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Backer Reward Shipment Poll

Shipment Poll  

1419 members have voted

  1. 1. How would you like to receive your physical rewards?

    • I would prefer to get my physical rewards at the game's release and the game discs at a later date.
    • I would prefer to get my physical rewards and game discs at the same time. I understand this may mean I will get my physical backer rewards a few weeks late.

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Thank-you. Since my two posts before were in review for a while before accepted, when they were approved (cheers, by the way!) they were 'posted' in-place at the time they were made. Meaning, a lot of people didn't get to see my point.

PLEASE address this issue, Obsidian. Marking it as a gift doesn't always work and is technically a false declaration. Customs (in the UK at least) can ignore it if they wish,


It's worse where I live. If something marked as "gift" arrives at customs, they assume you're trying to deceive and just use any value they want for taxes. What some kickstarters have done, in the past, is consider the pledge a "donation", and then declaring the base production price of the items being shipped, instead of the store price.


I think they will have it make as inXile did for Wasteland 2. They shipped items for international buyers from Europe. So in my case (Germany) it was great as it didn't go through customs and I didn't have to pay additional taxes to my pledge.  I hope they will make same thing as inXile.


That would help backers in Europe. And a lot of backers must be from Europe, so I hope it gets sorted out that way for those there.

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Dunno if the shipping costs for us poor souls outside of the US would be doubled with option 1, so I chose option 2.

i think they said they wont charge aditional shiping cost in case of 1

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Both options are perfectly reasonable from my point of view, but voted for #1.


If that's how it's going to go, postponing the disc manufacturing phase for several months might be worth considering. See what kind of feedback you get upon release, and if the game looks like it still needs a lot of patching, wait until you have a relatively bug-free version, and then print *that* on discs (instead of the still somewhat buggy day 1 version). That's what InXile did with Wasteland 2 DRM-free discs: they have put six patches out in six months, and those who requested the DRM-free discs will get a stable version, intead of one that needs patching anyway. The waiting period is longer, sure, but in the long run it's better for the owners of the discs.

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Personally, for my part at least, I have a second option for you:


I don't honestly care if I get a game disc at all, even though I am a physical backer.  I wanted all the extras in the Collectors Edition, but whether or not I have a physical game disc makes me no nevermind since I'm going to have at least one copy on Steam.  As long as I get a total of two digital codes for purchasing a CE (my wife wanted to play too!), I'm totally cool with not receiving a game disc at all and saving you guys a little extra money.


Perhaps a backer poll to see who else might agree with me?  If its a statistically significant number, you might save a fair bit of money (or not, depending on discounts per amount of discs created).

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Perfectly happy to get all physical goods at once, plus it saves shipping costs on you guys (the developers).


Also, in doing so (sending all at once), I feel a little more secure in that when I receive the package it will be in good nick, as opposed to risking travel for two packages (been burnt by delivery of goods being in poor shape in the past). Mayhaps you are wrapping our packaged physical goods in Titanium? :-P 


Really, you have given me such pleasure and an incredibly insightful experience from backing this project of which I've never had before. So at the end of the day, if I have to wait a few weeks to receive my physical goods all at once, it seems reasonable to me.


But looking at the votes I seem to be in the minority.



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Hi all,

I chose #1 because I am looking forward to this game so much, and as already said, I would really like to have all of the goodies as early as possible :)

Having said that, I hope the digital pre-load begins as early as possible. Half-decent broadband was made available in my area only a few months ago. You might be surprised how many people are stuck with really terrible connections. In Ireland for example, some areas have a 0.2mbps download speed. Its so slow that you often cannot establish a connection to a website.


Thanks for reading!
Best regards,

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I went with #1. Let me fiddle with the stuff, get me the disc later. I'll play the Steam version anyhow and I prefer to have a "complete" version on the disc just for the sake of principles.


Oh boy, oh boy oh boy, can't wait! :w00t:

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Hi there!

Thank you for preparing this poll: I really apreciate it.

Actually I prefer to have all the physical goods together for 2 main reason:

1) I don't want futher changes like digital keys: it could means that if it's too expensive we may not have the physical disc.

2) I don't want to charge you (you=Pillars of Eternity team) for double shipping costs: it's pintless! I'd rather prefer you to save that money to for making expansion pack or other important things!


Consider also that shipping all over the world is really expensive.


So, I will wait for the physical goods!



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I don't mind it much but I did choose #1 because it would be a first to receive a box without the actual discs. :-P


You want to receive the box without the discs for the novelty of not having discs in the box? Or did you pick the wrong option? Note that #1 is the option to have physical rewards ahead of the game disc - just letting you know, in case you voted by mistake...


In any case, judging by the number of votes I'd say it is clear that #1 is preferred. I am hoping they will allow the opt-out.

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Decided to vote for number 2.   While it doesn't really matter as long as either way we get a Gog code, I am worried about what total price whoever ships the product will put on the parcel....already expecting a £30+ invoice from HMRC when it gets delivered.


So, while either works, and I am happy with either option, I would personally prefer to get everything at the same time, it's unlikely I;ll be playing it on day one anyway due to other time constraints.

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It seems to me that Option 1 - separate physical disc - it the allaround better option for the game. While having a physical disc would decrease the cost on my mobile bandwith, I can live with that if it benefits the majority of the backers and Obsidian.

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Looks like I'm clearly in the minority on this one. I voted for option 2 for a couple of reasons. First, it enables those backers who are collectors to have a collector's edition box with an actual game in it (which seems kind of important), as opposed to a collector's edition box with all the extras and then some simple separate box with the game... going with option 1 takes that away from those who didn't intend to open their boxes, while going with option 2 only takes away the ability to get your hands on the physical extras earlier. In other words, going with option 1 takes a little something permanently away from some of the backers who will never have a single collector's edition box with the game inside, while going with option 2 only temporarily withholds some physical extras from those who want to open them right away. Also the second option is cheaper since it requires only one shipment.

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Very much #1.  The attraction of physical goods is really much more the manuals, maps, stickers, lore books, mousemats etc...


While there's something to be said about the DVD jewel box art, the difference these days between installing on disc vs. download these days is almost gone (at least for those of us with high speed broadband).


Hell, why not ship the DVD case as well?  That way, OBS would have have to ship the discs in plastic or paper sleeves + padding, surely a saving when it comes to delivery costs.

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