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  1. So far, I would have to say 1. Lucas by quite a bit. 2. Katrina or Reinhard will need more time to decide. 3. Anjali
  2. Enjoyed your "review" of the game. Gives a good impression of what to expect. So far I think Lucas is the most fun to play. Can always be in the action and has many active skills to use.
  3. If I take Soul Thief when will get hit points back? Whenever I use a curse or cause a foe to bleed? Which is better Soul Thief or Crows Feast? Just want to be sure before I go spending too many mod points. I already probably wasted a few in HeartSeeking Shot.
  4. Thanks. So, with Charm of Eternal Life if I take the Soul Thief mod I will get health back whenever I either use a curse or cause a foe to bleed? I am trying to decide if I want to use Soul Thief or Crows Feast for healing. Or Both.
  5. Which spec option is best for Heartseeking shot? I could see both being quite useful. At the moment I was thinking about 3 into Magic Bullet and 2 into Rapid Fire. Does Magic Bullet and Markswomen have a synergy? Which would give me 12 focus back with a 35% chance to bounce to another target. It seems like this would give a nice balance where you could kill multiple foes to get back 24-36 focus. Also, what exactly is wounding? Whenever you damage a foe or just using certain skills? Thanks for your time.
  6. I think it does and I think it adds the 20% to the 10% chance to regain health. So if max out both talents you will have a 20% chance to regain 30% health when killing a foe.
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