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  1. You are an egg throwing yourself against a wall of stone. Come back when you've hatched into a dragon.
  2. Its the side effect of rushed release. description of talents are not even done. There are way too many outright garbage talents. But overall, the fun is not building a character, but building a party.
  3. It's 20% Bonus. My suggestion would be to give her Penetrating Shot and Vicious Aim. Load her up with a nice heavy ranged weapon and fire at the start...swap to other weapons that doesn't require reload Alternatively you can try a different approach and have her equip a blunderbuss before firing a Wounding Shot. It will have a very strange effect of applying 6 DoT damage if all 6 projectile lands. From there you can also try Envenomed Strike (Offense Talent use 3 per rest) that applies 6 Poison DoT if all 6 projectile of Blunderbuss lands. Keep in mind that Blunderbuss isn't as long ranged as Arbalest / Aquerbus. B I'm just tossing ideas here, but the passives are easy to deduce for Rangers, you want more DR penetration. You don't really care about attack speed at all. And don't spend any talent on pets unless you're really sure it helps. The pets are there to tie up an extra enemy while the Ranger focus on the soft wizards.
  4. Contact Ryan Morrison. If there's anyone who can help you, it's him. ryan@ryanmorrisonlaw.com
  5. I rather they take real fantasy writers over these 'less talented writers' that continues to insert homosexual romances and blood-bathing violence in a 'darker edgier setting.' They had an action movie end to ME3 derailed by some dude who thinks about inserting some thoughtful philosophical BS and thinks it will make decisions harder. Guess what? It didn't work. They think too highly of themselves and it blew up in their face. And Dragon Age universe is horrid piece of work: Cult Drinking Blood to achieve power - Yes. Blood Magic - Yes. Homosexual Romance - Yes It's like Twilight suddenly teaming up with White Wolf.
  6. Oh we had that in NWN1 Shadows of Undretide I think. It was just an item, but really. Non interactive.
  7. She can still aid the party within first 2-3 months of pregnancy. Perhaps in mid or later stages, she'll start feeling nauseous and vomits at random during combat. That's when the group decides to have a campfire discussion about it. do you take the root extract to cure the problem and remove the baby or persists and keep her well protected, risking her pregnancy, or let her go settle down somewhere peaceful. If she takes too many blows - this generates stress to the baby and makes it retarded. Y/N?
  8. Sounds like Record of Agarest War. With a limited edition boob pad. A console only experience. We need this. We really do.
  9. Hi, I played a bit of this game so far and felt the game kinda missed the mark when they disabled character switching in the middle of playthrough. I know I would be wrong in comparing Dungeon Siege III with earlier games, this game felt closer to Marvel Ultimate Alliance with one fatal flaw: I can't jump controls to other party member. I understand that narrations would mess up...but what's so hard about allowing a Lucas player to try their hands on Anjali or Reinhart to have a little bit of fun? Some direct control would be so sweet in fight as well, when your primary character is disabled. Can this be patched in? I believe it would improve the gameplay a bit..I really don't feel like repeating the whole same quest and content just to try my hand at other characters mechanics.
  10. I have to say, I just picked it up on Friday last week and burned my whole weekend just to finish it right on Sunday midnight. My god. Despite the technical issues and INI tweaking I had to go through to make the game tolerable (The minigame controls are slightly horrid and unacceptable for a PC version), there's a gem underneath it all. It's a pity. Weapon quick-switching isn't there, even power switching paused the game despite hacking, lockpicking mini games did not pause the game in one bit, adding further to the tension. I felt the combat did not feel fluid because of that. C'mon, there's number 1 to 0 on my keyboard, I'm sure I can setup some hotkeys and make the experience more palatable. It's underrated but have genuine faults. It's the sad reality when crap like Dragon Age II had so many apologists from the journalists, Alpha Protocol didn't even get much mention.
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