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  1. I have my game disc for a DRM-free version, so the convenience and luxury features of Steam is of much greater concern for my digital copy.
  2. I don't know what race or class I'm going to play yet, but I can say without a doubt that I'll roll female because that's generally what feels best for role-playing.
  3. I suppose I'd prefer option 1, but given how long I often take to start playing the games I buy, I'd really be fine with option 2 as well.
  4. Reminds me of a Swedish game series called Backpacker, where you would be required to type in answers to various questions, and the game would be able to determine if your answer was "close enough" to the desired one. I last played the game that came out in 1997, and it got the job done really well... with a few notable exceptions where you could simply input a family name the game had just told you about instead of the given name the game was asking for. But those sorts of issues are easy to avoid when you only have a limited number of riddles requiring typed-in answers, so I'm game.
  5. I'd like a poll option for "Both." Would be nice to have the option for either a customized 3D portrait or a 2D image either provided by Obsidian or added by the player.
  6. As long as you can't accidentally attack a friendly NPC, I'm all for being able to maim and kill whoever you want to inflict suffering upon.
  7. I'm all for a "Keyring of Holding" of sorts. Just collect all the keys there to avoid clutter. Make acquiring it part of an early quest, for giggles. Also, it would be cool if keys didn't magically come imbued with knowledge of their use, but at the same time did have enough information attached to them that you'd be able to tell them apart. So if you find a dropped key next to a bar stool, it won't just magically say "Dungeon Key" unless you've actually acquired that knowledge. Instead it will say something like "Key (found on the floor of the Deadbeat Bar)" until more information has been acquired. Also, unless your character has been able to deduce the purpose of the key in-game, the player would have to manually select the key when trying to unlock the dungeon door, and upon success the key would receive its appropriate name. ...And here I was just going to say that I'd like a keyring, but then a bunch of other ideas jumped into my head.
  8. Either a level cap or carefully balanced XP gain within the game, to prevent issues like the character being able to excel at everything. "Voila," actually.
  9. The game needs a degree of level scaling if we are to get some freedom in choosing where to go. Otherwise it would just end up more linear than I think most of us would want it to be.
  10. Well, I'm not going to bother with reading up on what I've missed in the last 34-ish hours, but I do have a link for the people who haven't already listened to it... The Extra Curricular: Romance in Games podcast brings up some good points on the subject of... well... romance in games. Some good and bad parts from games such as Mass Effect and Dragon Age, Final Fantasy VII, The Walking Dead, Persona 3, and Uncharted.
  11. My PnP roleplaying experience has shown me that I'm great at burning plot-relevant mansions to the ground. :D ...Not sure if Call of Duty or Call of Cthulhu reference.
  12. ~hasn't read the thread yet~ Something modern, flexible and unobstructive. The worst thing about the GUI in certain older RPGs is that it feels like it's in the way, ineffective, and taking up too much space on the screen. That said, it doesn't have to use a minimalist design, like Dragon Age II did, as that tends to feel a bit unfitting for a fantasy-themed game. EDIT: That said, the style should be more about texture and border styles than fitting unnecessary ornamental images into the GUI. Also, it should be kept in mind that buttons don't have to be squares, and could be shaped like gems and such.
  13. Maybe you read my post before I edited it, but I made a point out of that arguing both for and against is pointless. It's just fine and dandy to say that you like or dislike that sort of content, but when you find yourself needing to prove to others that your preference is the best one, I would say you're either suffering from some sort of irrational repulsion or you're just desperate to "win" and feel validated. EDIT: And that's not even going into how certain people love to misrepresent their opposition, as well as the nature of the desired content. Oy vey.
  14. Yeah save points like in Final Fantasy games can still be too far away for when RL demands your attention RIGHT NOW and not a minute later. The save points would be in the middle or right before a boss battle allowing someone to save scum anyways. Good point. Another issue would be that placing a "save point" of sorts just before a boss would in a sense work as a spoiler for the encounter, where the boss might otherwise be a surprise. That said, a scripted autosave/checkpoint before boss encounters (instead of a save point) would be a relatively smooth solution. That way you wouldn't have to replay content after failing an encounter that is by design unusually difficult, but you'd also be stopped from save scumming for regular encounters.
  15. And here's the point.Again. It's not a point. It's you saying "I don't like this" and pretending that it's somehow valid in an argument. EDIT: I'll make it clear: This is not an argument for romances, because it's pointless to argue about whether or not this should be in the game. It's for the writers to decide, since they're the ones who know what they can and want to write.
  16. A predetermined number of companion characters will be written regardless of whether or not there'll be romance content. In all likelihood, all these companion characters will have multiple "paths" through their personal story arcs. It really can't be rationally argued that having romance paths for certain characters would be a waste of resources, without simultaneously arguing that dynamic companion characters in and of themselves are a waste of resources.
  17. I still propose that there's some kind of middle ground option (options are good), between the regular "save anywhere" mode and the "Trial of Iron" mode. For example, that particular mode could allow the player to save only where the characters can rest, but still allow an unlimited number of save files. It wouldn't take any significant resources to implement, and I don't see why not all players would be happy this way.
  18. Why not just accept that Wizards tend to be smarter (or more knowledgeable) than Fighters? They've spent their time studying while the Fighters have honed their bodies and physical fighting skills, after all. And besides, I bet you won't even notice the effect of your Figher's average Intelligence unless you've already played another character with more points in the stat. But, hey, maybe there'll be a nice set of Fighter combat skills that makes high-Intelligence build viable. That'd definitely be cool.
  19. If they do design an "unwinnable" battle, they should still design the game so that it can react accordingly if the player somehow manages to beat the odds. I'm pretty sure we're safe from a cutscene/auto-win for the enemies, at least. I recall that being mentioned in an interview earlier.
  20. That extra city really is a fantastic stretch goal to put at $3.5M. In part because reaching the goal pretty much guarantees a fantastic amount of extra content (so it's something worth reaching for)... but also because it's a vague enough goal that it won't be particularly missed if we fail to reach it. Well, at least that's how I see it.
  21. Listen, putting aside that it's never been stated that the 100k are all going to be spent on Ziets' salary and such, there's something else to keep in mind... If they hire another writer, it's because they want more writing. More writing means more content, which means they'll also need more programmers and designers. They'll want their salaries too. And, finally, the more content is implemented, the more work will go into making sure that all the different pieces of the game fit together. Am I painting a clear enough picture here?
  22. "This thread is bad, and you should feel bad!" *coughs* Seriously, though, $100k to bring back a veteran Obsidian writer who recently lost his job, and who's known for writing both great lore and characters, is definitely a fantastic thing. We should see it as an achievement, and proof of just how awesome crowdfunding can be! (Also, imagine how much more and diverse written content the game can get with one more writer on the team.)
  23. From the description, it sounds like they're functionally basically the same thing, but with different lore.
  24. I hope you can change the name to somthing more suiting, when you decide to make him a her. It's probably just a default name, like "John" is for ME's Shepard. I guess either they've gotten some criticism for having their female protagonist as a stretch goal, or they just want a static character to refer to when talking about the game.
  25. Well, I loved reading the new update on the time-travel story, and the Mystery of the Disappearing Universe. While the names attached were enough to get me to pledge on day one, I do wish they'd had these details prepared from the start, to get the momentum going immediately. I get the feeling that they have some fantastic ideas, and I'm certain they can craft a great game with them, but they're just being terrible at presenting the project to its potential investors. I do wish that the female protagonist (mentioned for the second game) could have been given the highest priority. For once.
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