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  1. So Nathanial Chapman's (spelling?) post sounds like they are going to be putting out some info in response to the range of questions on that thread. I'd love to hear if they have any more plans for the game, but who knows if it will go that far. Lots of angst around, but I have to say I'd buy more content for the game in it's current state.
  2. Yeah, I'd say it again myself. The game rocks. I play alot of coop with friends. Every time I get in I have about 10seconds where I dislike the angle of view. Then I forget completely and realize 3 hours later what a great time we've had. Would like to see patch and Dlc...
  3. I just want to know what this line of posts has to do with DS 4?
  4. You are just saying that the game isn't just healer-tank-dps. That is good, because that model has been done to death. The roles are very different, and vary a lot depending on the type of fight, and even on the build (my human-focus Anjali plays a lot like a tank, while my friend's archon build is a savage glass cannon, relying on immolation when she gets overrun).
  5. I'd love to hear about the big calls where you felt you (or others) could have gone a different way and why. On Manx - he is disarmingly geeky (which has its appeal). He could have been deep-voiced Count Doku (spelling?) type, or a wizened old Gandalf type. What discussions went on around the personalities of those 4 characters? Were there other characters considered? Tough question: I play the game on PC, and really like it there (the keybinding helped me, though I only made very minor changes from default). Did you talk about simply not doing the game for PC? This forum s
  6. This thread has pretty well lost its way. I'm not sure why every thread seems to have the subtitle "or just ignore this heading and use this thread to record your random complaints about the game". Indeed, I kind of wonder why people are taking their time (and others') to continually post their angst over the top of a community of folks interested in DS3. *ahem* what do I want from DS 4 - (Btw - really I want a full expansion for DS 3, but that isn't the question in this thread). Camera & tethering stuff is a given (no point belabouring it). I like the 4 unique charact
  7. The earlier games also had 1). I think you might be referencing Skyrim re: 2). It took me a few games to really get how to do it properly, but I'm at level 20 with Anjali and have 5 out of 9 abilities empowered (2 defensive, and the two most recently unlocked offensive still have some more to go). #2 was definitely DS1 - we played it again this year as a group.
  8. Yeah, kudos on putting in a feature that should've been in the game from the very beginning. Quit whining and just be thankful. Many developers produce completely garbage games and don't fix them hardly at all, and then the fixes are also garbage. IE. Brink and Splash Damage. This was the #1 issue for PC players, and they're rolling out the update in less than a month. They told us about their intentions to fix it within the first few days it was released. That is excellent customer service. I haven't seen that quick of a response from any other developer on fixing their games.
  9. So, quick bit of background: I was eagerly waiting for and following the first dungeon siege and I remember what seemed like an agonising long time before it was released. Of the things that really excited me were 1) obviously the 'continuous world'/no loading screens thing, and/ 2) the thing I thought was coolest was the "you get better based on what you do" skill system. THIS was what really got my attention. Wanna be a warrior? swing a sword. The way this is captured in Dungeon Siege 3 seems to me to be in some ways cooler than the original (NOTE: I'm not all the way through t
  10. SO I haven't even finished the game yet, and I've already played a couple of hours with every character. On some of them I already realise that I want to start again to do a different build. I've played over the first bit of the game several times and am not yet done. So far, I'm not disappointed with replayability...
  11. Our group of 4 players is about 6 hours into the game. We're having a great time (and together we have played a ton of Diablo, Diablo 2 and Dungeon Siege 1). The camera has been annoying only a few times. The idea that it makes the game unplayable is silly... Yes, I would still like a camera fix though, ideally independent or big zoom out. It is the only tarnish on an otherwise excellent game.
  12. So I've made less than 5 posts like this in the past year (and this is my first). I signed up for this forum specifically because I played the demo and couldn't believe the amount of angst heaped on the game. This game is cool. YES, key-mapping would be very much appreciated. that is not a big deal, and is minor-patch territory. A different company is making this game. They made it console friendly. that doesn't have to insult us to the bone. Is the game ok or not is the question. IT IS NOT A CLONE OF DIABLO OR DS 1 or 2 (all of which I loved) The combat system is co
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