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  1. Interesting.. I will try to reinstall the Game from scratch. Hope the Savegame will work then. I've also attached the Error log which shows some conflicts during ressource loading. **UPDATE** Yes - after Repairing the GOG Installation the Error went away and the Level loads as intended. First time for me that an Error of this type was resolved by repairing the files. On Steam corrupt installations normally don't even start correctly, so I didn't think about this sollution. Thanks!
  2. Savegame part 3/3 (strip .zip from the end to allow unpacking) HeritageHill.zip.003.zip
  3. Savegame part 2/3 (strip .zip from the end to allow unpacking) HeritageHill.zip.002.zip
  4. Savegame part 1/3 (strip .zip from the end to allow unpacking) HeritageHill.zip.001.zip
  5. I am entering the Heritage Hill Tower for the 1st time, opening the door with the passphrase given to me by the Leaden Key Acolyte. After pressing continue (second and only option after selecting the first one) I get passed into the loading screen for the tower level. This screen went on for several minutes before I decided to Alt-F4 (ESC doesn't bring up the main menu) the Game. After reloading the Savegame and entering again the same happened. I decided to do some other sub-quests in Heritage Hill and return then - but even then the loading screen did not come to an end. So far I seem to be stuck on this quest (Undying Heritage). I am using the latest Version (v3.02.1008) of Pillars with the White March 1+2 extensions. ** hope I am in the right forum for bug reporting - please set it right if I misplaced this. ** Also I can't seem to upload my Savefile since it is close to 2MB and goes above the 1MB limit. ** Splitting the big File up with 7Zip results in Files that are not permitted for upload. ** Changing the postfix for the files to zip would have worked, but it seems the total size limit for all files is 1MB.... so I would need to do multiple posts to submit the savegame... *** sorry for posting in the wrong forum ^_^! This is of course not steam beta, but download from GOG. I feel stupid now. **** added output log - grows steadily while in loading screen since the log shows some serialization issues / version issues, I think I should elaborate a bit on the order of updates. I've started playing this playthrough on White March 1 update and quested the northern areas outside of Defiance Bay until around level 5. A couple of days ago I did update to the current White March 2 and entered Defiance Bay for the first time. output_log.txt
  6. I also love the Stronghold and I didn't intend to feed the "told you so" - faction. While the Stronghold and the Endless Paths are great concepts, I get the feeling that there was not enough time to integrate them into their surrounding plausibly. As the Rest of the Game did profit from this priorization I think that it might have been the right decission. I would just like to see it devloped further to reach out for the quality standards in storytelling the rest of the game is presenting us, and I think it should be quite possible to do so without reworking a bigger part of the game.
  7. I really love the concept of the Stronghold and I would hate to miss it in this games descendands, because people complain about it now for some reason or another. With such elaborate detail going into the soul-histories of stand-in-npcs I am just a bit surprised that so little refinement went into the Stronghold. Of course it could be even greater with an overhault of related quests and such, but a little work around the edges would be sufficient (for me) to let it blend in with the rest of the story better. It has to be financially feasible to refine it, or else it will just stay as it is. Maybe the Stronghold was just taken "too literally" and neglected because it was deemed a hindrance to the story - I for one don't think it is and would like to see new takes on this epic meta-game in future titles.
  8. I found the Integration of the Stronghold in Neverwinter Nights 2 (also by Obsidian) to be superb, so I don't think that the mechanic as a whole was a bad thing to include in PoE. I'ts just lacking a bit of refinement in my opinion.
  9. I agree that it doesn't feel quite right as a gameplay mechanic, but I wouldn't want to miss that type of epic roleplay in this game. It came as a surprise to me however that it was introduced this early in the game. I might have introduced it later when the character is more commonly known among people in the region, but I am still pleased with it but for the points I mentioned above.
  10. You are right. I just had to assume something for a first, and your explanation seems valid. That would still open the question who collects the money in my place - a couple of sentences explainging how it works would have satisfied my curiousity. And if it is just a box on the wayside where merchants put the money - who put the box there? Maybe i missed something, but isn't there a northern bridge to defiance bay? - haven't taken that route yet ^_^!
  11. First of all I can't thank Obsidian enough for bringing us this brilliant piece of art! I have hardly anything to criticize, but I don't want to hold back either, because I think the game could get even better with a little more work. The only thing that feels rather "strange" to me is the Stronghold. While the base mechanics of it are more than adequate, the execution seems out of place in the otherwise perfect suroundings. The first thing I asked myself was: How does "she" contact the stone masons and workers in her current form? Where are the people that are working on the different upgrades? Who is the one collecting the income (the grounds seem quite empty)? Who are the subjects that pay taxes and why do they pay taxes to a person who just seems to be accepted "by the stronghold"? I would welcome at least an explanation how this is supposed to happen in the world: On the other hand these are good opportuinities to get small tasks to for example hire a small work force or guards in the city or getting "her" a sort of Avatar to better handle the Construction coordination. Visit the people in the surrounding lands. A few Worker-NPCs wandering around the construction sites would also benefit the immersion. I think it would not require a whole lot of work to make some very beneficial changes to the Stronghold system which - immersion-wise - looks like a blemish on the otherwise brilliantly immersive story.
  12. It seems to me that Option 1 - separate physical disc - it the allaround better option for the game. While having a physical disc would decrease the cost on my mobile bandwith, I can live with that if it benefits the majority of the backers and Obsidian.
  13. I personally do not care if experience points are only given for completed quests. It is true that harvesting XP feels nostalgic of old school RPGs, but I am open for new concepts that may be suited better for roleplay immersion. Play-Tests will show if the new way of handling things will satisfy the fans and if there are unforeseen drawbacks to this approach it may well be reworked to be more traditional. Time will tell.
  14. I think adding digital goods only few $ above the existing digital tiers could raise lots of money. (30$,40$,55$) Maybe a Kickstarter exclusive Singing Sword that you can talk to at 30$. That alone could raise about 150k when the lower tier backers add 5$ or 10$. And what about future content extensions - like a season pass - at 50$ or the sequel from 100$ up. Some of these examples might be a bit far fetched, but this could really inflame pledging for Project Eternity. Im allready at collectors level, and awaiting information about the size of the game before doubling
  15. Im at 170,- allready, but if Obsidian confirmed that the size of Project Eternity (1) will at least equal the size of Baldurs Gate 2, I will gladly double that. I would be really disappointed if the Main story line was too short, even if there are extensive side quests. If Obsidian would at least be frank about what game length is achievable at what funding level at least my mind would be at rest, for spending so much money. I do not think there has been a statement on that yet - Extensions on companions (Sidequests) and Player-House do not count toward the story backbone in my opinion.
  16. There is an option in the UI to only show polls. That should do the trick for everyone.
  17. Yes, because even Testers are assets that need to be paid properly. I did however reduce the numbers more than enough to accomodate for people working simultaneously in more than 1 project.
  18. It's not going to be 50 people (Which is/was the size of the South Park team) or anywhere near it. 20-25 is more like it. And not all of these people will be working the entire time on it. That is exactly what I am worried about. I have read the Interviews and I know that they want a small team to work on Project Eternity. But depending on the funding they will add more people to the team. So - unless we do not provide enough funding - we might not get the size of game we are expecting. And that would not bode well for the funding of a sequel. You're making some assumptions here. Also the actual team of Planescape (-Marketing and whatnot) was around 30 people. (With Avellone as mentioned in another thread doing like 50% of the design work) Who again, probably not everyone worked full time on. Also did you just seriously compare the size of BGII to PS:T? I assumed that PS:T would be about the same size of BGII, but since I bought PS:T just yesterday I cannot tell. Yes - I made some assumptions on the size of the team using NWN2 as an example, since manny people who didn't play BG in the past might have heard of it or played it. I am aware that this might not be the best title for comparison, but the credits showed a wide variety of roles needed to develop a game and seemed credible to me. I was just trying to empathize that every $ is needed for the game itself. I thought this thread could lead some people to believe that "money would be wasted" above a certain amount of pledged money.
  19. A game that is equal as long as BG2 or PST, Or longer depending on funding. I think a 10 Million Budget would be sufficient for that.
  20. It's not going to be 50 people (Which is/was the size of the South Park team) or anywhere near it. 20-25 is more like it. And not all of these people will be working the entire time on it. That is exactly what I am worried about. I have read the Interviews and I know that they want a small team to work on Project Eternity. But depending on the funding they will add more people to the team. So - unless we do not provide enough funding - we might not get the size of game we are expecting. And that would not bode well for the funding of a sequel.
  21. According to the Games Credits of "Neverwinter Nights 2" around 120 people took part in developing that game. A Game Developer should earn around 70k$/year - depending on experience even more. (I am aware that not all 120 people were Programmers) So let's cut the wages to 50k. (Sorry guys) We want Project eternity to be just as deep and minimum as big as NWN2, but not as flashy. So let's water it down to 50 people..... (They just have to work harder...) The scope of project Eternity is planned to be around 1 1/2 Years until April 2014. Thats 3.75 Million for wages alone and - in my opinion - overly optimistic. On top of that comes Office Rent, Voice Acting, Music Recordings, Software Licenses and much much more. If we really want the game we are talking about to become reality 5 Million would be minimum in my opinion.
  22. I voted NO, because most of these Pictures look like they were constructed as 3D models. It might look good, but depending on Obsidians approach to creating areas it could be too time consuming and result in fewer content. Eternity is after all still a "low-budget" game - and (I hope) we all want it to be big. If that is not an issue for Obsidian I am all for those graphics, but I don't want to loose focus here.
  23. I am 33 my Favourite RPG is Baldurs Gate 2 To my disgrace - I must say - I haven't played Planescape Tormet yet. A Mistake I will atone for at GOG immediately. My first RPG was "Die Dunkle Dimension" by "German Design Group" for the C64 (around 1989) My first RPG for PC was Eye of the Beholder 2.
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