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  1. I find either option to be quite agreeable. Very much appreciate the fact that you guys gave us a chance to voice our opinions on the matter. Voted #1, because yay physical things!
  2. Heh, wasn't the original Diablo 15 levels deep, excluding a few side-levels and the final boss floor?
  3. I'm wondering the same. I've already added a donation for the expansion and physical soundtrack (I'm at the $140,- tier, so I can do this yay ), but I sorta want the card deck. Any word on this? EDIT: Also, Violix, thanks for that message. I'm using a separate e-mail address for my PayPal as well, so I dropped obsidian a quick line concerning correspondence addresses.
  4. Sorry to re-quote myself like this, but I'd quite like a bit of certainty - does anyone know which I should do? Preferably before the kickstarter ends? To my knowledge you just up your pledge by the respective amount, wait for the suvey to be sent, let them know which addons you were after. That also works through PayPal? Eh, works for me. I'll look into upping the amount in a bit then. EDIT: Can't believe I didn't say this. Thanks for the response. EDIT EDIT: Pledg'd. Now to wait for the expansion. And for the site to allow donation for the pack of cards. This project is sapping my money, blast it!
  5. Sorry to re-quote myself like this, but I'd quite like a bit of certainty - does anyone know which I should do? Preferably before the kickstarter ends?
  6. I sort of want to add to my own pledge to get the extras, but I paid through PayPal. Do I just make a donation, or should I just wait 'till it ends and then note that I want additional package pieces?
  7. Duly noted, but it's still awesome of you to offer. I hadn't even considered it. Incidentally, to our OP, I haven't said this yet either - congratulations on your marriage.
  8. And then some people are just awesome. You, sir, are awesome.
  9. This is a good thing, no? Also, may I compliment you on your excellent taste in avatars? (Yes, I'm a long-standing Pratchett-fanatic.) And to get on-topic, go with the advice here, if you can afford it. Seems like the best option.
  10. My personal view is that humour definitely needs to be a part of this game. Without humour, I find a gaming experience to be severely impacted. Of course, going by the primary yardstick I'm using for this project, Baldur's Gate I and II, the humour there was just right, to me. We had a comic NPC who had his necessary bouts of seriousness, making him not feel out of place yet becoming utterly unforgettable. Thank you Minsc. We also had the occasional quest or NPC that was laugh out loud funny (the guy wanting to commit suicide in BG1, or the Beholder in the Sahuagin (sp?) City in BG2 are good examples here. Finally, there are the items that have a hilarious description or sometimes even amusing impact on gameplay. See Lilalcor, the two-handed sword. Baldur's Gate can, in no way, be described as a rollercoaster ride of comedy and satire, but these humorous moments made the experience come to life for me much more, giving a sometimes much-needed break from the seriousness of the story, and making the world seem like a world that much more. Those are, of course my two cents. Also, hi, I'm new here. Does Obsidian have a 'new guys' topic somewhere?
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