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  1. Lindsey designed all the companions and most outfits in our game. A lot of portraits. Also a lot of hairstyles and metric load of the scripted interactions. And other stuff.
  2. Hey Andrea, I'm sorry, but because of how our system is implemented and the particular design of these helms, they will not be able to use the partial hair system.
  3. Holy thread. The error with Mirke is literally a single string that caused the Orlan 'naked' body to not be activated properly. It was an oversight because of reasons. As far as the nude body - all characters have fully modeled/textured nude bodies underneath their underwear, this was the easiest way for us to get all the outfits looking correct for all characters and not worry about what each outfit revealed/hid, and it was the first body template to be made for each race. The other 30% was the bathhouse scene. The way our pipeline works, once we create a single nude body, that is propagated to all races and NPC's. That said, only the Base Naked Body (when you take your equipment off) has the full model, none of the other outfits (the polygons are cut out for performance ). This model can be seen when equipping a certain bathhouse outfit, which we do not allow to be dropped. Both males and females have this model, and in case of males there is code that makes the appearance more correct if you will, without this code they'll be missing *bits*. I don't have any strong opinion on allowing fully nude characters, we wanted it to be controlled in a way to avoid any weirdness, and not be off-putting for players that would rather skip that sort of content. We also decided to include it in the game, because it was already all made anyway, and as many of you have said, why not. It is a mature game.
  4. Alright, after talking with some peeps on the team, I see new robes in your future.
  5. Ahh I'm really sorry about the robe situation. I don't disagree. Bobby requested fancier robes a long time ago and they were always meant to go in, but were always prioritized below other things. I'll check with the DLC team if it is possible for us to get something new in.
  6. Damnit! Well... now I don't actually know what we released to you guys! Spoilers, probably.
  7. The devs have mentioned that they will do this if possible. It's apparently a surprisingly large amount of work. It's still a lot of work/problematic, but it might still happen. Other stuff like head variants have higher priority ATM.
  8. Going to post some history here. Back when Eternity 1 was starting, Josh walked into my office and asked me how many Godlike races I could realistically make. I think he mentioned something around 10. I said realistically probably like 5-6. It ended up 4 :| Reality of game dev. for you.
  9. POE2 armor/outfit look is a natural progression from POE1. You should expect a lot of base armors to be even more realistic and more natural looking and definitely more detailed. Eora is a world full of dwarves and elves and magic, but we also try really hard to ground everything so it doesn't get out of hand, which can happen very easily, and this applies to the full spectrum of the game. All outfits are still unique to Eternity in their design, we try to imbue them with a sense of history and practicality to the world they are in (and areas where they are found). They are meant to be believable with the people who would wear and design them. We definitely think in terms of - what would this king or lord equip his soldiers with? What could he design? What could these peasants design and wear - down to the quality of leather and metal work they could feasibly do. All this just to immerse you better in the setting. That said, unique armors is where we are going to deviate, as we did on Eternity. We actually haven't designed them yet, but if we go with the train of thought from POE1, they will be a combination of both, more outlandish "Fantasy" outfits, and more natural outfits but with a unique visual story to tell. We do have a better chance now to do some cool stuff with new shaders. Also, expect way more variety. We already have more stuff in POE2 than we did in POE1 in terms of unique models and textures. This applies to the full spectrum including NPC's and unique characters. And it's not drawing on "European" design this time, because Deadfire is a different setting from Dyrwood, we are keeping that in mind. Hide armor in particular is my favorite so far
  10. It would have to be something that could really eat the kraken for breakfast!
  11. Maneha's armor is classed as Hide armor internally. It's not meant to be armor per se, in the sense that plate or brigandine is. It is Maneha's outfit that has been assembled over a lot of time throughout her travels, so it's a unique appearance custom to her. But due to the nature of our pipeline anyone will be able to equip it of course (Male Orlans look best in it!). Yes it's true it doesn't even make sense in the snowy environment, but I feel like this is an outfit that adds flavor to the base game, a player can take it past the expansions. We picked a cold setting for White March, but I was glad to be able to create art that was not all about fur and hide, as one would expect (applies to creatures too). There should be neat surprises sprinkled throughout the expansion. Josh and I are in agreement that armor should be realistic and functional, and if POE2 happens, expect that to carry over, perhaps even stronger than in Eternity 1, with more care and attention to detail. Functionality always comes first. That said, this is a fantasy game and we will deviate if it enriches the story of a character or a group of characters, or because the artists wanted to do something special. But there is definitely a harsh limit to embellishment, don't expect us to go WoW. I love Conan designs too, and the whole world.
  12. I am a big fan of Bayonetta. I don't know about those, but men will get to wear Maneha's outfit in PX2, which I have to say looks fabulous.
  13. Cool to see this thread! FYI, we made matching helms for the unique plate armors, so you can look appropriately badass (among a lot of other stuff). Will be out with White March II.
  14. Luckmann - Yeah, those are good points. A further breakdown of each of the Godlike races is a good idea. Even with something like "Naturelike" the possibilities are almost endless, we barely scratched the surface. Hopefully we'll be able to really expand on that. Ouroboros - Hmm I'm honestly not sure, that is a question for Josh, he had a list that he whittled down to what we have. Pallegina is an avian-type that would be neat as playable race, but it's not necessarily one we'd make next. More importantly budget and technology have to be considered. We had concepted out "Air" elemental-types, those would have been cool, but more difficult to create. At the time our tech did not support what's necessary to do them, but some tech is going into PX1 that would actually allow for that.
  15. Godlike heads are semi-difficult, but not a huge ordeal. 3rd party Godlike heads would be cool, but there would be difficulty in getting them exported for all races - right now Godlike heads are dynamically adjusted and exported for each race, but this is not done in-engine, it is done with our Maya rig and our tools handle pumping out FBX's to all races. Otherwise someone would have to do that manually (which is a bitch), or not allow new Godlike heads on anything other than humans. Someone with solid knowledge of Maya could do it just fine though. We would love to make more Godlike heads. The original plan called for more Godlike races and head variants, but reality being what it is, we could only do what we could get into the game given the time. I'm sorry to say their implementation is a bit too barebones from what I originally intended, if Eternity 2 rolls around expect much cooler stuff done with Godlikes.
  16. The Stag helm is based on our Werestag, not a regular stag. And our Werestag has a full set of teeth!
  17. Thank you, we have found the bug and are working on a fix. You can keep playing your character, it will function correctly either in the next patch or the one right after.
  18. Thank you for your comment PrimeJunta. We tried to add as many ethnicities and cultures into the races and sub-races of Eternity as we could to cover a wide gamut of players from all over the world, which should be mirrored in Eora. And do it naturally, avoiding stereotypes. This will continue to be developed further and expanded upon... And yes, female Orlans are taller than male Orlans.
  19. Sensuki - Capes This is fixed, but not in the beta build.
  20. Sensuki - We use Shroud for our cape/cloth solution. The creator stopped supporting it and on our side it has been a real pain in the ass to deal with with our dynamic rigs. The capes won't be perfect but they will be OK, in the future we will focus on a better implementation. I wish we had a lot more custom/dynamic cloth assets all across the board. Gairnulf - Actually Lephys hits it on the nose. I will tell you, outfit detail size/placement has been quite an issue to balance for this entire project because we have two (or three) sizes of characters, and nothing in between. Initially a lot of details were made larger so they would read better at gameplay level, but once we implemented character creation screen they looked rightfully ridiculous (this applies to early character proportions as well). Right now there is a sort of balance where you can still see certain features at gameplay view and they don't look too silly during CC/LevelUp. I think a lot of lessons were learned and if there is another Eternity ( ) we will make you happier, promise.
  21. Long hair is really, really difficult to do in games, which is why you don't see it often. Not in any game where you can customize from many hair options. If it's part of the character that is never customizable, a special dynamic rig can be created, so something like Tomb Raider can do it, and do it well. But an RPG with many hair variants spread across many body proportions, spread across many armor types, it is not feasible given a production schedule. On one outfit the hair will be inside the body, on another it will float off the body, it will look terrible - so we just avoid it.
  22. I think what you are looking for is a good old-fashioned goatee. Please reference this handy diagram! I'll see if I can sneak it in before the game ships.
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