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  1. 2 b honest with u, I have little problem concerning the last bosses of the main game. Yes it was hard but not insurmountable. The annoyance is that I have to play everything all over again just to see the worth of my money on the DLC. I thought this was like Titan Quest, where once U complete the main quest you'll be directed to the new world. Why didn't Obs do sth like that, instead of cramming it in the middle of the game?
  2. If there's no help for it then please can anyone upload a save file that is prior to the last chapter, when we can still go through the causeway hub, so that I don't have to start from scratch. Any char, (but I prefer Luc) any lvl is okay.
  3. Hi everyone. Just bought the DLC and ...oh the anticipation was so great. Yet Idk how to get into the new chapter. The Introduction quest says I can go there by talking to some guy in the Grandchapter house. The thing is, I'm at the last save point in East Forest (the Mournweld before fighting the Corrupted Creator) and I deleted the endgame autosave but I can't go back either cuz the Chapterhouse is on fire and debris blocked my way back @-@. I thought when I completed the game it will automatically transfer my char to the new chapter but no... Does this mean I have to start all over again? W
  4. Damning people to hell for their opinions surely is mature! People have good reasons for not liking the game. They have been discussed to death. The game sold badly, has a tiny online community, and exemplifies some of the worst facets of streamlining. I consider the game to be OK and worth only $20 - 30 ... There are some nice elements to the game but the things that are left out are what drags the experience down for me ... and corridor maps. Damn U! U know that's just an expression, right? At least I'm not talking like: Oooh U ppl are so stupid diz game iz great U suck U have
  5. The demo is a spoiler and it makes the game looks bad. Now I know why ppl complain sooo much about story. Some of them haven't even played the full game ! Screw U haters. The next time U hate sth know it thoroughly first! This is sadly my last post on this forum. I'm taking a break from game since school year's about to begin. Hopefully when I'm back I'll se fewer haters and more DS3 fans...and I wanna see an expansion then. Anyway, I really like to thank Obsidian for the feeds and DS3 still has lots of untapped potentials. Hope U guys are tapping on it. U guys have my support. Hasta La
  6. Hell no man. It would be so easy if U can change to every character. You would be OMINPOTENT
  7. Yay, I'll remove all Jackal points and add them to Spinning Kick, or Flame Pillar. JACKALS SUCK!
  8. This game isn't even worth getting angry about. It's an ok game... I've shelved much worse. But it really doesn't grab me. Any "more of the same" content isn't going to bring in new fans. I've played through the game with each character... so I've gotten my money's worth. But I have no real desire to play through it again. They need to work on the itemization. To call it "one dimensional" is too liberal... it's less than one dimensional. You might as well have no loot in this game. That's a total of 4 playthroughs. No desire to play again? What do Ya mean? DLCs and expansi
  9. Can't believe they blame this game for boring characters. I mean, the characters in other dungeon crawlers don't even talk, let alone having "interesting personality". Since when did this emerge as a dungeon crawler standard?
  10. -An expansion, duh -More specifically, an expansion that continues and EXPANDS the story, not some "challenge maps/dungeons pack". This is not Lara Croft and GoL and please, no DL item pack. An expansion should contain those things and it's not reasonable to charge people for loots without new challenges. PROPER STORY with MORE QUESTS and ABILITIES new ITEMS. -Fix tons of Co-op issues. -I ask for 1 more thing, stay with the game. Don't abandon it. DS3 can be remedied and improved a lot and we're all hoping to see that improvement in an expansion. -DS3 ROCKS !
  11. This is (one of) the reason(s) why I started this thread. People who say they hate the game w/o any good reason or argument and a mature attitude should be damned to hell!
  12. If you play as Katarina, the only possible and useful move in this area is EMPOWERED Heartseeking shot with maxed talent THrill of the Hunt and high agility. It will destroy all those pesky mobs and recharge your power up to the same level. I really hate the archon (either Chakti,Rajani or Saraya), they can instantly kill U with 1 spear throw or with their flame pillar. WHen I'm Lucas I use Vanguard strike a lot for you're invulnerable while performing that skill. Just Heroic Charge to quickly approach the boss and Vanguard Strike and run and repeat again. If you're Reinhart it maybe harder fo
  13. Really Monkey you misunderstood me. If you've played Diablo and other dungeon crawlers as well as MMoRPG the style and combat mechanism are almost identical to each other. The character can only be controlled by means of mouse click. The character's bar always consist of dozens of numbered buttons for skill and item assignment. Dungeon Siege's button mapping is irritating for it's not configurable. However, you can't deny that it's now a lot simpler. And there are also other HUD6 improvements that we can't ignore. That's is what I mean by innovative. I've played not many dungeon crawler ga
  14. Well, Blade Dash and Wind Shear is like inseperable. Max out Wounding Gale which make sure that every foe got hit will bleed. Then max out Hemorrhage for Blade Dash that multiply damage on bleeding target. So it's like Wind Shear-Blade Dash, Wind Shear-Blade Dash Shield Pummel can be used to chain combo when dealing with bosses. I don't know about Vanguard Strife or Earthrending cuz I've not even unlocked them
  15. That's what I think about the reaction of fans towards this game. They've always wanted DS3 to be like its predecessor and other dungeon crawlers: hours of maniacal mouse clicking and potion pumping and those that stay on the computer long enough is the winner. Really! Many failed to see the innovation and improvement of this game comparing to the classic dungeon crawlers. The combat system now prevents tanking and mindless button slamming and forces player to pay more attention to strategies. The proficiency system makes the game even more varied and 1 character can follow many different path
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