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    Soy boricua. Mi hobbie favorito son los videojuegos . Mi genero preferido son los RPG's . No juego mucho MP ; a menos q sea funny o diferente. Co-op is ok; aunq me inclino mas por el local q online. Detesto los haters que critican juegos basados solamente en lo q la comunidad opina; sin haber siquiera jugado este.
  1. I doubt be a Fallout game because Beth didnt announce it first; although would be great if Obsidian worked in FO4. I just hope be a great RPG . Obsidian is well known for their passion developing RPGs but i also hope they dont repeat some things that made some of their last games a lil frustrating like checkpoints in AP, couch coop in DS3 (I loved the game but tryin to play local coop was very frustrating and Online was like watching the movie Stuck on you). Im glad you are working in a new game and like always i expect the best of you because i know you can deliver. Good Luck !
  2. LOL i missed the GTs , i though was going to be Obsidiandev 1 etc
  3. Are you trying to imply that DS3 has a good storyline? It doesn't. A game doesn't need a massive epic story to be good... one could argue that you know the gameplay is the most important aspect... but hey if you prefer sitting around for half of the game listening / reading dialogue (which is terrible writing in the case of DS3) rather than actually playing a game with amazing gameplay.... then well I guess that's up to you. Yeah, i guess you found Sacred 2 ( i am not talking about loot, big world etc) better because you rather read wallotext , accept mission and kill enemies without a mea
  4. Never gonna happens this forums have a big haters audience that hang around in the forums more than the gamers that really enjoy Obsidian games,.
  5. I feel pity of gamers that rather play a game without good/interesting storyline ; just because they want to play with friends ala L4D games.
  6. MP is not the only feature that count in a game. The tethering and camera are awful but the game is still playable. I beat the game on hardcore with 3 randoms friends yesterday and was fun.
  7. Wow Funcroc it seems that you know all the employees of Obsidian . Great thread!
  8. Demo was out before released why you didn't play it?. Keymapping patch is coming next week.
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