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  1. They could add a delay between dialogue parts, to help in being able to read them as the character talks.
  2. Thank you for all the replies! There are some awesome posts too I've started a new character last night, a paladin, and rushed through the start of the game to reach Gilded Vale inn to try hiring a few adventurers there. I created one rogue and one druid (I hope I've chosen correctly...) For now it seems to be working, got to L3 now and will proceed to try to clear the area where you find Durance, and then move south, to be in the stage I was before. got into some fights in the process, and everything worked ok so far. Reading back through the thread, wanted to answer some of
  3. Uhh... There's not really a wrong way to do it. One of my friends walked in through the front door and slaughtered everything. On hard. Ah, gotcha. Yes, I understand him now (meaning @Mungri)... sadly, I realized too late that I could use the... things... to avoid fighting. Let's avoid spoilers in this, but yes... when I realized, I tried to put them on, but they enemies were already 'red' by that time and there was no turning back from it (meaning, had no prior save to go back... the ones I had were too far behind.) so I went along, trying to fight only the fights I could win, an
  4. Thank you for your very helpful post, @Monte Carlo! (I'm still under post limit, so it'll take a while for this to appear...) I'll get to use your suggestions for my next try And now that I know that I *need* to make companions at the inn, I'll be sure to plan things accordingly. Best regards, Leeux.
  5. Thank you for the reply, @Serdan As I said... I already deleted that char, no way to go back to that. I'm looking for tips on creating a more viable char in the future. Tried googling for strategy guides (not walkthroughs or spoilery things...) more like, general guidelines, or do/don'ts. There was a great YT video like that for Divinity: Original Sin, for example that help me greatly to avoid common mistakes. I'm perusing some of the character builds in this forum, but very carefully... as they tend to be a bit spoilery, and I don't want to *know* everything storywise before p
  6. Hey there, I'm very disappointed and frustrated ATM. Just recently got the game on GoG, and started playing as I'd play Baldur's Gate (tbh, I have to say that I don't really like the first game too much, but I *love* BG2.), So, I created my first char (I always start as a ranger, traditionally) and got to a point of no return when I reached the Raedric keep fights. They were undoable/completely out of my reach/impossible to pass. This was on Normal. I have just deleted all the saves, and looking to try starting from scratch again, maybe with a better class/better choices along th
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