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  1. Loved it back when it was released but I replayed it recently and it hasn't aged as well as I thought it would.
  2. Maybe a publisher who actually respects the license will pick it up now.
  3. I just played a bit of Legends of Aranna a while ago. Input involves clicking them into position with a potion button click here and there. I wouldn't call that a lot of input. The only fight that gave me any sort of challenge, which is to say very little, was the dragon fight against Scorch in the first game. The last seck boss was a joke. I think I cast about 5-10 healing wind spells total. I honestly think that was one of the easiest final boss battles played in a game... ever. Dungeon Siege 3 has given me more enjoyment and challenge in small mob fights than any battle has in the classic Siege games so far. Honestly can't take anyone seriously who thinks that the combat system in DS 3 is 'streamlined' or 'dumbed down' in comparison to the first game (still haven't played 2 yet). At the end of the day I could only handle DS1 in 30 minute to hour long bursts before I just couldn't stand the game any more and HAD to do/play something else. DS3 had me glued to the TV for hours on end however and had an ending that left me satisfied, unlike the lame text epilogue of 1. I will give the haters one thing, the game should not have been called Dungeon Siege. Fans of the mundane originals aren't going to find the same mundane elements in the sequel. Meh, I don't mean to sound hostile, but I've been playing the originals wondering what in the heck people were so attached to. The engine is stellar, especially for the time. I would have loved to have seen sequels to D&D infinity engine games developed on it with actual stories and the decent D&D rules.
  4. You know Shadow Dancer was part of the Shinobi series and that the sequel had Batman & Spider Man as bosses? No... really.
  5. If you plan on playing Rage on 360 prepare for a... ... 22 Gig install!
  6. Is it REALLY any worse than the old Dungeon Siege games?
  7. GT gives Legacy a 5.9. WARNING: The review seems to throw in a spoiler. There isn't much context to it but it still is a bit irritating. I'd say the full Dragon Age deserved a 5.9. Yeah... I'm still pissed about those recycled environments. While I usually snatch up DLC for most games I even moderately enjoy, I'll be waiting for some sort of package deal or sale for DA 2 DLC. If I even care about it later.
  8. Steam is currently having a 'Quakecon' sale with different deals every day up until Aug 8 which includes some Fallout 3/NV stuff. Oh, and Brink is also free to play for the weekend. If you've been curious about it now is the perfect time to try it. Its also on sale for $25 or as a package deal.
  9. For those who care, Brink is getting a huge patch and free DLC sometime today (Aug 3rd). If you have the game make sure to grab the DLC sometime in the next two weeks as it becomes a $10 dlc after Aug 17th. Quite enjoy the game myself and think it deserved higher scores despite some issues.
  10. Somebody posted a video about them a few months ago. It sounds fantastic but until an actual game is produced using this new system I'm a bit skeptical.
  11. That was a joke you know. That massive block of text can be summarized with: The game has too many glitches. The game should not have been released in that state. Patches post release to make the game playable are not acceptable. I've pretty much said exactly what you were trying to say in a small paragraph. Further, you still are not giving ANY examples. What quest broke on you? Crashing? What exactly IS your problem? Nothing is going to happen here if all you have to say is that the game was too glitchy. You also seem to be using your own personal experience to claim that the game was tarnished for everyone when everything I've read is to the contrary. Reviews and sales have been good and most gamer opinions are positive. Have you played Oblivion or Fallout 3? The game is built on the same engine and they've all been unstable and buggy, but playable. That and they tend to have some substance. "Frodo walked to the well. Frodo was thirsty. What drives a man to walk to a well? Thirst. Hobbits, like humans, must drink. If they don't drink they die of thirst. Water is required for all living things. Frodo was thirsty at this particular moment. Why was Frodo thirsty? He hadn't had a drink in hours. Not drinking in hours makes Hobbits thirsty. It also makes humans thirsty. Frodo was almost to the well now. I'm running out of ideas about how to talk about thirsty Hobbits. Did I mention Frodo was thirsty?"
  12. I've never seen such a mass of text that said so little. Are you by chance a politician or lawyer? It is ironic how you words mean and say very little about what you mean as well. I wish to convey my message to you, so if you wish to tell me what parts meant little so I can expand. I am not a politician or a lawyer, merely a prospective post-secondary student. You will notice that I managed to communicate clearly that you type too much in a single sentence? What it sounds like is that you feel the game has too many bugs and or glitches. Instead of writing an essay on how much glitches suck you could have pointed out specific problems and not an essay on the nature of glitches and their effect on the psyche of the player etc. As for the game, I may have been lucky but I never ran into any game breakers and glitches/bugs were few and far between.
  13. I've never seen such a mass of text that said so little. Are you by chance a politician or lawyer?
  14. Love that game. Dunno how they went from that to Force Unleashed.
  15. Theres a mod out for GTA IV which adds incredible realism to the game. Take a look at these unfreakin' believable screenshots! In motion.
  16. It doesn't ALWAYS work. An excellent article on the negatives of multiculturalism. Unfortunately multiculturalism often supports, within the new culture, many of the very negative cultural characteristics which immigrants are attempting to flee. Immigrants recognize that the country they have deserted is less able to serve them, which is why they are striking out to better themselves, but via multiculturalism, they blindly insist on perpetuating many of the problems that caused them to leave in the first place. The immigrants who bring their failed cultures with them may restructure their new environment to be identical to the one that failed them and from which they are attempting to flee. I don't know if this is what Boo is seeing where he lives, but its certainly a problem in Arizona, hence the recent backlash of laws etc. When immigrants are willing to conform to their new countries laws multiculturalism is great... not so much when you have invaders under the guise of immigrants.
  17. Doesn't really matter as I was pretty much agreeing with what Boo said and disagreeing with Rosbjerg. I haven't really got the impression that Boo hates Muslims, just is against multiculturalism... which apparently = racist fascist nazi here.
  18. If you want to ignore the DAILY news about recent killings, beheadings, suicide attacks etc. in the name of Islam go ahead. I also don't recall saying every Muslim was a terrorist so thats a cool story about your coworkers bro. This is why extremism can't be discussed. It automatically turns into ALL Muslims etc. If I had said that Catholic priests have a bad track record with pedophilia nobody probably would have batted an eye. Even if I had said that, I would have not been implying that ALL Catholic priests have this problem or that the religion as a whole should cease to exist.
  19. Islam in particular has a bad track record with extremism. As Emperor points out it seems odd not to address it. The left seems to have been salivating for this moment as if it somehow 'fixes' the imbalance with extremism without really doing any work.
  20. GT Review of Call of Juarez: The Cartel. They are as equally unimpressed with the game as IGN was, dropping another 4.7 bomb on the game. The nice thing about GT is you get a sense of what the complaints are and the game really does look terrible.
  21. While it doesn't really have anything to do with lucid dreaming, I've had a rare but irritating problem lately thats called hypnic jerk. Hey! Get your head outta the gutter! Basically, just as I'm drifting off to sleep its like I'm startled awake violently. Its rare, maybe once every 1-2 months but they are extremely annoying. They usually happen multiple times in one night.
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