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At first, I wasn't sure what you were talking about, so I spawned in helm_stag, and still couldn't see anything wrong, and then I equipped it, and couldn't stop laughing.

"Hurr durr dur duurr". :lol:

That being said, you just ruined some animator's day. Now he's going to be all like "Oh, sh*t, they don't? God. Damn. It!". I bet it took him hours to get those teeth "just right".


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As a side note, deers do have teeth.  Bottom front, and molars on the side.  Upper is a bony plate, though.

I'd imagine it's pretty hard to chew leaves and twigs without at least some teeth.


The hat is pretty funny tho...I had my Monk wearing that but I never really looked/noticed.

“Things are as they are. Looking out into the universe at night, we make no comparisons between right and wrong stars, nor between well and badly arranged constellations.” – Alan Watts
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Muntjac tusks are certainly a reality, vicious little buggers know how to use them as well.

Quite an experience to live in misery isn't it? That's what it is to be married with children.

I've seen things you people can't even imagine. Pearly Kings glittering on the Elephant and Castle, Morris Men dancing 'til the last light of midsummer. I watched Druid fires burning in the ruins of Stonehenge, and Yorkshiremen gurning for prizes. All these things will be lost in time, like alopecia on a skinhead. Time for tiffin.


Tea for the teapot!

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The Stag helm is based on our Werestag, not a regular stag. And our Werestag has a full set of teeth!

That's pretty metal though, walking around with the face of some unfortunate druid.


Puts a really different spin on having a "hunter" wear that helmet, for sure. Can we get a graphic for a banjo to go along with that, maybe?


Thanks for the explanation, Dmitri. It also explains the size of the thing.


Any chance of a wolf helm down the road?

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