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  1. Reinhart definitely. The guy's so awesome with his GoA. Next to that would be Lucas the tanking machine- My Katarina's playthrough is quite monotonous cuz I only need 1 shot of Empowered Heartseeking Shot and everything dies I still haven't figured out what's fun in Anjali- her castings are quite slow, which is really not my hit and run style
  2. Hi, I just visited this DS3 fan site called Lion yawn Inn and there it shows some item stats including those in ToTS. My question is the gold items from ToTS stats shown do not match those I collected in the game. Somehow they're just higher. For example the Gaudy Brooch (trinket acquired from quest that asked you to retrieve St.Hiram's hand) I collected only shows +21 Momentum while the page shows +32 Momentum. I just wonder becuz the non-ToTS items' stats match but the ^ToTS' ones don't. I just want someone to check their stats, see if they match. One more question, does your lvl affect the stats of the loot U collect? If your lvl is low will the items' stats correspond to that lvl?
  3. 2 b honest with u, I have little problem concerning the last bosses of the main game. Yes it was hard but not insurmountable. The annoyance is that I have to play everything all over again just to see the worth of my money on the DLC. I thought this was like Titan Quest, where once U complete the main quest you'll be directed to the new world. Why didn't Obs do sth like that, instead of cramming it in the middle of the game?
  4. If there's no help for it then please can anyone upload a save file that is prior to the last chapter, when we can still go through the causeway hub, so that I don't have to start from scratch. Any char, (but I prefer Luc) any lvl is okay.
  5. Hi everyone. Just bought the DLC and ...oh the anticipation was so great. Yet Idk how to get into the new chapter. The Introduction quest says I can go there by talking to some guy in the Grandchapter house. The thing is, I'm at the last save point in East Forest (the Mournweld before fighting the Corrupted Creator) and I deleted the endgame autosave but I can't go back either cuz the Chapterhouse is on fire and debris blocked my way back @-@. I thought when I completed the game it will automatically transfer my char to the new chapter but no... Does this mean I have to start all over again? Why didn't Obsidian think about this? Why did they design all the block-thingy that made it unable for players to go back to the causeway hub? HELP!!! ID want to start all over again.
  6. Damning people to hell for their opinions surely is mature! People have good reasons for not liking the game. They have been discussed to death. The game sold badly, has a tiny online community, and exemplifies some of the worst facets of streamlining. I consider the game to be OK and worth only $20 - 30 ... There are some nice elements to the game but the things that are left out are what drags the experience down for me ... and corridor maps. Damn U! U know that's just an expression, right? At least I'm not talking like: Oooh U ppl are so stupid diz game iz great U suck U have no brains U can't tell a good game from others. Go suck ******************. Yeah, that's what I mean by immature. Again, U should think carefully before speaking. See the link I put? That's the perfect exmaple of immaturity. The main point is that ppl are giving the game real bad reputation for its few flaw. Yes there's no excuse for the co-op. But the controls have been fixed. Ppl now blame the story but really, many haven't even played the whole thing before deeming it "bland and linear". There are many things to think about the storyline, the supporting characters: Jeyne, Sir Devonsey, the Radiant Youth, the Gent...And the lores are worth reading as well. Why is it bland? You expect some surprising twist, like that in Jade Empire, where the supposedly good character turns out to be evil and some characters have dark past ? That's good but that's also getting cliched. Were there any twists in Diablo and other Dcrawlers? In these type of game U control the character and Ur character acts on your behalf, not like in Assassin's Creed where there's a fixed storyline- fixed charcters. In this game all characters' personality are straightforward but along the way U'll find out more things about the Legion, about your enemies, the old families and pieces of history from DS1,2. Like I said, the game WOULD HAVE BEEN a lot greater if it had been LONGER. But the way U ppl regard this as linear is just not reasonable. U don't even say why.
  7. So the whole picture of the game and everything surrounds the Mournweld. Man I think the place is super creepy with all the dead legionnares lying at the bottom of the tree. Still, they disappear (and the hunters' as well) on your 2nd visit to the place. Did Jeyne have sb clean the place as part of the welcome for her gods?
  8. The demo is a spoiler and it makes the game looks bad. Now I know why ppl complain sooo much about story. Some of them haven't even played the full game ! Screw U haters. The next time U hate sth know it thoroughly first! This is sadly my last post on this forum. I'm taking a break from game since school year's about to begin. Hopefully when I'm back I'll se fewer haters and more DS3 fans...and I wanna see an expansion then. Anyway, I really like to thank Obsidian for the feeds and DS3 still has lots of untapped potentials. Hope U guys are tapping on it. U guys have my support. Hasta La Vista
  9. The Creator Punk is soooo easy to beat. Just take away half of his bar and he'll switch to the easier 2nd stance for in the 1st phase he'll shoot fireballs from the HEAVENS that can insta-kill if Ur on Hardcore. Other than that, just dodge and avoid the mobs. Also when suddenly the mobs he summons drop dead ,DODGE like a mania because after that he'll puke out the black thingy that take away 1600+HP.
  10. Hell no man. It would be so easy if U can change to every character. You would be OMINPOTENT
  11. Yay, I'll remove all Jackal points and add them to Spinning Kick, or Flame Pillar. JACKALS SUCK!
  12. This game isn't even worth getting angry about. It's an ok game... I've shelved much worse. But it really doesn't grab me. Any "more of the same" content isn't going to bring in new fans. I've played through the game with each character... so I've gotten my money's worth. But I have no real desire to play through it again. They need to work on the itemization. To call it "one dimensional" is too liberal... it's less than one dimensional. You might as well have no loot in this game. That's a total of 4 playthroughs. No desire to play again? What do Ya mean? DLCs and expansions are basically an expanded version of a game. There maybe some changes but it'll be the same gameplay, same system. They are not meant to attract "more fans" because if U don't like the base game, there's no way you gonna buy the expansion. There's a total difference between a new game and an expansion. DS3 should keep expanding for there are many ppl who want to see more than a single 10-hour long campaign. Apart from that, we have little problem with the rest of the game. There are too many trash loots, yes. Yet there are still many rare items that are very satisfying to collect. I actually prefer no transmutation. Remember the old Torchlight where U can grab a basic item with no + and enchant it to make it even more powerful than a unique item. What's the point?
  13. Can't believe they blame this game for boring characters. I mean, the characters in other dungeon crawlers don't even talk, let alone having "interesting personality". Since when did this emerge as a dungeon crawler standard?
  14. Actually, Anjali can be quite fun. She cannot satisfy me like Lucas does but at least her moves are deadly enough later on to kill foes before they have a chance to lay their finger on her. Yes, companions are important and for that reason I choose Lucas. Pure Human is beyond my ability for I have to switch to fire every single boss fight. Still, it's a lot less dull to also kick asses than just throw fireballs .
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