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  1. Anyone play it yet? Is it worth it if you are looking for a more traditional loot-em-up experience (ie the original DS games)? DS3 was pretty good but I'm only really interested in the DLC if it adds some re-playability.
  2. Actually MunkeyLungs is debating just fine...he's listed the points behind his reasoning and they are all valid points. You can decide not to "care" of course but that doesn't change them. At this point you are resigned to just quote the dictionary and criticize his use of slang. You know exactly what he meant by "PUSHUN BUDDONS" which is why you responded to it directly in your previous post. Anyways if the conversation system and more action orientated combat system equates more complexity for you, hey, that's fantastic. There are other people however who view the things that MunkeyLungs listed as more meaningful complexity so they view DS3 as streamlined in that regard...it's a perfectly valid viewpoint since it's based on real mechanics and they are directly comparable. Just deal with it.
  3. "Honestly can't take anyone seriously who thinks that the combat system in DS 3 is 'streamlined' or 'dumbed down' in comparison to the first game (still haven't played 2 yet)." That's not what anyone is saying...at all. The combat system in DS3 is obviously more active...it's more like an action game. When people are talking about "streamlining" they are referring to the game mechanics (leveling, skills, spells, party system, quests, map design, multi-player, ect, ect). The input comment was in reference to a few folks on this forum who like to say the games "play themselves"...that's obviously not true and an exaggeration.
  4. Dunno, according to one testimony, in a multiplayer game, you can perfectly have only one guy play, let the other characters follow him with no input from the players, and the characters will do every thing by themselves, including attacking and leveling up. If that's not the epitome of 'playing itself', I don't know what is. You can do that in Dungeon Siege III...hell...just have the second player enter the inventory screen and the AI literally plays your character for you including attacking and using skills. The reality is if you are playing DS1 & DS2, it requires lots of input from the player.
  5. The answer is it doesn't....that's an obvious gross over exaggeration that really doesn't even need a response. Anyways I've played (and enjoyed) all three games in the series and in my mind there isn't a doubt that DS3 (mechanics wise) is a much less complex game. It also offers FAR less re-playability due to it's neutered online component...and frankly even if it had a better online system there really wouldn't be much incentive to keep playing anyways with it's light item system and level/group system. With that said the narrative in DS3 is much better, and the fighting system is done very well. It also looks and sounds great. Overall a fun game but compared to the originals, they leave a lot to be desired.
  6. There's a difference between design choices and 'lazy programming'.
  7. You're wrong. Have fun with that. Remember me saying people argue too much on this forum? Yeah. Keep telling yourself that...I already proven you wrong. 20 user reviews on Amazon isn't the bad reviews people were referring to in the first place and it isn't a indication of any huge bias of PC gamers like you want to pretend. Dozens of reviews aggregated across the board prove this without a doubt. There's a very slight deviation but nothing anywhere near to the 1/5 and 4/5 gap you were trying to make out as a norm. Dungeon Siege 3 got mixed reviews (user and professional) across the board...deal with it. To hammer the point home here's more: http://www.gamespot.com/pc/rpg/dungeon-sie...ult%3Btitle%3B0 out of 600+ users review on PC: 5.8 out of 18 professional reviews on PC: 7.2 http://www.gamespot.com/xbox360/rpg/dungeo...ry%3Buser-score out of 200+ 360 user reviews on 360: 7.0 out of 39 professional reviews on 360: 7.2 http://www.gamespot.com/ps3/rpg/dungeon-siege-3/index.html out of 140+ user reviews on PS3: 6.6 out of 32 professional reviews on PS3: 7.2 It's a one point spread in user reviews and practically identical for professional reviews. Sorry, there's no PC gamer conspiracy bringing the game down. Bottom line is a handful of user reviews on Amazon is the worst place you could go for a good indication of a video games reception by the gaming community at large and it wasn't the bad reviews people were referring to anyways. Dungeon Siege III has the same mixed reaction regardless of the system as a whole. Anyways that's all I will say on the subject...if you want to go on believing there is some huge bias against DS3 (mostly 1/5 reviews) on the PC and on the consoles it's getting mostly 4/5 reviews even in the face of overwhelming evidence...hey...have at it man. You win in your own mind I guess lol.
  8. Most jobs do NOT require working 60-80 hours a week or going through 3-6 month long crunch times where you work 6-7 days a week. I'm sorry, anyone who thinks most people work like this is out of their mind. There's very few industries where you will see this kind of thing, and for some reason video game development is one of them. For reference I am a Sr. DBA at a subsidiary of a very large company (one of the largest in the world)...40 hours a week most of the time. Sure, I stayed up until 3am last night helping the web team roll out an update during off hours, but this type of thing is rare. Sometimes I do overtime, hour here, hour there. Some weeks there is quite a bit of extra work...but I have never had a work week anywhere near what I hear game devs go through....and they do it for months at a time. I guess making games isn't as fun as playing them...my point is these guys work hard as hell have a little respect and understanding of what these fine folks actually do. *edit* I actually wanted to be a game dev early on...then I read about the hours...then I saw the salaries...F THAT! The people who make games do it because they love it, there's no doubt in my mind about that.
  9. Yeah, they slipped since I originally looked. HOWEVER: The ratings on consoles are 2 stars higher than they are on PC, yes? Same game, yes? I may have had a point, yes? We argue too much on this forum. No, not really. You are talking about a few user ratings on a single website...that's not the reviews people are referring too. Dungeon Siege III reviewed pretty similarly across the board across all platforms (negative and good reviews alike).
  10. You are just saying that the game isn't just healer-tank-dps. That is good, because that model has been done to death. The roles are very different, and vary a lot depending on the type of fight, and even on the build (my human-focus Anjali plays a lot like a tank, while my friend's archon build is a savage glass cannon, relying on immolation when she gets overrun). No, that's not what I am saying at all. You are talking about the MMO trinity that has nothing to do with my comments.
  11. Oh yeah I get that, which is what I don't like about it. Instead of thinking carefully of how you want to create your party and how to create combinations that really compliment the members it really doesn't matter. Some people may like this, I don't. Choices in RPG's should be meaningful, an din my opinion they just aren't in DS3 (aside for the story based stuff which indeed is done pretty well).
  12. The all have the same basic types of skills and can be played all basically in the same way. They all are complete with AoE, direct damage, and healing to boot. In a group based game this makes the choices less interesting as there is no dependencies/deficiencies, so it really doesn't matter the choices. Right now I am playing NWN:SoZ...now there's a game that has deep and interesting class interaction in a party...the differences and choices and what each character brings to the tables is meaningful, unlike Dungeon Siege 3. The previous DS game has this aspect done better as well. If you can't understand what I am saying, don't know what to tell you. I've played the game and these are my opinions.
  13. Not really, they all play very similarly and choosing which characters to have in your group really make little difference. It might have been their intention to make each character so independent (and complete) which might be cool for some folks, my opinion is it kinda makes the group aspect much less interesting.
  14. I wish they would have made the characters have more distinct roles too...I was disappointed with the fact every class basically filled the exact same role...damage dealing self healer.
  15. Even on Amazon the console versions of DS3 are averaging 3/5.
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