 2.6 Epic Movie (2007) 2.2 Meet the Spartans (2008) 2.5 Disaster Movie (2008) 1.7 Vampires Suck (2010) 3.2 I'm glad I gave up on these spoofs at Date Movie.
  5. Maybe someone a bit more tech savy can confirm or deny... this article says that despite the huge 20+ gig install the 360 version of Rage will require the 360 version runs at 60 fps and looks better while the PS3 version will only run at 20-30 fps. I'm grabbing the PC version either way but I find it interesting that the 360 version will perform so much better than the ps3 version. edit: oops, intended this for the Random News thread.
  6. Rewatching Firefly. I have to say my favorite episode is the one where they sneak into the hospital to steal supplies. Love the part where the characters spend a long period of time rehearsing their medical vocabulary so they wont appear out of place when they bring the 'bodies' to the hospital only to just be passed right through. Then Jayne recites his line anyway. Reminds me of a time I had an important meeting where I spent hours researching stuff only for it to turn out to be a casual affair, then I wanted to spew out some of the research I had done just because I'd spent so much time on it. The agents are great villains as well with their glow sticks of death.
  7. Purna from Dead Island could have been a feminist whore.
  8. As long as I have a fun/good coop partner 5 is actually my favorite of the series. RE 4 is definitely my favorite in single player mode and I'm looking forward to the re-release on xbla.
  9. The CoD franchise is extremely polished with an addictive mp experience. They're summer blockbusters. I've enjoyed the franchise and the recent Black Ops is, IMHO, the best of the recent CoD games. Even enjoying the series I'm amazed how well it has done. I feel a lot of that success is also because just about anyone can pick up and play the game. What I don't get myself is how well the map packs have sold. I felt my $60 was well spent on the main game but there are now 4 map at $15 a piece. That adds up to the same amount as the main game. $15 for 4-5 mp maps is ridiculous.
  10. I liked Dead Space (quite a lot actually), but it never struck me as "survival horror". There was no gradual building of suspense (relying solely on simple jumping out of the expeccted shadows yelling Boo! at you gimmicks) nor any real shortage of ammo (played it on easy). The visual style and the "soundscape" were stunning however, as was the feeling of moving around in a supersized derelict space ship. Isaac was hard to like though as he never said anything. By that I do not just mean no voice overs. I can't remember him actually ever saying anything, just listening passively to instructions all the time, like some bot with built in voice recognition module. Oh, and the weapons were quite fun too, giving new meaning to 'cut and paste' (I'll cut you into a gooey paste) You definitely run short on ammo on the normal and hard modes. Some of the best hair raising moments for me were when I ran out of ammo and had to run away with some terror trying to rip me apart a few feet away. I don't know what it was about Dead Space but it drew me in like few games have and I really felt tension playing it. As for Isaac not speaking, its a conscious decision some devs make (increasingly rare now-a-days) to make the player feel like they ARE the main character. For me it actually helped with the tension in the game. There are cases where the silent protagonists fails and feel Half-Life 2, for instance, would have been a better game with a speaking protagonist. There are games I feel are enhanced by the silent protagonist though and I feel Dead Space was one of them. Meh, all this talk about it is making me feel like a replay.
  11. I'm not crazy about ultra-violent movies etc, but I love it in my games. The nastier the better. is probably my favorite 'survival' horror game recently. I think it helps with horror if when your character dies they don't just fall over, but get ripped to . Also must point out the sound is fantastic in Dead Space. One of the few games that gave me goose bumps playing it. Alan Wake does have a pretty awesome soundtrack. All of the Poets of the Fall songs. The Poet & the Muse. Used in one of my favorite sections of the game. Even the in-game music was good.
  12. The DS1 character's stories are pretty much confined to a few sentences when they first meet you. Those stories were usually no more complex than 'I'm bored... can I come with you?'. Heh, DS3 has given me more insight into these characters in the history texts. I'm in the middle of Legends of Aranna now and the characters are slightly improved in back story from the main original game. Slightly being the key word. I've yet to play DS 2 but I'm looking forward to try it after Legends of Aranna & Return to Arhok.
  13. I'm excited about Max Payne 3 as Rockstar's games have been incredible lately. As for Remedy, I rather liked Alan Wake. I thought the combat had a good flow to it. That said I'd agree that the game just wasn't scary, which was a shame. Entrerix... as for 'no good music'... I beg to
  14. Anjali is the only character I've played so far and I quite enjoyed playing her. I don't see why you would want to focus on only one style though. A big part of the fun with her was swapping back and forth. I loved, for instance, to cast the buring ground spell and then switch her back to human form as melee enemies would rush in. I'd be doing fire damage, regening health and pulling off spin kicks.
  15. Doesn't taste great! Tastes salty! Some sort of organic matter!
  16. I enjoy remakes myself and wouldn't mind seeing 'updated' versions of any of the older DS titles. If such a remake was made I'd most want to see dialogue/story updated to be more in depth (DS1 in particular was extremely dry) and most importantly the combat system of DS 3 being used. Don't hold your breath for any remakes though... I just don't see it happening.
  17. I thought that was the point of these threads... to complain about stuff we had no interest in? Hell... just to complain. Have to agree with Morgoth on this one though. Their games in the past have been pretty meh. I picked up the two earlier Call of Juarez games at bargain prices and I feel the old west setting really saved them from mediocrity. Their recent CoJ game set in the present was absolutely torn to shreds by the critics. Its possible this Dead Island game might turn out to be decent and if it is I'll pick it up at a later date when the price drops. Way too many games coming out in the next few months.
  18. The one crticism that seems consistant is that the boss fights suck. Other than that and a few minor criticisms the game sounds great. Think I'm going to wait for it to drop in price a bit before I bite.
  19. I like that more game devs are releasing preorder content as minor DLC. While a lot of it is junk, some of the content is cool enough that it would be a shame to see it only enjoyed by those who preordered. Brink also recently released it's preorder DLC.
  20. I think he's talking more about critical success. ME2 managed to implement some pretty big changes from the original without incurring a big backlash from critics or fans. The same cannot be said about the move from DA1 to DA2. No kidding. Metacritic's DA 2 user review average is at 4.4 while ME 2's is at 9.0.
  21. What conspiracy... media control or William Colby zombie conspiracy? 'Cause he supposedly died in 1996 you know...
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