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  1. Yes I know that I use weird wording. I play too many Blizzard games. And @Alpha... well.. I'm not even sure what to say here. I could just as easily say that I feel pity for people that play video games for the storyline instead of playing with friends. We play for different reasons. Get over it.
  2. Okay, so I came to these forums to see what the general opinion was of this game, to see if people actually agreed with my opinion or not. What I found was that people did agree with me, but they didn't tend to coherently put it on these forums, so here's my little rant about what I think about this game. This game is more like Dragon Age than Dungeon Siege. I can see why you guys used the name of Dungeon Siege, as it probably generates a LOT of sales (Example: The Me who regrets purchasing it), but it is SERIOUSLY misleading and I'm not the only one angry about this. I'm not one to play a game for a storyline. I don't need people talking to me every 5 minutes about how this guy sucks and this guy lied to me and this girl is evil and I need to save the world. This game ISN'T bad by any means. It's actually a decent game for the right crowd, but you totally attracted the wrong type of audience when you tagged your game with the name of Dungeon Siege. I came to kill stuff, get loot, get crazy spells, kill more stuff, and make my character crazy as hell. All of these features are severely crippled in this game. The spells are pretty cool.... at first. Unfortunately, having only 6 spells that you can possibly get throughout the entire game is incredibly boring, and makes killing stuff boring in consequence. When I played the gunner, every single boss fight and enemy was the same exact thing. Buff yourself, shoot the machine gun, blink away, shoot the machine gun more, recover MP, repeat. It sounds complicated on paper, but it's actually incredibly simple. I expected more depth to combat than this. The loot system was also incredibly disappointing, as there really is very little customization involved. There is sometimes the choice of whether to go this specific stat, or this specific stat... but there is no choice in what playstyle you really want to go for. There is only one way to play each character, and that's probably the most depressing aspect of this game. And on to the multiplayer.... it runs smoothly. And that's the only good thing I have to say about it. I had a friend who played this game with me (note past tense) and we enjoyed it for a while, until I realized that I couldn't save my character with him. I realize what you wanted to accomplish with this type of system, but it just isn't fun at all. I want to experience the feeling of getting stronger with my character with my friend, customize my character with him, and just have a good time. Instead, I'm hestitant to spend any of my money to buy my own equipment, because it won't benefit him at all, he can't use it when I leave, and he wants to keep the money for himself. It's really fun for the main character, but for everyone else, it just seems like a wasted effort. It's not something you can load yourself later on. You have to wait for your friend to log on so that you can continue your adventure with him. Also, there's very little teamwork involved at all, which makes me wonder why you even made this game multiplayer. Everyone just kites enemies around by themselves, and the only thing you can possibly do for an ally is revive them if they go down. Otherwise, you're just kiting the target that you found and struggling with the camera controls because your ally is going for a different enemy which in turn cripples your view. Also, this game can really do without the puzzles and finding hidden objects as part of a quest. Single player games do well with this game, but when you bring multiplayer into the mix, you are just making the game miserable to play. Puzzle games are meant to be played alone. I shouldn't have to wait for my friend to be able to find out how to get past a certain quest. Overall, my main complaint is the fact that you made a great single player game, added a multiplayer functionality that really shouldn't be used, advertised it as a hardcore multiplayer game, and got undeserved sales from people who didn't want this type of game. That's really all there is to it. I'm really disappointed in what you guys did, and I'm adding Obsidian Entertainment to the list of companies I should be extremely hesitant to buy from, which already includes EA games, Activision, and Epic Games.
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