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The 'Sidian Tyranny thread


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AMA on Reddit.



Stealing a couple specifically about Tyranny.



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27 minutes ago


Hi! Thank so much for having this AMA :) can't wait to play the game tomorrow!

In terms of game design, what were the biggest challenges when developing Tyranny?


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14 minutes ago


The biggest challenge has been our level of choice & reactivity in the game. We've mentioned before that there are 4 major quest paths through the game, which give you very different quests, NPCs you interact with, storylines, etc. Weaving all of those paths together through the various areas of the game has been a challenge.

It's taken a lot of dedicated work from our design, narrative, and QA teams to have this all come together in a way that we're proud of. It's been a lot of work, and I hope that everyone enjoys seeing the different stories as much as we've enjoyed creating them.




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26 minutes ago  


Hey guys, a question on story paths. I know there's been a large emphasis on reactivity in Tyranny. Without giving too much away, how much variance can we expect within the Disfavored/Scarlet Chorus/Rebels paths in the game? How much does siding with one or the other 'lock you in'?


[–]brian_obsidianOBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT 8 points

9 minutes ago  



Hi Tildryn. Each of the major quest paths through the game is a completely different set of quests. You'll travel to many of the same areas (with some unique locations), but the things you're doing there will be different based on the story path you're following. So - a lot of variance. :)

As for being 'locked in' - if you ultimately decide you don't want to work with the Disfavored, Chorus, or Rebels, you can always choose to betray your alliance and move forward as a truly independent agent. That's its own unique story path, as well.

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Looks like a higher minimum and lower recommended. Just from looking at what Steam says.

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"Show me a man who "plays fair" and I'll show you a very talented cheater."
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Looks like a higher minimum and lower recommended. Just from looking at what Steam says.


That could be trouble for me.  I can't recall how much over the minimum I was for PoE.  I know it can run smoothly, and I could also run an oldie Witcher 1 smoothly. 

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Don't you love the DRM? :-D

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Excellent, let me know if this is worth the cash.

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Excellent, let me know if this is worth the cash.




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Played for an hour and met the first companion.


I'm mostly going to side with the Scarlet Chorus and make my companions fear me. Writing seems decent, but it's still early. Backgrounds are less detailed, characters are more detailed.


I'm not sure about the combat yet. It felt slow. Playing on hard with no extra features. Going dual wielding and storm magic.

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It’s not often we can experience titles so engaging that they influence us beyond gaming itself, but this year Obsidian Entertainment might have gifted us with an RPG that has all the right qualities to join these precious few.


Sounds pretty good to me.


Full review here: http://wccftech.com/review/tyranny-review-glory-overlord/

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