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  1. I play on normal. I like being able to enjoy the story but also enjoy a challenging fight now and then. Plus I tried hard, I died in the first 20 minutes so I figure I should play through normal first.
  2. I got my wish. Thank you, Obsidian. I love you in a completely platonic way.
  3. I'm using this for my druid/witch doctor. Not quite the same artistic style as the normal portraits, tried to edit it but I suck at it so good enough.
  4. What I meant with exotic was a comparison on what is usually shown in fantasy games. Its not often you see the tribal/barbaric style armour thats sub-saharan africa inspired. How it usually is when its barbaric/tribal: Germanic, Norse barbarian type, bear/wolf fur, big muscle types. So yeah thats what I meant, exotic from a game point of view not from a real life point of view. Just saying, would be nice to have some armour inspired from other parts of the world(both game world and real life world) available somehow. Maybe in an expansion(or PoE2) that includes the far east and is populated by jungle tribes inspired by the sub-saharan tribal societies and/or the aztec, maya and incas etc. But I'm also a vain player, I like making my characters look good as well as a good story.
  5. Cookie jar now has 2 cookies in it for you if you add an armour like that, Obsidian.
  6. I wish hide armour similar to this exotic tribal style would be added to the game so my druid/shaman/witch doctor could look fancy and primal. It would make him very happy. Obsidian, I'll give you a cookie.
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