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Where Do You Get Your News?

Guard Dog

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This came up in the election discussion. I thought it might be worth a look.


Where do you get your news every day? Is it the same sites or do you jump around? What newspapers do you read? What news magazines do you read? What web sites do you rely on?


For me, I read the local newspaper The Commercial Appeal everyday. There is a paper box at the end of the dirt road that leads to my place. I get it delivered every day. I'm old school like that I guess. I like to read an actual newspaper at night. Plus it makes good charcoal starter. It doesn't leave the petroleum taste on your food the way lighter fluid does. I also have a USA Today & Washington Post app on my Kindle and at I least look through those two everyday.


I only get two magazines. I wouldn't call National Geographic a news mag but I've been reading it since I was a kid. I get both the print & electronic versions. I also read Reason magazine pretty regularly.


As for web sites I check Drudge Report sever times a day. It has many different news sources linked to one page. I also spend at least an hour a day reading the RealClear sites (RealClear Politics, Sports, World, Books, History, Science & Technology). They are really well put together. 

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Mostly Globe and Mail, National Post, and Breitbart now. Used to use CBC and HuffPo but they have gotten less and less useful as news sources and are more sources of attacking men and white people.

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Well I start with my local NBC news channel for all my local stuff.  I tend to skim yahoo for some easy fluff in the morning, but that is getting worse every day and I need a better casual news source.  Once I get to work I check BBC and follow up with any stories that seem worth it.  I use CNN student news for the kids once or twice a week, but it's not my cup of tea for the main news.  On the way home I listen to a few different radio guys, mostly a local guy named Gil Gross, a conservative guy named Mark Levin, and the local sports guy Tom Tolbert.  It's a long commute.  Once home I tend to avoid news for the rest of the day.


Of course, this forum is probably one of the better ways I get my news.  It's amazing how many diverse sources people tend to post here, and I appreciate getting a bunch of different viewpoints on the major topics of the day.  

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Associated Press, Reuters, the Atlantic, New York Times, Washington Post, Le Monde, Al Jazeera, BBC. I also have a subscription to Stratfor.

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Shouldn't be a problem avoiding terrible echo chambers if you know what to look for.


I follow individual journalists I respect. There are plenty of good journalists out there -- whether as generalists or specialists in their field.


I also listen to NPR and APM on the radio. My go-to television news source is PBS.


Adding to the above from the politics thread...


For election news and analysis I follow Nate Silver, Clare Malone, and Harry Enten from FiveThirtyEight; David Wasserman from the Cook Political Report; and Sean Trende from Real Clear Politics. David Axelrod and Jon Favreau are former Obama Administration staffers and serve as my Democratic shills. Republican consultants Tim Miller and and Karl Rove cover the right. I follow Sopan Deb of CBS News and Katy Tur of NBC News covering Trump on the campaign trail. 


My national NBA reads are Zach Lowe of ESPN; Adrian Wojnarowski of the Vertical/Yahoo!; Marc Spears (The Undefeated/ESPN); Sam Amick (USA Today); Marc Stein (ESPN); Matt Moore (CBS Sports); Kurt Helin (NBC Sports); David Aldridge (TNT); Ramona Shelbourne (ESPN); and Rachel Nichols (ESPN).


For baseball, I read Rob Neyer, Peter Gammons, Bill James, Rany Jazayerli, Jonah Keri, Jon Heyman, Jayson Stark, and Ben Lindbergh. My football follow is Bill Barnwell, hockey is Katie Baker, and the Men in Blazers got me covered for soccer.


Bill Simmons' Grantland is dead and left a deep void in intelligent sports and pop culture writing. Good thing Simmons is now back with The Ringer. FiveThirtyEight is the gold standard when it comes to data journalism. I read The Ringer and FiveThirtyEight quasi-religiously.


Father James Martin S.J., gives me the Jesuit perspective on current events and Reza Aslan from progressive Islam. Malcolm Gladwell is an automatic read and podcast listen.


I read a lot more people for different things, but they may be a bit esoteric.


Google News is my news aggregator. 

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I read 2 local newspapers online, a very left leaning and a right-center leaning. Both very indepth and with imo great journalistic traditions. My feed on facebook is basically only information sites by now :) (unsubscribed from all but my closest friends' updates)

For more analyctic global news I mostly have you guys and a household subsription to The Economist.

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The news networks I watch are CNN, Sky, BBC and Al-Jazeera 


At work my customers always have  the financial channels on like CNBC, Bloomberg or Reuters so I watch a fair amount of that at work



I read the Economist, Time and local newspapers 


And I follow several local radio  talk shows but thats more for domestic news around political developments  :geek:

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'Alternative media' on Youtube.  Mainstream media has an agenda, and only reports on anything that goes against that agenda when it must, and then in a totally neutral manner.  The alternative press might have their own opinions,  but reports on highly important world news that is just considered "irrelevant" by the BBC, ITC, etc.

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A site called forums.obsidian.net. You guys heard of it?

Full of shills man.

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Everyone has an agenda...

I suppose it depends on how the agenda is put forward - if its about "behave as we behave and say what we say, or be on the wrong side of history" then I will refuse that agenda on principle. 

If it's Alex Jones saying "Hey! they said Trump is the racist backed by the KKK, but here's a video of Hillary Clinton going the the funeral of the grand master/maester (whatever) of the KKK, and her husband talking about what a great influence he was on him... and by the way buy these man pills, they'll boost your performance in bed by 900%".  You can still see the agenda there, but he has still brought forward facts you otherwise wouldn't know.

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I love Pepsi way more than Cola. Obama is stilla  racist,s exist douchebag who loves to murder Amerikans and suck the weiner of mass murderers like the Iranian and North korean governments while bashing Amerikan allies like Kanada, Britian, Isreal, and Amerika.

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