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  1. I am having the same problem . I gave the details in this thread : http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/65725-xbox-360-stuck-at-loading-screen-final-mission/
  2. I am in my second playthrough and i got stuck in the loading screen after beat Craig. I reload and i got stuck again. In my first playthrough i didn't have problems but i wasn't wearing David Hassenhof head. I am equipped with David head, the girls outfit and the aids to get the achievements in the final fight but i cannot progress in the game.
  3. Hola ! First i want to congratulate Obsidian for make this awesome game with South Park creators. The problem i am having on 360 is that my game turn off subtitles and ther is no way to activate them back. The subtitle are On but not appear. Hope you can fix this soon .
  4. I doubt be a Fallout game because Beth didnt announce it first; although would be great if Obsidian worked in FO4. I just hope be a great RPG . Obsidian is well known for their passion developing RPGs but i also hope they dont repeat some things that made some of their last games a lil frustrating like checkpoints in AP, couch coop in DS3 (I loved the game but tryin to play local coop was very frustrating and Online was like watching the movie Stuck on you). Im glad you are working in a new game and like always i expect the best of you because i know you can deliver. Good Luck !
  5. I heard the Heart of Naggot is bugged. If you let it intact to destroy it later after beat the lord.
  6. LOL i missed the GTs , i though was going to be Obsidiandev 1 etc
  7. happened for me 3 times for the heart of Naggog bug. Thankfully a friend helped me to get it.
  8. Are you trying to imply that DS3 has a good storyline? It doesn't. A game doesn't need a massive epic story to be good... one could argue that you know the gameplay is the most important aspect... but hey if you prefer sitting around for half of the game listening / reading dialogue (which is terrible writing in the case of DS3) rather than actually playing a game with amazing gameplay.... then well I guess that's up to you. Yeah, i guess you found Sacred 2 ( i am not talking about loot, big world etc) better because you rather read wallotext , accept mission and kill enemies without a meaning at all , just for the pleasure of play with friends . Play with friend is good but is not what makes games good at all; there are others ingredients that can help the game to be better IMO. The story on DS3 is good ; not mediocre like haters say; also the gameplay is amazing not bad like the HATERS (in caps ) say.
  9. Never gonna happens this forums have a big haters audience that hang around in the forums more than the gamers that really enjoy Obsidian games,.
  10. I feel pity of gamers that rather play a game without good/interesting storyline ; just because they want to play with friends ala L4D games.
  11. I let the Queen decide Jeynne fate. Surprised me that Jeynne didn't try to defend herself.
  12. I played as 4 times as Reinhart and the same happened . I got it yesterday via this trick that a friend told me . 1- if you are going to be the guest - start a new game as Reinhart and reach the first save checkpoint then after saving quit. 2- the the host game in the final match. 3- both need die on purpose. 4-continue with auto save 5- beat the boss and achievement unlocked worked for me that way.
  13. That fight is hard but you can still beat him without MP help. I find that the fight on hardcore that really forces to play you to play co-op is when you fight for 3rd time with everybody knows who. TIPS - don't be so close of automatons because their fire can kill u instantly. If you are trying the 50 automaton kills achievement use a empowered ability with good AoE. - Focus on destroy the capsules where they are coming out and when the force shield do disappear destroy the engines.
  14. MP is not the only feature that count in a game. The tethering and camera are awful but the game is still playable. I beat the game on hardcore with 3 randoms friends yesterday and was fun.
  15. Wow Funcroc it seems that you know all the employees of Obsidian . Great thread!
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