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  1. 2 as far as I remember. 1 in the "town" 1 on an outdoor area
  2. Hey it would be great if we got any sort of feedback on this, because i don't know whether i should go and play the game again or wait a week or two for an update to allow it to go to the DLC area from East Forest. Cheers.
  3. Hey i would like to know if there is any possibility to play the DLC with your level 30 character if the only save i have is in East Forest after leaving the Causeway Hub. If not, is there a chance to make it possible? I'm asking because there are many of people in a situation like mine and it is quite frustrating that we cannot continue playing with our old characters...
  4. In post 10 you said you have a save right before the endboss. Cant you just kill the endboss again and get a new "Endgame" save? Nope. After killing the endboss the game ends, and the only autosave you get is the one that gets you right before the fight.
  5. Endgame Autosave is when the game autosaves after exiting the Spire via causeway. The autosave occurs the second you arrive there. It's clearly labeled "Endgame Autosave" in the load game list. So if i deleted that save and saved after ariving at the chapterhouse im screwed and need to start a new game. Sucks.
  6. The auto-save is called after the characters, it's called 'Katarina Endsave' for example. Where is that Savegame stored? Edit:. Hmm i think you mean the autosave that is made before returning to the chapterhouse near east forest?.. I deleted that autosave long time ago and left only the one already inside the chapterhouse.. Cannot enter the causeways anymore..
  7. How did you manage to make the DLC run on your game if it's not out in Europe yet? Apparently it is. Maybe the hour some1 posted up is a different timezone or smth.. I normally bought the dlc at steam store. DLed it. then Updated the game.. Got it in my DLC list.. and When i load that save game i have a new quest called introduction to DLC. Hence my conclusion that the DLC is out and working, but with some kind of issue to start it with a save game at the end of the "normal" game.
  8. Hey guys. Im from EU and i managed to run the DLC on steam. i Have 1 issue though.. I have some problems running the DLC with my character that i have. The game is saved at the last save point in the game - just before the last boss.. The Quest that pops up (Introduction to the DLC) states that you have start it with an "Endgame autosave".. could you elaborate on that? I mean.. I killed the last boss.. Game closes to credits.. There is an autosave there.. But loaded it just gets to the boss fight... So.. how to start the DLC if i have passed the Spire?
  9. Got many replies and made "friends on steam" so I'm not interested anymore for a while You can still find me in DS3 steam groups tho HF
  10. I play on PC.. So we probably cannot play together.. Unfortunate.
  11. Hey. I'm tired of people who hop into the game and leave after 5 minutes and then another people joining unhappy with the skill/talent distribution left by the previous player.. So.. is there anyone here who wants to play a full playthrough in 2 players? Either I can host or You can. But we make a deal that we only play together with this particular save. Anyone up? Send me a PM so we can set up details. Cheers. bb
  12. I think that it is intentional.. Playing as Anjali some empowered abilities cost 1 power orb, some cost 2 power orbs.. It's a matter of skill i believe. (Same goes with the focus cost of skills, some simply cost more)
  13. So tell me about the demon hunter resource system, what does he use in order to use his abilities? When it replenishes? Is it static or does the max increase over time? With char level? with items? with attributes? Even if they published some information or even if you played the game during a conference it was pre-beta, a demonstration. Things can change you know? And if you have not played the game how do you know how it feels huh? Btw i enjoy the dungeon siege III combat system, but i believe it is silly to judge that d3's is worse if you havn't seen it...
  14. It's funny that you compare the ds3 combat system with the diablo 3 combat system, while the game is still under development huh...
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