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  1. personally i was hoping for a construct. robots are almost always the most interesting characters lately, in both games and movies
  2. does alcohol buff really last until the next rest? i tried rum once, and pretty soon the buff was replaced with a pretty strong hangover debuff. moreover, there's an item that allows you avoid hangover, which would be pointless if the effects were soft-permanent. i never touched alcohol since then (well in the game anyway). then again, when that happened the other food also had temporary effects only, and i think it was consumable as well. i think it might have been a temporary patch change that they quickly rolled back.
  3. another thing is LoS to enemies on another "floor", in that there doesn't seem to be any. even if it's only a couple of stairs up, as long as you can't walk to them along a straight line, you can't shoot them. divinity was way better with it, they really made elevation into a fleshed-out mechanic.
  4. well idk; i actually quite liked my cipher. he ended up with 105k total damage done, in addition to copious amounts of charming. my mighty dexterous fast rogue adventurer with the frost seeker was only second with 88k. maybe those figures are not terribly impressive, but then again i think i cleared almost all hostile encounters in the game, and since there are no respawns, it probably can't be much higher.
  5. well, using the current game as a gauge is not very productive, since it's fairly easy even for suboptimal builds, and the only interesting fights happen early (and maybe the cave of threshing later). maybe it'll get re-balanced, but so might be quest XP, and getting 8 levels on fedex quests alone is too boring anyway, why play the game at all? yes, a wizard can throw several half-decent spells, but the amount of harm he can do can be decisive only in trash mob fights, which are easy to win with any team. yes, cipher is probably best when MC'ed, but it makes a really great MC.
  6. first of all, unlike wizards, ciphers are actually useful before level 10. their CC is the best by far. most of their spells are faster (which is really important). they get better combat stats per level (i think). they can replenish their spells, which is crucial for longer fights (if there were any longer fights, that is.. and there was no empower point replenishment, which i think is OP and should be removed). with good speed, ascendants can spam many more casts than even a 20th level wizard (like several times more).
  7. My *guess* is that because first-tier Confusion affliction turns off friendly fire limitations, charmed enemies would too frequently de-charm themselves by hitting each other; also it makes the paladin ability of de-charm on hit redundant. What they should do is implement a check where if charmed enemies are the only remaining active enemies, they de-charm. i don't think making confusion just a low-tier charm was a good idea to begin with. confusion shouldn't end on damage, while charm should (enemies might still switch to attacking you on damage though, based on general damage-based aggro). that will also make confusion at least sometimes more useful than charm. paladin's de-charm would still work, since automatic de-charming should only happen when attached by the faction that charmed you.
  8. That may have been more a feature of old-potd than anything else. I mean, if you build your characters for high accuracy, then yeah, they should usually hit -- misses suck! I do agree the duration on Ringleader is way too long -- it goes beyond overpowered and into annoying, with every fight ending in a minute's worth of green circle bashing. On the other hand though it's really annoying to build the focus for a good power and then repeatedly miss with it. I'd rather Ringleader hit reliably, but for a short duration. It's a potent AoE, it could have a fairly short base duration and still be very worthwhile. yeah, reduced accuracy sucks, it turns it into a coin flip (and a pretty expensive one). shorter duration makes sense, and probably more enemies immune (not just resistant) to it. also, i don't understand why they decided to remove de-charming on damage. de-charming made charm/domination at least in some way a trade-off compared to other afflictions, while now it's just unconditionally superior.
  9. i think ciphers are great. even at low levels, a fast unencumbered ascendant cipher can absolutely spam amplified thrust, it basically gives enemies no breathing room whatsoever. charm is great, and domination is even better than since it can charm enemies with resistance to intellect afflictions (resistance just downgrades domination to charm). desintegration is great as a reliable damage source, especially against fampyrs, since they dominate you when you hit them, and with disintegration you only have to hit them once. mind lance is a good ultra-fast interrupt. and a fast ascended cipher under time parasite is basically a game over.
  10. the problem with auto-pause on action is that many spells don't act instantly, they launch a projectile or something similar that takes a while to hit, and it would be a waste to have your character do noting waiting for it to happen. of course, a lot of other spells are instant (or should be instant based on the description), but i guess they didn't bother to make a special case for that. but yeah, i found that delay a bit annoying as well. i always play on the lowest combat speed though, so it's not too terrible (as in not much can happen while i unpause/re-pause)
  11. right, because focus is the focus of cyphers. still, i found charms very useful with high enough accuracy (and speed). there are quick and cheap 'emergency' charms, and heavier ones you can spam while ascended.
  12. you might have had to if you had been all ranged to begin with, since there are some enemies that are fully immune to pierce, and some that have very high resistance to it. but i guess bows can solve it partially, since they do pierce+slash.
  13. This is a great bow for ciphers. It fires three projectiles that seek out the enemy and each projectile buils focus. The bow itself won't do wild damage on it's own but if you need to build up focus quickly this a great weapon for it. isn't focus just damage-based now? so if you fire (and hit) 3 projectiles for 5+5+5 damage or one for 15, the amount of focus will be the same? stat-wise frostseeker is just a usual exceptional warbow with +25% frost damage on top. before i felt comfortable with upgrading it to superb for 30k i was using a vanillar superb warbow instead, for better penetration and accuracy
  14. yes, that's it, obsidian sword! makes perfect sense. that's probably the only weapon that was made with obsidian (barring stone age spears)
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