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  1. Yes I know that I use weird wording. I play too many Blizzard games. And @Alpha... well.. I'm not even sure what to say here. I could just as easily say that I feel pity for people that play video games for the storyline instead of playing with friends. We play for different reasons. Get over it.
  2. Okay, so I came to these forums to see what the general opinion was of this game, to see if people actually agreed with my opinion or not. What I found was that people did agree with me, but they didn't tend to coherently put it on these forums, so here's my little rant about what I think about this game. This game is more like Dragon Age than Dungeon Siege. I can see why you guys used the name of Dungeon Siege, as it probably generates a LOT of sales (Example: The Me who regrets purchasing it), but it is SERIOUSLY misleading and I'm not the only one angry about this. I'm not one to play a
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